Walmart And Ibotta (how Does It Work, How To Use, In-store, Online, Scanning Receipt + More)

The company has been looking for ways to help people save money, which is why it will start offering a credit card for those who shop at Walmart.

Walmart and Ibotta is an exciting new partnership that has many consumers excited. I learned about Walmart and Ibotta when I looked into how I could make extra money.

What Are Walmart And Ibotta In 2022?

According to Ibotta, the partnership with Walmart will be expanded to include all retail partners, which include, but are not limited to, Kroger, Amazon, Target, AmazonFresh, Google Express, and Jet. This means that even if you shop at an online retailer that does not have a Walmart+ subscription, you can still earn cash back and other benefits.

Whether you go in-store or online with your Ibotta app or Ibotta app on your phone, you can get discounts, save cash, and get cash back when you shop at Walmart with their partnership!

Does Walmart Own Ibotta?

 Walmart will be offering an app called Ibotta which is currently available on iOS and Android, and it is designed to help you save money. The app will be available in Walmart stores and online, and it can be downloaded free from the iTunes and Google Play stores.

The partnership will allow Ibotta to showcase new digital offer programs on both the Walmart app and

After the announcement, Walmart customers can get several cash back rebates on popular products, and enjoy its “Everyday Low Price” promise.

The Ibotta website has a partnership with Walmart, allowing customers to earn cash rebates that can be redeemed into cash.

So, it is possible to redeem any balance in your Walmart credit card account in exchange for the Walmart gift card. So, the more Walmart credit card balance, the greater the redemption amount.

Walmart joined the Ibotta Performance Network, which is a digital program that enables cash rebates on third-party sites, including recipe hubs, social media, and other platforms.

So, the partnership between Ibotta and Walmart will allow Walmart to grow. And, it will also provide them some additional data.

Is Ibotta Only For Walmart?

Ibotta is a grocery-only rebate program.

ibloom’s cash-back rewards platform has partnered with several other retailers such as Albertsons, Target, Vons, and Safeway, among others, to help consumers save money during purchases.

This means that they get free product to offer to members of their app after they take pictures of their receipts at participating stores.

How Do I Use Ibotta At Walmart?

You must link Ibotta to your Walmart account in order to use the cash-back service.

You will earn a cash back offer on your purchases. You only earn offers once a week so you’ll need to complete a minimum purchase each time you shop in order to redeem the cash-back.

1. Open your Ibotta account. Log in.
2. Select Add Accounts to Walmart
3. Click the Add account button
4. Type in your email address
5. Click Continue
6. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

You will be able to get cash-back when you start shopping online. You can add different offers to your shopping list.

This means you can buy items with your account. You can choose to make your order through or through

You will also receive the cash back if you use your Walmart Pay account or credit/debit card for their payment method.
You can access the cash back program by using your Walmart Pay account or credit/debit card on their website.

Once the purchase is complete, you will receive the amount added to your account instantly after placing your order.

The delivery or pick-up of the items could also yield a bonus to the order.

Does Ibotta Work With Walmart Online?

Yes, you sign up with Ibotta to gain access to your Walmart savings. Pay through Ibotta on your phone then you will get cash back in your account!

The best Ibotta page is the one that’s available on your phone. You can also use your desktop browser of choice, but, in this case, make doubly sure that Ibotta is open in your browser.

In order to use Walmart for purchase Ibotta must be added.
Then, after the Ibotta is added, you can log in to the e-mails page.
There, you can check the status of each transaction.
You should note that all of the Ibotta bonuses, as their name suggests, are generated on a monthly basis.

How Do I Pay With Ibotta At Walmart In-Store?

When you shop at Walmart, you can earn cash back by swiping to take pictures of your receipts and then submit those receipts to the Ibotta app.

To get cash back, you have to submit your Walmart receipts online to get cash back.

If you are prompted through a pop up, make sure you have all items purchased and scanned to ensure that they count towards your offers.

How Do I Add My Walmart Receipt To Ibotta Online?

You can scan this receipt at Ibotta by visiting the app, clicking on the receipt, and then tapping on ‘Scan & Save’ at the bottom of the screen.

It is also recommended to use the phone app instead of a barcode scanner in order to protect your privacy.

When it comes to offering customers the best deals, you need to make sure you add them to your Walmart list before scanning your paper receipts.

If the system refuses to accept your request, try it again later. If the system fails to accept your request for a certain period of time, then your original request was probably rejected.

If your Walmart account is already connected to the Ibotta system, it means that your Walmart account balance has been automatically credited with the cash-back, and it is ready to be used.

Does Ibotta Accept Online Receipts From Walmart?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to get cash back on your mobile device when you purchase from Amazon. This is not Walmart’s fault.

* For US customers: receipts can be uploaded via an app or the website.
* For non-US customers: upload receipts via app or website only.

Receipts must be in the name of the person you are redeeming for and they must have been used for food or drinks. If they qualify, you can redeem them at any Walmart store or other approved third-party redemption location.

 The receipt must be submitted within seven days of the date of purchase to get an exchange.

be more than 60 days old;
not be in a “recyclable bag” which is defined as a plastic bag purchased from any retailer and not made specifically or exclusively for recycling.

To find out more about Walmart you can read our post on how to activate Walmart gift cards, if Walmart’s online price is the same as in-store, and if Walmart does cash back.


Walmart partnered with Ibotta to help customers through cash rebates.
Both companies will work together to make the rebate process easier for customers.

Of course, if these cash rewards or discounts are not redeemed it is up to the individual to redeem the reward(s).

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