Does Walmart Take Apple Pay? + How You Can Still Pay With Your Iphone!

There are still many Americans without cell phones, but there is no more land line phone service available in many places.

A lot of users have no idea that Walmart does not accept Apple Pay. Many users think it does, but it doesn’t! But we want to make sure you know what you’re getting into when you use Apple Pay at Walmart!

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay In 2022?

Walmart will no longer take Apple Pay payments. Customers will instead be able to pay at the cash registers and self-checkout aisles using their iPhones. Apple Pay has been the only payment option at Walmart for some time now, but that will change in 2022.

Apparently the technology still needs improvement and there are a lot of merchants still working on it but Walmart is the next best option for Apple Pay. We are still waiting for this service to start working in India..

How to Pay With iPhone at Walmart Using Walmart Pay

Just use the Walmart app to check out and choose your product. You’ll be able to pay for your purchases using your iPhone.

The iPhone is required.

You can download the app for free. Signing up for a Walmart Pay wallet is completely free. Once you have your wallet and an iPhone with the Walmart payment app installed you will be able to take advantage of the store’s mobile payment capabilities.

Check this out! It walks you through the entire process of setting up and paying wirelessly using Walmart Pay on an iPhone in-store!

If you add the total to your Walmart Pay app on your smartphone, they’ll automatically add it to your account – without requiring you to sign in.

After the QR code has been scanned, the app will open up directly into you to pay via your debit/credit card.

The payment will go through instantly and you will get a digital receipt within your app for safe keeping!

Even if Walmart Pay is not as good as using Apple Pay and other forms of credit cards, this is still the next best thing that allows customers to pay digitally and not have to carry around a wallet or purse.

Why Doesn’t Walmart Accept Apple Pay? 

Merchant Customer Exchange was the payment gateway that Walmart used for their mobile payment process. Apple Pay was working with Samsung’s own secure elements which they were able to use with their mobile phones.

Walmart has not used a mobile payment service called CurrentC because it is a direct competitor of Apple Pay. Also, Walmart does not use Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

One of the reasons why Walmart refuses to accept Apple Pay is that they have no way of capturing any data when you buy something.

With the new Walmart Pay app, Walmart can send custom promotions and offers to customers who are logged in to their apps and allow customers to pay with their phones.

Will Walmart Ever Get Apple Pay?

As far as Walmart is concerned it’s using your iPhone to pay for things, and they aren’t being charged a fee by the Apple for that, so there is no reason to require Apple Pay.

What Stores Do Accept Apple Pay?

You have to use Apple Pay if you don’t want to worry about credit cards and they won’t give you any issues because you can only use the service at Walmart.

Other major retailers like 7-Eleven and CVS stores also accept Apple Pay but they had been holding out because of fear or possible security concerns. This could not have been helped with the data breach on Apple Pay cards by Target.

1. Paypall ( – This is the main online payment network. It stores your personal information on an encrypted server which has all the information you need to pay.

With the new Walmart Cash program, you can pay for purchases right away with their mobile app, which lets you earn up to $4 a purchase.

There Is An Alternative To Apple Pay For Walmart Customers

Tap the ibotta button in the payment section of the App Store.
Complete the order process by entering the credit card and shipping info.
After the payment process has ended successfully, you can see the amount in the ibotta app.

The cashback you get from Ibotta depends on what type of purchases you make with your Ibotta receipt. Ibotta gives you up to 2% cash back on purchases made at grocery stores, drug stores, gasoline stations, retailers, restaurants, and other participating stores.

You have a lot of options though. You can use Apple Pay, a QR code (using your iphone or a camera), or a barcode.

The Affirm Financing Option is Also Available

Affirm is the financing method you can use to pay for your purchase at Walmart online. When you select Affirm as your payment option, Walmart will ask you to pay a security deposit.

With this loan app, you can get financing on the spot if you qualify and pay back your balance in three, six, or twelve months.

Download the Walmart App

iphone users, if you are not already using the walmart app, go to your iphone and download the app from the App Store.

Why Is Using Apple Pay So Beneficial?

You do not have to worry about anyone stealing your PIN number as there is no chip or card reader on your phone and no one can see your phone while you are checking out.

One is the TrueDepth camera, which scans your face in 16 points.
The second is the wide-angle camera, which scans your face in 7 points.
The third is the depth camera.

All of the payment method are going to be done with your fingerprint. You will be the only one who can use if to pay. Even your twin cannot fake that!

Apple Pay is enabled on your device by default.
You can turn off the feature so that you have to enter your credit card and other information directly on the device.
You can also set it to work without your Apple ID.

Another Benefit Of Apple Pay

If the reason you don’t want a credit card is because of the fees, the Apple Card is an even better deal. Apple does all the work in creating the number and making sure that it’s yours. The other benefit is that you can earn cashback every day on your purchases, as well as a 3% cashback bonus on the new Apple Card.

With each purchase, you get a refund immediately. And if you use the Apple Card on Apple Pay, you get up to 3% cash back. So, no matter what, you are already saving money using the card, and you save an additional 2% using the Apple Card on Apple Pay.

In addition to being able to view cash back limits at Walmart, you can also learn if other stores like Kroger, Walgreens, Dollar General, Costco, and CVS accept Apple Pay. You can find this information on the Walmart mobile website.

Add Other Bonuses For More Savings

It’s the easiest way to get a discount on your next purchase with Apple because they have a wide selection of products and they’re pretty generous with customer service. They’ll even send you a care package with your next purchase. If you’re looking to save a couple of bucks on purchases, this is the place to buy your electronics.

Well, the card may not be on the list yet, but if you use the card, Apple Pay, and ibotta to buy an iPhone, you get 7% cashback instantly. Walmart may not be on the list yet, but you never know; they may eventually join the bandwagon.

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