Is Usps Tracking Down? (all You Need To Know)

I’ve had that happen to me often times. When I received my new MacBook Pro, I didn’t have internet for 5-6 days, and I had to call to activate it. So I was really worried.
When I had my Kindle Fire HDX, I had it for 2 months and it never had wifi, so I had that kind of feeling too.

It is frustrating when you look forward to what the parcel contains. What does it mean? Is it possible? I have looked into it and found everything you need to know!

Is USPS Tracking Down In 2022?

There might be several reasons as to why your package is taking longer to arrive at your home. For example, it can be that the post office system is down or that your package is temporarily in a holding area due to delivery delays elsewhere.

This can also happen if the tracking is not working properly.

You can find out more about the status of any package you’re expecting in a
few different places. For example, here’s where you can download a
tracking number. You can also make use of the USPS MyTracking software
to find out a lot of information for you.

Why Is USPS Tracking Not Working?

The United States Postal Service has one of the most accurate tracking systems in the country because the USPS closely monitors the efficiency of its fleet and keeps track of everything that happens to each piece of mail.

I did not have enough time to make more edits and the new version’s functionality is not as good, so it is not totally out of the realm of possibility that some day it will be taken offline for maintenance.

I was surprised to find this out, because I thought they had more hours of operation than I thought and I did not see this on their website.

You can also check if the problem is on-site by browsing

If you are simply not seeing the tracking, it is more likely a result of a shipping issue (see below).

Why Is Your USPS Shipment Not Moving?

You can also see the USPS can be quite unreliable and slow, so it makes sense that if something is going to take a few days, it might take a few weeks or sometimes even months to show up, but it’s still more reliable than another carrier.

1. Your package is too big or too heavy for your shipment method.
2. Your destination is considered “out of area” and therefore your package does not fit our current routes.
3. There is a “blocked item” in the shipment.
4. The package is currently in transit, and has not yet shipped.
5. The current USPS tracking number was recently updated, and the new number does not match the label information.
6. The USPS tracking number is missing or erroneous.

Should You Be Worried If USPS Tracking Hasn’t Updated In Three Days?

There isn’t any worry if your USPS Tracking hasn’t been updated in three days.

Boxes can progress to destinations. If there Is any reason for the progress to not occur, this is not a problem. That’s what should be expected in normal conditions. If progress has not happened, that’s not a problem, either. However, if a box’s progress is not happening because there is a bug or error, this should be reported.

But if you are talking about a label that says “Ship to” then it does not get scanned on the way from truck to distribution center, it is printed on the box and the distributor takes that printed label and puts it on the box. So it is printed on paper.

So what this means is that your package is still in the post office, but the post office can’t tell you where it is.

It is generally, if you don’t get scanned then your box is shipped without it going into transit.

The next distribution center – even the delivery destination – is updated, and the last version of the product gets pushed to the store.

The truck didn’t travel directly from one city to the other, but may have stopped at some distribution centers along the way.

If your package is lost, it will eventually update to say so. It probably never did though, and since it’s not there, tracking says that it’s somewhere totally unpredictable.

If you’re worried about the package being on its way, but you haven’t gotten it yet, contact the sender and let them know that. It’s a bit of a hassle, but it’s a way to make sure that it does eventually get delivered.

Does “In-Transit Arriving Late” Mean Lost?

Not really. The label on the box will explain that the parcel may be held up by customs and will arrive on a specific date that is a couple of days late.

Maybe it’s something with the USPS site, maybe it’s a network issue, maybe it’s the USPS itself, maybe it’s a misconfiguration of my router. It’s really hard to say.

Not having enough trucks or workers to deliver mail in a timely manner is a problem.
A major transportation problem is the weather, or an accident, or not having enough workers to deliver the mail in a timely manner.

What Issues Is The USPS Facing?

Unfortunately, the USPS is a self-sufficient government-affiliated entity that faces significant financial crises.

The Postal Service doesn’t answer to the President but takes its orders directly from the Postal Service Board and receives no government funding.

The USPS doesn’t make its money from postage and other items or services, so it is not subject to the same pressures as other businesses.

This is going to slow down the service as well. It is also not designed to be this way.

This would be a very bad time for a customer to lose a parcel, or in this case, a package that the post office does not have in their network.

If you are wondering, here are some more reasons why USPS tracking cannot be used for tracking package.


The United States Postal Service delivers on time and has a well-respected tracking service.

However, customers often find that shipping is taking much longer than anticipated. They find this when they receive their parcel and it hasn’t arrived.

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