Can You Overdraft A Walmart Money Card? (all You Need To Know)

Walmart has expanded its services to include a partnership with a number of banking institutions in the U.S. and Canada, which includes some of the top banks in the country. Walmart has also expanded its services for customers in the U.S. And it now has a Walmart MoneyCard, which is accepted everywhere Walmart cards are accepted.

Walmart is now offering the new Walmart MoneyCard. This card is a credit card, and it can be used anywhere that MasterCard and Visa are accepted.

Can You Overdraft a Walmart MoneyCard In 2022?

The Walmart MoneyCard gets a no-fee promise at all Walmart stores that are located in the US and Puerto Rico as of 2022. It also gets a no-fee promise online if you link up your account with a debit card that comes with a no-fee promise. You should also save $3 for each Walmart MoneyCard you buy.

To learn more about how to use the Walmart MoneyCard, keep on reading for all the details!

Is It Possible to Overdraft a Walmart MoneyCard?

If you purchase a Walmart MoneyCard, then your fees are the same as what you will pay when you purchase a regular debit card. In other words, there are no overdraft fees when you make your purchase with a Walmart MoneyCard.

What Is a Walmart MoneyCard?

A walmart money card is a prepaid visa debit card that works like your regular debit card.

Walmart MoneyCards you can have at the time of purchase are $3 and they don’t require you to have a bank account or credit check.

So, when you use your Walmart credit card, your Walmart MoneyCard, you’re automatically enrolled in a cashback program, which is a cashback program, so you can save a little bit of cash, right?
– [Woman] Yes, exactly.
– And then you’re automatically enrolled in that cash back program, so you start making more and more money the more money you have.

What’s the Purpose of a Walmart MoneyCard?

Walmart MoneyCard will help you manage the money better and will make your life more convenient since you can pay using that card.

For example, even if you lose your Walmart money card, that doesn’t mean you lose all the funds associated with the card because WalMart offers a protection plan. Also, any cards associated with the card can be used, the card will just be an additional form of identification for the funds.

For those that use their Walmart money card as their primary way to pay for things. There are a lot of debit cards out there and many of them are free and use electronic funds transfers as opposed to traditional checking with the bank.

Where Can You Use the Walmart MoneyCard?

I suggest getting a Walmart MoneyCard and using it at all stores that accept the card. You can also use a Walmart MoneyCard anywhere credit cards are accepted, and also you are protected by the Visa Zero Liability Policy.

You can rest assured that if something happens to your card, you can cover your losses with this protection policy as it covers up to $50,000 in unauthorized purchases.

Who Provides the Walmart MoneyCard?

Walmart MoneyCard is a bank sponsored card that comes with additional services.

What Can You Buy With a Walmart MoneyCard?

purchases with
purchases with Walmart in-store and in your neighborhood
your Walmart Card balance

So, you can use your card to buy groceries and your card balance to shop online.

The Walmart MoneyCard is as good as any other debit card and you can purchase anything with you.

Does Walmart Have Other Money Services?

You can send money to the US and the world with Walmart. In fact, the retail giant claims it helped save customers $450 million in just one year.

For example, people can use Walmart’s services to cash checks, pay bills, and send or receive money.

The cost of money is higher in a checking account than in a savings

Walmart has a check cashing service, where customers can cash payroll or government checks. You can even cash tax-refund checks with Walmart, but it’s best to call your local Walmart first to make sure it has the funds available.

You can also check out the `Payment` section on the
**Currency Conversion** page.

Walmart offers a variety of payment methods including three-day, next-day, and same-day options. Also, some billing methods have a small fee (less than a dollar most of the time), so it’s essential to keep that in mind.

Money transfers may be made for any reason.

For more on how to cancel Walmart Money Cards and what time they process deposits, see our article on how to cancel Walmart Money Cards.
And if you want to know if Walmart has MoneyGram, check out our post on that. Or you can always call them.


When you’re a Walmart Shopper, you don’t pay any overdraft fees like you do with a regular debit card. You also get protection plans, so if your card is lost or stolen, Walmart won’t charge you any fees.

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