Usps Collect On Delivery (what Is It, How It Works + More)

As technologically and digitally advanced as our world has become, we are still living in the Stone Age, like grocery stores that still accept personal checks.

A very old form of payment in the United States for decades, the Collect on Delivery is offered by the United States Postal Service.

What is USPS Collect on Delivery?

If you have a package that needs to be delivered, call or email us to make payment options so that we can determine how we want to collect that money. If you are sending a check, please include a note indicating how the check needs to be returned.

You should be able to find out the fees for sending an item COD through the carrier’s website, or by calling customer service. The fees are usually based upon the weight and cost of the item, and not the currency or country of origin, making COD a great option if you’re in multiple countries. You should never be charged more for a COD shipment than if you paid to ship with regular services, and carriers are required to provide you with an estimate of the shipping cost on file.

How Does USPS Collect On Delivery Work?          

Collect on Delivery is a long standing service used by Post Offices in order to collect a fee to cover the cost of delivery, it is typically done via the United States Postal Service.

Before the Internet, people used P.O. Stations that were located near major markets. These P.O. Stations sold fresh goods such as fruit, vegetable, and meat.

It appears that eBay was trying to get around using credit cards, so they may have had concerns about the privacy of the information.

This is another one of these old ideas that never really caught on. It might make more sense to just send orders to the address on the back of the package.

It’s a bit crazy because you can’t really get dollars for foreign currencies anymore. You can in a lot of places, but not in most places and not as a general rule.

In the case of USPS COD, the sender can pay the recipient directly at the time of delivery. This is a great advantage for the sender as they can avoid any problems caused by the recipient not accepting the delivery.

I don’t know…

I am sorry but due to the current situation, COD is not allowed for this particular product.

As the sender, when you send something to someone, you have the burden of all the costs. You have to think about the item, the service, and the postage and shipping because you are the only one that is actually paying those costs.

COD shipments can be sent via Priority, Priority Express, First Class Package (Retail and Commercial), and Retail Ground.

A person that is collecting money on behalf of an organization is not allowed
to charge more than $1,000.

Also, with your package, you need to sign for the package at the shipping carrier.

The package will not ship until you get home from work, because only the Post Office or other rural carriers can pick up COD shipments.

You cannot drop off your COD shipment in a street mailbox, a Post Office maildrop, you cannot give it to a city carrier, and you cannot leave it on your front lawn.

You can add shipping options to your shipment after it has been sent. You can also choose to add various services as well.

1. Choose “hold for pick up” when you have the item in Inventory. “Deliver to recipient” can be used at the delivery location.
2. Choosing “Deliver to recipient” at the Recipient’s house can be risky – because the recipient might not be home.

Service charges are based on the amount you have to pay to the collector. The fee for a COD is between $8.60 and $31.85, depending on the amount in question.

A copy of the application is $350, but the fee is only $175 if you agree to pay the balance within 30 days. This applies to every application, even if you have applied for a mortgage before.

When the mail carrier knocks and it’s time to pay, you have a few payment options:

– You set up a recurring debit card payment.
– You sign up for a monthly bill pay option.
– You pay by check.

You must pay a fee for a money order. So just pay with any method that is within the budget.

Money orders for all items will be processed and sent to you, without a fee. Checks for all items will be processed and sent to you,
without a fee.

If you have not come to the house when the delivery is made your package will be returned to the post office. They will try again the next day.

After the Post Office says it will not deliver the package, they will hold it for ten days.

What Mail Services Are Eligible For USPS Collect On Delivery?

United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail and Express Mail, USPS Parcel Post, USPS First-Class Mail, USPS Parcel Select, and USPS Global Express Guaranteed (USPS GXG), which includes USPS Global Express Guaranteed Plus (USPS GXGP).

International shipments are not eligible for COD. There is no way to know the package is international without contacting you, as you can not contact USPS to find out what the international shipping option is.

The USPCC is the United States Postal Service Corporate Cost, it’s a portion of the postage cost paid by customers to the USPS. It is NOT a fee, it is NOT an additional charge.

It is very important for customers to be aware of the additional charges for Collection and delivery of large items.

What Forms Of Payment Can You Use When You Receive A USPS Collect On Delivery Shipment?

Despite being called Cash On Delivery, all purchases are not actually paid for with cash.

We accept cash, personal check, pin-based debit card, and money order as forms of payment.

There are some banks that will cash out a money order, but those are not that common. If you find a bank that will, though, don’t be surprised when they give you a different amount than the one printed on the money order, as some of them will only pay you the amount on the money order, and not the full amount.

If you are getting mail from a rural post office, cash or a check are your best bets.

To learn more about United States Postal Service or if it would be best to use a private shipping company, you can review our posts on how to ship internationally, and more specifically, how to ship with a private company instead of with USPS.


The United States Postal Service has been in operation for more than two centuries now, and although it does not have an outstanding reputation for customer service, it still fulfills a vital social function.

Next time you have a buyer without access to a bank account, consider selling via USPS Payment via Credit card.

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