Subway Complaints (contact Details, How To Make A Complaint + More)

After finding a lot of customer complaints about food quality, Subway started to look into the matter. They did a lot to figure out how best to improve the quality of their food.

The complaints you make to Subway are often important because they help Subway know what to fix first. However, not all complaints are important. You need to be sure you’re making a complaint about something that’s real and will help Subway’s business. This is often harder than you might think.

How to Make a Complaint at Subway In 2022?

Subway restaurants typically have a long wait time for takeout. You can call them if you want to order food from there. Other locations, however, are usually quick to get food. You can check out Subway’s website to see a live map of their locations in your area.

For more info about filing a complaint with Subway about your sub and other common questions, keep reading for more information!

How Do I Contact Subway to Complain?

SMS, voice messages, or Email through the “Contact Us” page on

Are Complaints Taken Seriously at Subway?

People have taken to Facebook to let Subway know that they don’t use the bread, and Subway has taken to Facebook to listen, and try to be more in line with its customer base.

There were serious complaints about a range of issues in the government; the most serious allegation being that there were links between organised crime and political parties, but these were ignored.

Subway was having a lot of problems because of Jared’s past. Jared was the spokesperson for Subway for a while and he was accused of selling kids.

There is a large number of complaints that I would expect from a company, but the fact that they are the worst one is troubling.

The Subway employees work like robots. They don’t care about the customers and are rude.

Employees have some positive points and some negative points, but overall, everyone has a great experience working at the company.

According the people who work there, Subway’s work culture isn’t great.

Subway has so many complaints about its employees that it does not take them seriously.

What Are the Most Common Complaints That People Make About Subway?

One thing that is pretty well known is that there are some complaints that have to do with the quality of food.

The sandwiches do not have as much filling as I thought so the toppings are not as great as I expected.

Other customers mention problems with the store’s merchandise or service.

The food that is not being eaten comes from the same kitchen that is serving food to the other residents.

There is an argument that this is similar to slavery and is a human rights violation.

We want to work with other departments to identify ways we can improve our processes and help those who are working late to find ways to more efficiently process orders.

One suggestion may be to make a few people responsible for the closing process in the hope that they can be more efficient.

A group of people who were not paid past closing time was expected to work, yet the owners wanted them to finish the job.

Other employees have complained that they were not trained properly and that was expected to do all work.

At least one woman complained about the situation she was in during the night when she was expected to take the trash out.

People come to the restaurants with complaints ranging from very minor, such as wanting more tuna on a sub, to very serious, such as people being discriminated against.

While it is true that Subway does not tolerate sexual harassment, in reality, there have been many such complaints.

In this sentence, I’m trying to show that in theory the fact can be true, but in reality, it doesn’t happen very often, so it’s not very significant.

How Do I Complain About a Manager at Subway?

It is imperative that the employer address the issue in a timely manner and not leave the situation to be resolved the next morning.

The best time to work on this one is now, as you can see the progress of your work and check how it compares to the original image.

First, anyone who has complaints about managers or issues can send them to the office using regular mail.

There are plenty of options around in Milford, CT. The Subway corporate office is located in Milford, CT. It is a good idea to try and find a local place though.

In order to resolve a complaint, customers may call Subway’s corporate office at 1-833-778-2929.

Sometimes, this call can be very long, and it can take a lot of your time.

Subway also has an email address for general complaints at The only person who can help would be a supervisor.

In addition, there is a feedback form on Subway’s website.

You should only complain about an employee who is giving you poor service.

The author would have been well served to take the time to include some notes for the reader to use as a quick reference to the dates.

Can I Sue Subway?

It’s not illegal to sue a restaurant in the United States, but you need to be an attorney to know what your case is worth and be able to work it out with your business. Plus an attorney can guide you through the process so you don’t get confused.

Subway has been sued for the same issues over the past, and claims that they’re now using the latest and greatest technology to make sure they’re never fooled again.

Several of these lawsuits were thrown out. There are still others in the process of being litigated.

There are many lawsuits being filed against Subway for employment discrimination, but it remains to be seen how this case will end.

If Subway does everything that this video says that they do, then they are certainly in the wrong.

Because the situation was resolved, the best course of action was not to waste time and money.

Subway, although a food chain, has many different aspects to it. To know more, you should also read up on the different concepts and what they are all about.


Subway is not a stranger to complaints from its customers and store employees alike, having handled countless complaints about the decades, ranging from benign to scandalous.

If a customer has a problem with an order, they should tell the submitter of the order in a courteous tone, and take the problem to the supervisor. If the problem is not resolved, the customer can contact corporate.

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