Petsmart Hotel (price, Locations, Cleanliness + Other Faqs)

PetSmart is a leading animal care retailer in America, and specializes in pet products like food, toys, and treats. PetSmart also offers a number of pet services, like grooming and boarding for pets.

If you’re staying at a PetSmart Hotel, you’re going to make some new furry friends. PetSmart Hotels are dog and cat boarding facilities that are like hotel rooms, with a bed, food and water bowls, and a whole room of toys and other fun things for your doggie or kitty. Most PetSmart Hotels can be found in the United States, and they offer boarding services year round.

What Is A PetSmart Hotel In 2022?

PetsHotel is a pet hotel which aims to provide a safe, welcoming, and cost-effective solution to board your pet while you are on vacation or travelling. You can book a pet hotel anywhere in the US and Canada, and with the PetsHotel app, you can book and pay for your stay from your compatible smartphone for FREE.

There are many different hotels that you can book with. If you’d prefer a hotel that has a swimming pool or a balcony, then you can also search on the website for the PetSmart Hotels that have those things.

What Pets Do PetSmart Hotels Take?

PetSmart PetsHotel are a pet-friendly accommodation service where pets can join you for a vacation.

Some of the unique experiences offered by PetHotels include the company’s dog atriums for overnight stays, a doggy daycare for short term boarding and boarding, doggy suites, and kitty cottages for overnight stays.

Where Are PetSmart Hotels Located?

If your local store doesn’t have PetsHotel, please search our store locator for PetsHotel locations near you.

If you want to find a PetsHotel near to you then you can find a map of all of the hotels available on the PetSmart website.

The size of the hotel can vary from 5000-7000 feet and it will usually contain around 120 atrium rooms, 25 suites, 12-14 kitty cottages, and 4 playrooms for pets.

They also have a maximum of 200 animals at full capacity and around 25 associates tending to them.

How Much Is The PetSmart Hotel?

Prices at PetsHotel are different and depend on the services and types of rooms that you book.

For dogs, you can expect to pay overnight prices around $15 for half doggie day camp, $41 for overnight lodging in a suite. For cats, it is around $20 for an overnight kitty cottage stay.

In the room.

If you have a pet boarding business, you can deduct losses from the business.

PetSmart charges pet owners extra fees like $11 for an exit bath and $9 for a nail trim.

Are PetSmart Hotels Clean?

PetSmart Hotels is very clean, and any room or suite is cleaned daily by PetSmart employees to keep your animals safe.

PetsHotel, which is one of the first in California that offers pet care services, offers this UV sterilization technology in a system that specifically caters to pets.

Many stores use scents to encourage animals to relax. They also use scents to let animals know that it is a safe area to do their business.

What Accommodation Options Do PetSmart Hotels Offer For Dogs?

Dogs have their own room at the hotel and also have a little park at the hotel.

In addition to the standard room, there is room for up to four pets and their owners to stay separately.

The upper-level bed has a reading light, remote control and two cup holders.

What Accommodation Options Do PetSmart Hotels Offer For Cats?

PetSmart dogs are not the same as dogs that have access to the yard or apartment.

If you have more than one cat, there are cottages for your kitties to stay in together!

Do PetSmart Hotels Offer Packages For Pets?

Yes, PetSmart offers a range of different packages for pets, all priced different depending on where you live.

At PetsHotel, a person who comes with a pet can avail of a silver package. A silver package is a package with a play period of 4 hours or 60 minutes individual playtime, and a snack.

For a shorter session, you may choose the gold package that is similar with 8 hours of play or 60 minutes of individual playtime and a short activity to ensure your pet has fun.

PetSmart also offers a premium platinum package, it includes a stay, play, snack and pamper.

As for the actual hotel itself, they’ve designed it to be eco-friendly, with bamboo walls, a composting toilet, and non-toxic cleaning products.

Why Should I Choose PetSmart Hotels For My Pet?

There are a lot of animal care experts, but the PetsHotel’s services are highly recommended.

Because of this, PetSmart has 24/7 access of medical care available for your pets in case of emergencies.

PetsHotel offers both free and paid pet sitting services. They also offer a range of services for vacation homes, including high-end spa treatments for dogs and cats, pet massages, and veterinary care.

They can also ensure that any necessary medication to alleviate your worry is made available to your pet during their stay.

In addition, if you wish to ship your pet to us, you can do so at any of our 8,000 pet stores, located across the country.

How Old Does My Pet Need To Be To Stay In A PetSmart Hotel?

PetSmart says that all animals must be older than 4 months of age to stay in a hotel.

Does My Pet Need To Be Vaccinated To Stay In A PetSmart Hotel?

If your animal needs its vaccinations, you should get it done today.

You can use the time between now (the day you pick up your dog) and 48 hours before the walk. Make sure you let your vet know about any potential problems you may encounter. You may want to use the time a week or two before the walk to ensure he is fully healthy before he goes.

The “PetSmart Hotel” requires written proof of your pet’s previous vaccine records.

If you are going to board your pet, make sure that they are up to date on their vaccinations.

What Does My Pet Need To Stay In A PetSmart Hotel?

At PetSmart, you need to bring a number of forms with you to allow your pet to stay in a PetSmart Hotel.

Most pet information is in your local PetSmart and will tell you what pet forms you need to bring along with your pet. You will have your pet’s vaccination information.

If you are looking for other services from PetSmart, you might be wondering if PetSmart does not sell dogs, and the pet food return policy.


PetSmart hotels offer a safe home for your pets while you’re away.

PetsHotel is offering several boarding options for both dogs and cats with lots of recreation and activities to keep your furry friends entertained.

PetSmart Hotels are located around the United States. Before bringing in your pet, you need to make sure they are at least 4 months of age and fully vaccinated.

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