Netspend Withdrawal At Walmart [limits, Fees + More]

NetSpend prepaid debit cards are a type of prepaid debit card that allows customers to purchase goods in-store and online. They are valid at retailers that accept Visa and MasterCard debit, such as Walmart, Target, and online shopping sites. is a popular customer service website where you can pay in cash, as well as reload funds on prepaid cards, like NetSpend reload cards. You can also make transfers to/from your bank.

NetSpend Withdrawal At Walmart 2022

Customers that sign up for NetSpend debit cards can get cash back at the Walmart cash registers, self-checkout lines, and ATMs at Walmart. Customers can use the NetSpend card to make purchases up to their credit limit of $4999.99 at Walmart stores. Those on a pay-as-you-go plan will be charged from $0.5 to $1.5 per transaction.

How to avoid getting hit with withdrawal fees, and the fastest method for withdrawing funds from NetSpend using Walmart!

How To Withdraw Netspend Funds At Walmart!

If you want to use your NetSpend account to transfer money from your checking account, you can transfer funds to your NetSpend via your NetSpend customer service representative by contacting NetSpend at: Customer Service Phone: 888-724-7343.

You can also deposit funds into NetSpend via your NetSpend account by contacting NetSpend at: NetSpend Customer Service Phone: 888-724-7343.

Ensure you bring both your physical NetSpend debit card and a government-issued photo ID such as a passport or drivers’ license to pay. Once you’ve paid the necessary fees, the cashier will provide the funds.

If you go to Walmart to purchase goods you can ask for cashback by using your NetSpend card, most Walmart stores offer such an option and you should know about it.

Require some kind of proof of ID at a cash register. Maybe the clerk would scan and email a receipt to your phone. Then, once you get home or find a store clerk, you could open the receipt with your phone.

Walmart does not accept NetSpend cards for their ATMs, so you will need to withdraw from a local bank. You can also withdraw funds from any other ATM machine that you may be using.

If you think about the ATM withdrawal fees that you incur, you may consider going to the ATM and withdrawing cash or use a debit card and not incur those fees.

What Is The NetSpend Withdrawal Limit At Walmart?

You can only use your NetSpend card to withdraw funds from your personal bank account, a business checking account, or an existing card in any other form.

If you’re withdrawing a large amount of money, you might want to contact your local store in advance to check if they have sufficient cash on hand.

Walmart has a $100 cashback limit with any debit card purchase at an operated register, but the limits differ by location. For example, a $30 limit is enforced at the self-checkouts. This applies to NetSpend withdrawals. You may find lower transaction fees of $60 at the self-checkouts.

You can withdraw at least $325 as long as you complete a Walmart transaction. You should be able to have up to 6 withdrawals in 24 hours (depending on what you buy).

Does Walmart Charge Fees To Withdraw From A NetSpend Card?

For example, a $100 ATM withdrawal would cost 2.75% of the amount withdrawn. A debit card transaction would cost $4 per transaction. A credit card withdrawal will vary depending on the credit card, so check the fee chart to see what your balance is.

If you are on NetSpend pay as you go plan, you will pay $1-$2. The fee does not apply to customers on the monthly plan or reduced monthly plan.

The minimum amount of a NetSpend ATM withdrawal is $2.95 plus a $2.50 service charge. The minimum amount of a Walmart ATM withdrawal is $2.50 plus a $3 service charge.

How To Withdraw NetSpend Money For Free At Walmart?

When paying for products with your debit or credit card, you will not incur a service charge; however, many retailers including Walmart charge a fee for NetSpend, so it’s best to check before you make payment.

You can read more about our policies on the Cash Back Withdrawal Limit and Cash Back Withdrawal Limits in General.

Conclusion: Netspend Withdrawal At Walmart!

You can now withdraw money via credit or debit card at over 4,600 U.S. Walmart locations. If you have a Walmart credit card, you can use it at any U.S. Walmart location to withdraw cash. If you have a U.S. Walmart debit card, you can withdraw cash at over 40,000 U.S. Walmart locations.
Withdrawing money using Walmart credit or debit cards will cost $1 to $2.

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