Paypal Complaints (how To Make One, Common Types Of Complaints + Contact Information)

With the PayPal system, it is easy to do worldwide payment and can send the money to your favorite PayPal member.
It is also easy to receive money.

If you use PayPal, there are some things you should know about it. By using PayPal, you should know where to file a complaint.

How Does PayPal Handle Complaints From Its Customers In 2022?

As mentioned above, PayPal is one of those companies who have gained a lot of popularity since it was first launched. PayPal services have expanded to many other services (such as credit card processing and e-cash) and the website has also been redesigned several times to keep up with the times. As for whether they can handle complaints or not, it’s really good to see that many users have praised the customer service of PayPal, as well as their willingness to resolve complaints.

If you want to know how to contact them, how to handle common complaints, and how it handles them then keep reading!

How Do I Make My Complaint to PayPal?

You can contact PayPal to complain about the company, or to initiate a dispute about a transaction that didn’t go properly.

Issue a ticket, call Customer Service Support, or contact us by phone or chat.

When you receive a message it will not be sent to your message center. You will need to call to find out the reason.

(1) For more information on this, please contact our Customer Service team at 1-800-PAYPAL, or (2) visit the PayPal website at

How Do I Complain to PayPal About a Seller?

PayPal only deals with disputes, claims, chargeback, and bank reversal requests when they are made through the buyer’s PayPal account. [Note: PayPal’s policy is to not disclose any kind of additional information from one dispute or chargeback to another.

You can resolve a dispute by logging in first to your PayPal account. Then, click on “Report a Problem” in the Resolution Center.

If one of your payments is in dispute, then select “Item Dispute.” Then, use the drop-down list to select the item, and click “Continue”.

Your initial response must be within 5 working days, and the response from the other person must be within 7 working days. If the other person does not respond in that time frame, then they can be escalated.

Where Else Can I Complain About PayPal?

You also have the option to leave a negative review at the Better Business Bureau.

PayPal uses a number of systems to make it easy to access the above and other alternatives.

If you don’t like PayPal’s policies and rules, you can contact PayPal directly and ask them to change their rules; or go to their website and file a complaint about them.

___________ must be resolved by arbitrating the matter through an official arbitration process, such as ___________.

PayPal does not allow disputes to be investigated by a court of law. Instead, PayPal wants to have its dispute investigated by a neutral third party.

If you want to escalate this dispute with PayPal, you could contact their legal department. After that, you could go to their customer complaint department via

This section defines the consumer protection agencies in Texas.

In the UK PayPal’s activities are regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

In the case of the customer not being able to resolve their dispute, the Financial Ombudsman Services will investigate and report back to them.

United States people can report that PayPal is a scam to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. They have to do this because PayPal uses sneaky tricks.

When complaints against PayPal are made, PayPal launches an internal investigation and responds accordingly.

Now let’s look at this claim.

It is good to have different review sites.

When a website becomes quite popular in some way it can get some serious attention and can even get some legal attention from PayPal.

Besides, some sites also offer to present and pursue claims of a PayPal dispute on an account holder’s behalf.

The law has been declared: all your business secrets, all your trade secrets, and any other secret information held in your software and/or hardware is to be given up to the public. The law has given your business a choice: disclose and be destroyed, or not disclose and be destroyed.

PayPal also has a legal channel through which its customers can make complaints, though the PayPal user agreement attempts to limit this option.

It was not that there were no court cases, but that the vast majority of cases were now small claims cases.

How Does PayPal Resolve Your Complaints?

The dispute resolution page is very straight forward to use and
should be able to fully cover most disputes. The first step is to
select the option to report a dispute from the “My Account” section of
the PayPal account page. Here you will have an option to “Report an
issue through eBay”.

What Are Common Complaints Made Against PayPal?

Poor customer service, poor refund policies, and fraud.

PayPal hold money of a user temporarily if a dispute is lodged against the company, or if PayPal deems the use of their account suspicious.

It is very easy to scam users. The problem is that any scammer can create an anonymous account.

If the use of the account is deemed suspicious, or there have been several complaints against the user, he will be banned from using PayPal.

Users report that often times the grounds for suspension are just as flimsy as receiving higher than normal amounts in your account.

PayPal has a policy that you need to verify an account before you can resume your account.

PayPal requires a user to verify their identity, or prove they upheld their end of the contract; this is a major security risk for every user.

However, there is a possibility that the information submitted by you is wrong.

Therefore, please try again and report your verification result.

You can still use this feature, though.

Buyers and sellers have experienced issues with PayPal’s customer support, with many saying that its services are inadequate and are slow to answer queries.

According to the user, PayPal told them to follow up on their complaint through a Facebook post, but when they did, Facebook apparently blocked them.

This can cause business owners to fall into poverty, or even lose their businesses because of time and money needed to recover.

How Effective Is PayPal’s Customer Support for Complaints?

The customer service ratings of PayPal can be significantly different on various sites.

The overall rating on Capterra was 4.3/5, based on 21,484 reviews. On Consumer Affairs, it had 3.8 stars, based on 3,185 ratings.

One thing you need to remember is every single review matters. People who review your services also become your ambassadors, and they influence others.

PayPal was scored 2.5 out of 5 stars, based on 2,240 reviews, and Customer service was scored 1 and a half out of 5 stars, based on 261 reviews.
[Paraphrased]: Paypal was reviewed, and it got two and a half stars out of five. Also, the customer support service was a half star less than the customer service.

PayPal makes money by collecting fees from merchants that use PayPal Payments Standard.
PayPal refunds take a minimum 10 days to be processed and a maximum 60 days to be approved for the customer.
PayPal friends and family refunds take a minimum 10 days to be processed and a maximum 60 days to be approved for the customer.


Many of PayPal’s customers are looking for ways to open new accounts and also maintain their existing accounts.

However, PayPal provides an internal complaint resolution mechanism, which is intended to provide their customers with recourse in the event that that they are dissatisfied with the way that PayPal handles their account.

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