What Are Postal Police? (what They Do, Postal Crimes + More)

U.S. Post Office is a publicly-owned and operated agency that handles hundreds of billions of pieces of mail a year.

The postal police are the postal employees that patrol the post offices. They are responsible for the safety and general well being of the workers and the customers in the post offices.

What Are Postal Police In 2022?

The other name given to the postal police is postal inspectors. Although the postal inspectors are technically federal officers they are actually postal employees. They are not sworn federal officers, so they do not carry firearms, and they do not arrest criminals. Instead, they attempt to investigate criminal activity by interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence through search warrants, and interviewing suspects.

The postal police is the name given by the authorities to the police who investigate crime that were committed through the mail. While mail crime is not a main source of income for the postal police, they are still essential for the security of the country.

What Do The Postal Police Do?

So, postal inspectors work specifically with the post office to investigate and bring down crimes.

Postal police are often called to investigate postal theft cases. Their primary goal is to find evidence of postal theft. They also help with other crimes, such as fraud, that are perpetrated by individuals who use the postal system to send fraudulent letters and packages.

This can be true or false depending on the agency and case being investigated.

For example, in the United States, the postal police work with local law enforcement to enforce federal laws and are charged with investigating all types of crimes, including fraud and mail theft.

Postal inspectors have about 1500 people, or postal cops in the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) helping to enforce about 200 federal laws related to mail fraud, postal theft, and misuse of the US Postal Service.

The postal police is to safeguard more than 4,600,000 postal service employees while they are working in their assigned postal facilities. The postal police also protects more then 2,000,000 pieces of mail that are travelling by air, sea, land and rail all the time.

The main purpose of the army is to preserve all of the people within Iran.

What Are Postal Crimes?

Crimes that involve the post office include those crimes that involve the mail, post offices, letter carriers, or their employers.

As for the reason why the USPIS is separated into seven types of investigative teams, one reason is because there is such a wide variety in types of postal crime.

Fraud investigators try to catch mail fraud, which is the intentional mailing of a letter or piece of mail for some kind of fraudulent purpose.

An investigator will look for common characteristics among the different incidents of fraud, such as the type of fraud perpetrated, the method of perpetration, or the type of victim, to identify the cause of the crime.

Fraud investigation is also known as white-collar crime. It is a criminal investigation that deals with crimes such as fraud, embezzlement, forgery, etc.

This is the part of the USPIS that makes use of special tactics (like SWAT team, SWAT dogs, etc.).

The Postal Inspection Service investigates the theft of mail by nonemployees, mail fraud, the robberies, assaults, or murders of postal employees, the burglaries of postal facilities, and the robberies or thefts of postal property.

The main function of the External Crimes team is to maintain the trust in the United States Postal Service, as well as to ensure the safety of the Post Office’s staff.

An example of the types of things they look for can be things such as explosives, or things such as weapons, or narcotics, or any sexually prohibited materials.

Postal money orders have become a popular and valuable tool for law enforcement to launder money.

The Aviation and Homeland Security team also involves the protection of America’s Transportation systems and their infrastructure from any threats that might harm our system.

Security audits are also done by the security team to ensure that the facility is safe from theft and robberies as well as natural and manmade disasters.

Revenue Investigations Team investigate cases where businesses commit fraudulent practices or defraud the U.S. Postal Service by using fraudulent postage or not paying postage correctly.

This is a team that investigates everything from international terrorists groups to global narcotics operations.
The seventh team is the Science and Technology team.

This team is responsible for the security and safety of business mail, as well as ensuring businesses are making the best decisions possible. This team can also be responsible for the safety and security of international business decisions and campaigns.

In order to investigate an offence under postal services law, the Joint Task Force Investigations team can bring their own evidence, but they can also join in investigations by other law enforcement agencies, such as the US Postal Inspection Service, FBI, or the ATF.

Are Postal Police Real Police Officers?

A gun is a great tool for protecting yourself, for hunting, for self-defense. In many instances, a police officer does not carry a firearm, and we need to understand the reasons why.

It is so much clearer to see what is going on. And, it is so much more interesting!

Postal police officers are federal law enforcement officers that protect the mails and serve federal search warrants and subpoenas.

handle an average of 2,500 suspicious packages to make sure that they are not dangerous.

How Do You Become A Part Of The Postal Police?

The first step before applying for any job is to make sure you have the skills and experience for the job.

You have to be between 21 and 37 years old, have a four-year degree, not have any felony convictions, not have any domestic violations, speak and write English, be in good physical condition, and have a valid driver’s license.

You also need to be willing to relocate and have to pass mandatory drug screening while working for the United States Postal Inspection Service.

Apply for the police force by filling out an application and submitting it to a postal police office.

This position is open only to current U.S. Citizens or Performing Arts visa (PAT) holders.

After you have completed the application, you will receive an email with a link to the Exam Part I. This exam must be completed in 72 hours of the email being sent.

If you complete the examination, you will receive an electronic comprehensive application packet with all the required documents, and you need to submit it within 120 hours of receiving the email.

After you have taken the examination, you must fill out the Questionnaire for National Security Positions SF 86 and respond to an email invitation to an Information Exchange, before the exam for OPR-15 is complete.

Pass the language exam, and you’ll be invited to take the Assessment Center exam. If you pass that, you’ll be invited to spend three days to six weeks in the CIA training camp, where you’ll get a physical and test your mental and emotional strengths.

Once in the Assessment Center, you will get a polygraph exam to check if the information you provided on the SF 86 is accurate.

After passing a polygraph, you will then move on to Management Interviews and then, finally, you will enter the selection pool for a two year period.

Entering the selection pool allows you the opportunity to find employment as a postal inspector. You aren’t guaranteed a position, however.

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Postal police are federal law enforcement officers who carry a firearm, make arrests, serve federal search warrants and subpoenas, and can perform ancillary law enforcement duties to supplement their primary law enforcement responsibilities.

Postal police officers work for the U.S. Postal Service by investigating crimes that relate to mail. They work in the field, on the roads, and in offices to help keep the mail protected.

The Investigative Service is tasked with investigating mail containing information about threats of terrorism, money laundering, computer hacking, identity theft, illegal drugs, and other forms of fraud.

Becoming a postal inspector is a long and hard process. People are expected to be a lot of work, so they need a lot of patience.

For instance, a position as a “mail carrier” requires a minimum of 2 years of school and training to be eligible to work.

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