Petsmart Competitive Advantages (9 Different Factors) 

PetSmart was the retailer of choice in the case of selling well-groomed pets along with the essential products and services that are required by pet owners.

With so many different factors that make it possible to operate a successful ecommerce business, it is no surprise that PetSmart has continued to succeed as a company. In this article, you will find out about a few competitive advantages of PetSmart that have made it possible for it to thrive and continue to grow.

PetSmart Competitive Advantages In 2022

1. Sells In-Demand Pet Products

PetSmart is the largest specialty pet retailer in the United States due to the way its products are available to its consumers.

PetSmart has capitalized on pet products especially in prescription and premium products category. Demand has witnessed growth due to increase in awareness and rise in disposable income among urban consumers.

In the end, PetSmart is the best pet store for you because they have a lot of different services at one location in one store.

 2. A Range Of Locations

PetSmart is a great company because there is a lot of room for growth. Its huge store locations make it easy for customers to find it.

PetSmart locations are often strategically located near other mass merchandisers in commercial facilities that are quite accessible from major streets. PetSmart is a great place to shop for pet supplies.

Besides the stores, PetSmart also has 200+ hotel facilities that are operational to provide quality daycare and boarding to a range of animals.

Through new facilities like this, PetSmart is able to maximize profits and build a reputation with its customers for caring about their animals.
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3. Lifetime Commitment

PetSmart is a company that specializes in providing goods and services for pets and owners for life.

Pawsitively Petshop is going to be the central location to provide all the supplies pet owners need for their pets, guaranteeing return customers.

Having a larger physical presence in the market allows people to come one stop shopping for all their needs and so less competitive retailers are needed.

4. Store Structure

PetSmart stores feature pet grooming tools and merchandise intended to make customers believe that PetSmart is an expert in the field.

Because they are able to show off that they’re the best in class, PetSmart customers make a psychological impression on each other that makes them feel that they are buying the best.

By providing pet care products and services, PetSmart continues to grow its reputation as a leading expert on pet care, which enables its continued success.

5. Understanding Owners

PetSmart has a brand that is meant to cater to owners who want to feel like their pet is their child.

It has rewards system, grooming, hotel services in-store and retail products to help pet owners find everything they need one store.

– Pets can become a lifelong companion.
– Pets provide unconditional love and companionship.
– Pet parents enjoy the benefits of knowing that their pet is happy and healthy.

6. Variety Of Products 

PetSmart aims to cater to premium, niche, and mass retail customers within one location to minimize the need for customers to visit other retailers.

PetSmart ranges from around 11,000 different products to around 10,000 products available online.

The ability to provide many various products like food, toys, supplies, accessories and many more helps PetSmart become one of the leading retailers in the United States.

7. Variety Of Services 

It does so by offering a variety of services, such as providing discounts and coupons, and hosting product and pet educational seminars.

Animal shelters are a way to reduce euthanasia rates by providing a place for animals to live temporarily until they can find their forever homes.

PetSmart also supports the adoption of animals by working with local charities and organizations to re-home unwanted or abandoned animals.

The store has several adoption opportunities for animals of all ages and types, and it also hosts several adoption days in-store and through its website.

PetSmart uses different communication channels to build relationships with their customer base and consolidate their reputation as leading pet care experts.

8. Return Customers

PetSmart offers the best pet supplies and services and this attracts loyal customers.

PetSmart is a store providing a variety of services and products to its customers. In addition, they guarantee the return of their customers if they buy their products.

The pet food department allows you to save money as you stock up on products that you will use for your own pets. Additionally, if your pets have special needs or dietary restrictions, PetSmart can meet these requirements.

 9. Loyalty Programs

Rewards programs were created to encourage repeat customers.

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This offer applies to all pets for their birthdays, not just dogs. So, if you have a cat named Fluffy, you can get a toy for him or her.

PetSmart can achieve success through the adoption of rewards programs that encourage customers to visit its stores frequently and spend heavily.

To find out more about how PetSmart takes care of its employees, we visited PetSmart’s corporate headquarters to find out how it provides the health and wellness programs that are offered to its employees and how it handles the dress codes and policies.


PETSMART has established its brand as a leading expert in pet care, the one-stop-shop for animal lovers who want to spoil their furry friends, and offers products and services to meet the needs of the pet-owning public.

As we know, the retail chain has several stores. They sell and provide additional services such as veterinary, grooming and boarding.

PetSmart was able to be the leading pet care brand because it had a rewards program and different products and services under one roof.

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