Walgreens Photo Return Policy [all You Need To Know]

Walgreens Photo Center offers a set of services for business owners to display their products.

Although the quality of the product may be bad, Walgreens’ return policy is pretty generous! If you’re in need of a return, you can still make a return within 7 days of receiving your shipment.

Walgreens Photo Return Policy In 2022

For store return, you can return at your local Walgreens location. For mail or ship to store, please follow the instructions in your order and return it to UPS for processing. You may also return any photos or developed film that you find to be unsatisfactory, once these pass the return review process. Products must be returned within 30 days of receipt. There is no time limit for returning photo products.

It’s important to note that products that are eligible for free shipping on their product page are not eligible for same-day pickup or in-store pickup. Same-day pickup and in-store pickup are only available with orders shipped to a store.

Can You Return An Online Walgreens Photo Order?

Yes, you can return a photo product purchased from online through the Walgreens website.

1. If you selected expedited shipping, be sure to receive confirmation that your order shipped within 72 hours. If this doesn’t happen for you, contact Customer Service and ask for a replacement.

Can You Return An Online Walgreens Photo Order In-Store? 

If you choose Same Day Pickup, you must return the online photo order to the store you picked it up from.

If you choose Store Pickup, you will get a return label at the store.

I purchased a photo package. The package arrived in the mail and I paid for it using my credit card.

I went to a nearby mailbox store and tried to return the purchase.

The customer service rep said that Walgreens is no longer able to process refunds on Photo Ship to Store purchases, because the purchase was made using a credit card, not a store credit card.

When Can You Return Photo Orders? 

Walgreens photo products are non-returnable for up to seven years after purchase. However, there are no time limits for returning photo products.

Can You Return A Photo Order To Walgreens Without A Receipt?

One can also simply head over to the online store and find the receipt in the order section. The customer can then print it out and include it along with the returned product for a refund.
[Original and Paraphrase]: You can contact Walgreens Customer Care at 1-800-927-5526 for further help.
[Original and Paraphrase]: The online store will assist you in getting your refund.

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This post on Walgreens return policy will help you avoid any trouble with your return.


The in-store option allows you to return the selected items within one business day. The standard return shipping fee will apply to the order. The free shipping fee will apply to the order if you selected the Ship to Store option. If you selected the Ship to Store option, we will refund you the shipping fees.

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