Walmart Drive-in (how Does It Work, States, Movies + More)

Walmart continues to do whatever it takes to make its stores the best, and has implemented a number of marketing initiatives that include a number of initiatives that are different than those being used by other retailers.

As far as Walmart Drive-in is concerned, the name alone is enough to give us an idea of the plans behind this strategy. Walmart offers a place where they offer different types of food and drinks at a price that you can buy using your mobile phone.

What Is The Walmart Drive-In 2022?

The company collaborated with the Tribeca Film Festival to create this pop-up event in August 2020. On each day of the event, customers were asked to get free tickets in advance in order to secure a slot in the selected parking lots near Walmart stores.

If you need to gain more insight about Walmart’s drive-in, which states host the drive-in, the movies featured in the drive-in and more, keep reading.

How Did The Walmart Drive-In Work?

Walmart drive-in’s popularity soared after its introduction in 2012 when Disney’s Cars was screened.

The Walmart drive-in movie theaters were great for people looking to have fun and watch movies in the summer.

The movie was a huge event and the movie theater owners were glad to have a new chance to show their cinemas.

This is another of those business-to-customer programs in which Walmart offers coupons, incentives, contests, and other types of promotions and gives customers a chance to win prizes, including one to take a trip to Hollywood to attend a premiere.

When the QR codes are scanned at the door, customers enter the event and are able to park in preferred spaces reserved for guests.

Which States Hosted The Walmart Drive-In?

The Walmart Drive-In movie tour was launched in 26 states spread across the United States, including the following:

Alabama, California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah.

Which Walmart Stores Hosted Drive-In Movies?

In 2020, the Drive-In Movies will be available at select Walmart supercenters in 26 states.

The first drive-in theatre in Attalla was held on July 3, 1952, and the first drive-in theatre in Gadsden was held on November 2, 1956.

Walmart said it will run one grand opening for each Walmart Neighborhood Market store on the East Coast.

As seen from the news, Walmart is also organizing a drive-in event at the site where the attack on its employees took place. The event is hosted by some of the employees and some of the states.

How Do You Get Free Walmart Drive-In Movies?

The Walmart drive-in movies are free, but you have to reserve your space in advance.

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Customers should pick a movie that will show on because they will be able to use their choice of movie times as their movie times.

When you complete the application and pay for parking, you will receive a QR code, which you must bring with you on the day of the event. Upon entering, your vehicle will be scanned to see whether you have paid for parking.

Although, Walmart’s announcement about not hosting drive-in movie screenings in June of 2020 as a precautionary measure for the virus is a good thing.

Which Movies Were Played at The Walmart Drive-in In 2020?

In partnership with Tribeca Enterprises, the company created an outdoor movie-touring experience dubbed “The Summer of Outdoor Movies.” These movies were hosted in various locations throughout the United States.

They have great movies on sports related stories and there are also sports movies.

Movies from the 90s that are about a bunch of white guys in a warehouse.

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Nostalgic movies are those that are inspired by a specific era and try to make people feel as if they were back in that time.

They are a little outdated.

Short films are about the people that have the ability to become a hero after being inspired by a short film.

When Did Walmart Drive-In Movies End?

Walmart is no longer providing drive-in movie nights for its guests in the summer of 2021. The retail giant is currently looking into its options for the 2022 summer season.

Why Did Walmart Host Drive-In Movies?

To make it memorable and create unique experiences, Walmart teamed up with local restaurant chains with drive-in windows and also brought in musical acts such as Pitbull.

We’ll continue to talk with stores and customers to find out how we can do our part to help Walmart keep on going green.


The Walmart drive-in was a community event set up to set-up outdoor movie theaters on Walmart parking lots while the audience was seated safely in their vehicles in August 2020.

Community members watched popular films selected by the Tribeca Film Festival. Many of the attendees seemed very excited for the selection of films they were able to view in this free event.

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