Is Sonic Cream Slush Discontinued? (Find Out!)

The restaurant was founded in Shawnee (Oklahoma), United States. It has over 3,500 locations throughout 45 States. Sonic drive-ins are known for their delicious slush icecreams, which include shakes, Sundaes, and Blasts. The flavored ice cream can be mixed up or has several layers of colored icy components.

You may be curious as to which Sonic cream slush flavor was discontinued. Continue reading the article.

Sonic Cream Slush is no longer available

Sonics Cream Slush have not been discontinued. Sonic was only forced to halt the launch of its new cream brands, the Red, White and Blue slush flots floats, due to a shift in promotional dates in July 2020.

Some fans were able to get a taste of the refreshing drink despite the cancellation.

Sonic launched their cream slushes again in 2021. This patriotic, seasonal Slush Float can be purchased at any Sonic outlet across the country.

The Red White and blue Slush Float

Red, White, and Blue Slush Floats deliver the seasonal sweetening. Three layers of sweaty, creamy, and icy drinks give you the special treat that you deserve.

The blue icy raspberry flavored Slush is found in the bottom layer of transparent plastic sipper glass

The second layer is made up of real Sonic’s sweet cream. Finally, a layer of strawberry fruit slush is added to the top of each glass. These three sweet slushes combined will create a unique sweet flavor in your mouth.

The Different Sonic Cream Slush

Sonic is also available in a variety of cool ice cream slush flavors that have a creamy twist, such as

  • Strawberry Ice Cream Slush
  • Orange Ice Cream Slush
  • Blue Raspberry Ice Cream Slush
  • Cherry Ice cream Slush
  • Grape Ice Cream Slush
  • Blue Coconut Ice Cream Slush

What are the Most Popular Sonic Blasts?

Sonic Blasts are available in a variety of sizes, including small, medium, large, and large Blasts. The following are some of the most popular sonic blasts available:

  • Master Blast Cookie Dough
  • Cheesecake Blast
  • Butterfinger Blast
  • Snickers Blast
  • Caramel Brownie Master Blast
  • Double Stuf Oreo Blast
  • M&M’s Sonic Blast
  • Oreo Sonic Blast
  • Reese’s Sonic Blast

What is real cream at Sonic?

Sonic drive-in now offers new products that contain butterfat and milk. Sonic joined other drive-ins offering ice cream in America to satisfy summer’s growing appetites.

This new product has more butterfat and iced milk, making it refreshing and more delicious than any soft-served sundaes or ice cream.

Are Sonic Slushes healthy?

Here’s some bad news for some. Sonic slushes are too sugary, which may not be for you. They are loved by almost everyone, but it is true. If you can’t leave the dentist without the ice, be prepared to explain.

Each slush contains between 48 and 145 grams sugar. They can increase or decrease depending on how large or flavorful the slush is. You should make sure you don’t eat too much lush ice if it is your favorite.

Aim to limit sugar intake to 50g per day. The lower the sugar intake, the better.

What is the Cost of Sonic Red, White, and Blue Slush Products?

The Red, White, and Blue Slush Float now costs $2.99 According to the company’s website, this price is for the Red, White & Blue Slush Float. All participating locations in the United States can find the slushfloat.


Sonic cream is not being discontinued. It was only suspended from promotion. This was due to occur in July 2020.

Because of its sweetness, the 2021 launch saw the refreshing ice-cream gain popularity.

Sonic sells the best refreshing drinks cum and ice cum shakes. It is made with a combination of flavored syrup and ice cream.

Sonic cream can be purchased in disposable plastic glasses, which are priced according to the flavor.

They are available in all participating US stores starting at $2.99 on August 1.

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