What Are 711 Slurpee Flavors? (full List)

There is perhaps nothing more than the 7 Eleven. Therefore, this company takes very good care of this popular product.

In order to keep its frozen treats icy cold, 711 makes its ice cream taste fresh by regularly releasing new flavors. Typically, these are promotional and available for a limited time. However, there are some frozen treats that are permanent as well.

What Are 711 Slurpee Flavors In 2022?

New flavors are added to Slurpees in April or May each year. Usually, the company introduces several flavors each year (or even twice a year), and often adds new flavors in October or November (or maybe even in May, depending on how long the current season’s flavors remain).

For a list of all flavours, see the main menu!

What Are 711’s Slurpee Flavours?

The new water that’s so good you just can’t get enough.

Branded as “the healthy slurpee”, this flavor has no added sugar and fewer calories than other options on the market (compared to the non-diet flavors).

However, it was not that sweet (I’m not even sure how sweet that would be, but it was definitely not sweet).

So that is our final discussion on sugar, but what you can do to reduce sugar
and still enjoy the foods that you love.

If you have a cold, you put Coca-cola on your sore throat to stop it.

Coca-Cola is the most popular flavor produced by 711.

This is a popular soda flavor in the United States, and very similar to the soda version of Coca-Cola, as it has a mild carbonation.

This is a really good drink when you want to feel more comfortable.

This is a popular flavor that has been used in various foods for some time.

The taste is very similar to a real pina colada, however, this slurpee has a more artificial flavor than the cocktail usually has.

Because of this, if you’re sensitive to artificial ingredients, you may not like this drink.

This flavor has a much different taste to it than all of the other flavors like strawberry, mango, vanilla, etc.

This is how they make money.
Just like you and I.
Cherries and cherry juice, it’s really about money.

For the first time, I would appreciate it if you would take the time to make me some 711 cherry flavored tea.

Also, can you please let me know what the difference between the two ways of asking about 711 cherry flavored tea?


This may seem like a nitpick, but I think the “is there any” nuance of the first sentence is what you’re getting at.

The sugar in the snow cone can also be a bit sweet, and it can be a bit like a snow cone.

But others, however, found that it made the game more difficult for them.

You can only walk and run.

They are better than other flavors because they don’t have a lot of artificial ingredients.

It could also be a good option for someone looking for something a bit… lighter.

It is not a flavor that is very pleasant to taste, but it has a flavor that is very close to the real thing. It has a strong artificial flavor from the candy making process.

Some also complained that the flavor is not very strong. In fact, it is not as strong as other flavors. While this may be an issue for some, others found it to be a good thing.

Well, I’ve been told that’s a secret formula for a Slurpee, but I’m not sure why.

It has been one of our most popular flavors since the beginning. It is balanced but the tangy note puts it over other flavors.

It also has a great flavor profile which includes citrus, lemon, and the minty flavor.

The beer is slightly carbonated, because the brewery does not need to let the beer sit for a long time before it is served.

Mountain Dew, the best tasting soda ever.

If you liked Mountain Dew Major Melon, then you’re likely to like this flavor. It tastes like it, but it’s significantly less carbonated. There is a slight hint of sweetness, but it’s almost nonexistent.

The flavor is more or less fruity, like a slurpee would taste. It’s also a little bit like a cola flavor, but a bit spicier.

Although a lot of people will disagree, but if you are a real true
fan of Korean culture, Korean food and food culture, you should try it.
For anyone who has never tried it or just curious, welcome to try it.

I have noticed that this flavor is different from others because of how it tastes more like a refreshing drink and less like a sweet drink.

What Are 711 Exclusive Flavors?

Every so often 711 creates unique flavors that are only available for the day or for a few weeks.

In addition to all these, a lot of these flavors are seasonal. I won’t list all the dates and flavor names for all the different promotions because that would be a lot of reading, but I do not believe that the flavors are seasonal.

Because, if you don’t, you might be eating a flavor that you don’t realize is not exclusive to that country.

The list of approved applications will be published on
this page
and will be updated regularly.

Please note, that there is no guarantee that your application will appear in this list.

Slurpee Day is a big day with almost all 7-Eleven stores and there is a special deal for it.


Slurpees come in different flavors depending on season, location, or what you want to drink. Some flavors are always in there, like blue raspberry.

In addition to regular flavors, slurpees can occasionally be available in flavors that are exclusive to the store or to the time period during which it appears.

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