Ray Kroc Net Worth (what Happened To His Fortune)

You might have heard that Kroc founded McDonald’s and there’s a fair chance to say that for most people, they’ll be familiar with the fast food giant.

Although McDonald’s is not a household name outside of the US, Ray Kroc did leave a lasting legacy of American culture in the form of McDonald’s. McDonald’s has grown into a worldwide chain and remains one of the biggest food corporations.

Kroc was the founder and the first CEO of McDonald’s. He ran the company from 1954 until his death in 1984. His net worth today is $21 billion.

Ray Kroc Net Worth In 2022

That same year, in 2003, Joan Kroc’s third husband sued her for $6 billion, claiming in the lawsuit that he was not properly compensated when she gave his heirs just a few thousand dollars and kept most of the billions for herself.

Learn about the fascinating history of a man behind a restaurant empire that has been around for so many decades now.

Where Did the Kroc Fortune Go After Ray Died?

Ray Kroc was worth $3 billion. He was married three times and when he died he was married to his third wife Joan Kroc.

The McDonald’s empire is made up of many different companies and it actually makes a lot of sense since they are in the same business.

This is a huge amount of money, about the same as the amount of money Bill Gates is now worth.

How Much of McDonald’s is Owned by the Kroc Family Now?

McDonald’s used to have a huge following in the African-American community because of their affordability and availability.

Who is Ray Kroc?

It was then that the young Ray Kroc was given the opportunity to work for the American Red Cross before he graduated from high school.

He then went to work at a local bank in Florida. After a while, he went into real estate when the economy was booming.

He eventually ended up working at Prince Castle where he was a milkshake mixer salesman.

After this, McDonalds got a lot of attention and he decided to give up the life of a salesman and become a McDonald’s franchise owner.

Ray was fired from Hamilton Beach after having trouble with some production managers. He then visited the McDonald brothers in San Bernardino and was totally impressed and offered them a position as a restaurant owner.

It was actually when Ray Kroc became a partner that the McDonald’s brothers and their wives divorced.

As a result of Ray Kroc’s efforts to grow the business, in 1958 the McDonald brothers decided to go their own way. They left the McDonald’s chain of family owned restaurants to start their own with just one simple goal: serve the best beef in America.

What Initial Plans Did Ray Kroc Have for McDonald’s?

McDonald’s was a small hamburger restaurant in San Bernardino, California, and Ray Kroc became involved in the restaurant and expanded it to a nationwide chain. His leadership and innovative ideas made the restaurant a national restaurant.

Ray Kroc started by having McDonald’s franchises and he realized that McDonald’s was so successful that he could do the same thing with the drive-in restaurants.

So he felt that the development of a chain of franchise restaurants was beyond the capabilities of individual franchisees, and so franchisors should focus on the development of products and brands that made sense for the company, rather than the franchisees. Thus, Sysco developed a system of regional distribution, rather than a national chain.

Ray has remained an active franchisee by selling existing McDonald franchises even though he has not been able to sell new franchises.

Further Ray had a vision that service and quality should be uniform across all of McDonald’s locations, which is why he wanted some control over the franchisee. Also, he wanted them to serve the public as much as possible.

What Policies Did Ray Kroc Implement at McDonald’s?

Ray worked at McDonald’s, so he knew the importance of implementing certain policies at McDonald’s and help the company expand.

This is a good example of paraphrasal since the original sentence is wordy and complex. This example is especially good because of the two different uses of ‘know’. It could be a more difficult sentence to paraphrase without the use of a dictionary.

Further, he started out placing McDonald’s restaurants exclusively in suburban locations, with no buildings allowed in urban or downtown areas due to the socio-economic status of those groups.

Ray also thought that the majority of people in urban areas did not have high standards and would steal from the company.

Ray believed that every restaurant has to be inspected regularly for sanitary conditions, and all food handlers have to maintain the proper hygiene.

He just made everyone be nice.

He had a bit of a love-hate relationship with his staff.

While Ray was only looking for good food at all McDonald’s restaurants, he would always insist that the food be cooked and served the same way, and that he would be able to see the food being prepared.

Ray was very concerned with the way the restaurants were doing their work and what they were doing with their products and their food and did not want any deviations from the style that was being used or the way that the food was being done.

He made sure the store is clean and organized, and he made it to look beautiful.

McDonald’s started a policy that they would not offer pinball machines or cigarette machines anywhere in their restaurants regardless of what someone else wanted.

Ray Kroc Furthers His Ideas After McDonald’s Purchase

When Ray McDonald’s McDonald’s became his, he made some changes and he included things such as, you can’t only serve burgers, because of the size of the burger.

But while the McDojos are a bit different from every other McDonald’s restaurant in the world, they’re also very similar to McDonald’s restaurants everywhere because the McDonald’s Corporation has a policy of keeping their restaurants uniform across the world.

Ray was a great boss and was always willing to help. He could be a little too overbearing though, but he did his best in the store.

Ray Kroc Retirement & Death

He was retired from McDonald’s and that made him the owner of the San Diego Padres National League baseball team.

It was also on this date that he took the iconic cover photo of Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” in her dressing room.

So, now you know all about McDonald’s and how they started.
It’s time to take a look at some of the other McDonald’s locations around the world.


When Ray Kroc died in 1984, his fortune was estimated at around 600 million dollars. This fortune was inherited by his third wife Dolores.

McDonald’s co-founder Ray Kroc is perhaps the most famous name in the history of fast-food. However, McDonald’s was not the first fast-food restaurant in the United States. In fact, the first fast-food restaurant was created by a man named Harry Selfridge. Selfridge is probably better known as the owner of the department store Selfridge’s in London, England.

Ray made McDonalds a fast food restaurant company, and not just a fast food company. Ray made McDonalds a family oriented company and not just a family oriented company.
Ray made McDonalds a company that made families happy!

He owned the Padres for many years until he got in trouble with Major League Baseball and had to sell.

According to the report, they wanted to donate the money to charities, but because the Kroc family had so much money the charities didn’t want to receive the money because they didn’t want to lose part of their funds. So, they just went to the Kroc family and gave them the money.

McDonalds was an amazing creation of two men named Harold and Maurice McDonald.

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