Does Petco Sell Monkeys? (all You Need To Know)

Having a pet monkey is a big thing for some people, but it can be a hassle finding a place where your can get one without being scammed.

The good people at Petco know that their customers love their pets, and they want to see everyone’s pets do well, so they’re always on the forefront of what the latest pet-related technology is.

Does Petco Sell Monkeys In 2022?

Sadly, Petco does not sell monkeys in 2022. The company claims it is not ethical because it is considered a cruel and invasive purchase. Furthermore, having a monkey as a pet is actually illegal in many states. You can buy a monkey from an exotic pet dealer for about $4,000 to $8,000.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about pets and Petco, including where you can get a monkey, and how much it will cost.

Why Doesn’t Petco Sell Monkeys?

While the animal market in the United States may seem like a very small niche market, the pet market is big business. Petco is one of the largest pet retailers in the world. Their annual revenue in 2006 was $2.6 billion.

Aside from price of purchase, it’s not that easy to care for a pet and it is expensive.

Owning animals as pets is a huge ethical issue. Many animals need to live in groups; if one dies, a group of animals suffer. It’s also unfair for them.

Since Petco has taken steps to make the company seem more ethical, there is unlikely to be any instances of the company selling monkeys.

Not only would it be hard to find a buyer for a monkey who would be illegal to own in most states, but it would be far too much work for the company that purchased the monkeys just to turn around and sell them.

Where Do You Purchase Monkeys?

If you buy a monkey from a pet shop, you will have a monkey.

Unfortunately, there are not many national or well-known businesses that sell monkeys, so you have to find a small one in your area.

This is due to the nature of these businesses, and the amounts of money involved, it is recommended you find one near you so you can inspect it beforehand.

The monkey pet is a lot of fun and would be a great addition to any household. Make sure to get a good deal on your monkey and don’t forget to visit your veterinarian just in case your pet needs any medical treatments while you’re away.

The most important thing about owning pet monkeys is that you do observe them closely. Also, monkeys are a great way to learn about emotions and feelings.

This is only available in California for now, and only if you own a home. For those without a home, the new ban will only apply to the three monkeys you can keep in your apartment or your condo.

How Much Is a Real Monkey?

A real monkey can cost you anything between $3,000 and $7,000 just to buy it. The price of a real monkey varies depending on its age, temperament, and breed.

Monkeys are like most other pets: the price is based on how old the monkey is. A younger monkey costs more than an older monkey. A monkey that is friendly and easy around people will also cost more money.

When you are buying a monkey, he should be bought only with the company of the buyer.

I already mentioned the initial cost of buying the monkey but what needs to be considered is the cost of taking on the responsibility of taking care of it.

It is important to keep your baby inside your cage at all times. However, it’s not enough to just leave the house with her, since you can’t be sure if there are any dangers outside.

Can You Have a Monkey as a Pet?

Monkeys are very difficult to keep as a regular pet, because they are not domesticated, and usually don’t live in a human’s home.

They are also aggressive because they do not have access to other monkeys and have not been socialized. This leads to them being extremely aggressive towards humans.

The legality of having a monkey as a pet varies by state. Generally speaking, it is legal to keep a monkey as a pet, but there may be exceptions for things like public space or other laws.

These states allow you to have a monkey as a pet, but I don’t think they have any laws against it at the moment.

If you’re interested in owning a monkey, you can conduct a search as described above to seek out reputable sources. You may also want to keep in mind that buying a monkey on the street is often considered illegal and could put you on the radar of law enforcement as a human trafficking case.

It’s illegal to have a pet monkey in the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Iowa, Georgia, Idaho, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Louisiana.

States with a ban on owning pets include: Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

The US is not that bad, but I would recommend avoiding the most controversial states if you want to own a monkey. Some have even made it illegal to own a monkey in certain states.

Petco doesn’t get much of the animals that they sell. Most of the animals are adopted out to rescue organizations.


But not all monkey-loving pet lovers have to take a trip to the Petco or the local pet shop for those furry little monkeys.

Petco doesn’t bother to keep monkeys because they’re illegal in most states so they don’t want to bother. Local exotic pet dealers will be very happy to sell you a monkey, as long as you visit a vet regularly.

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