Does 711 Have A Slurpee Day? (date, Free Slurpees + More)

Slurpee Day is one of the most popular summer festivals in the entire world. However, COVID has forced the festival to be postponed for the first time in decades.

You will be able to go to the grocery store, buy a Slurpee and enjoy it. But, this doesn’t mean you need to make it to a Slurp day event.

Does 711 Have a Slurpee Day In 2022?

Slurpee Day is a day for fun, family, and friends. It’s important to remember to follow the guidelines set by organizations, such as the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, and other governing bodies. This will ensure that you are able to enjoy Slurpees and enjoy your day and the rest of the summer.

If you still want to find out more about Slurpee day, keep reading!

Does 711 Still Have a Slurpee Day?

The pandemic will put a wrench into Slurpee drinks today, as they are all canceled.

But during these years, 7-Eleven has dropped coupons in its app so that users can still get a free Slurpee during the week.

And that can be said about 7-Eleven, with no indication that they will not continue to have them for years to come.

What Day is National Slurpee Day at 711?

National Slurpee Day is always on July 11 and there is also a day known as 7/11. Regardless of which day this falls on, you can go to 711 and get a free Slurpee.

because the store and the date both have the same name, because it’s easy to remember.

Does 711 Give Free Slurpees on July 11?

Unfortunately, it does not provide free Slurpees on July 11. This date would translate to 7/11, which is likely why they chose this date.

In the last few years Slurpee has offered a free drink to all customers in the store instead of getting everyone to come into the store at one time.

As a result, there was a big crowd in front of the museum.

This is a special promotion of You will have the chance to add up to 200 points every week.

However, the points can only be accumulated in the last week of the month.

There’s no good time to do that because your bonus is based on your monthly spend.

It’s like the people who called 7-11 “7-Eleven.” It’s not just the 711 chain, the first 7-Eleven store in America, just like the first 7-Eleven store in Japan is not a 711, because it’s in Japan.


In 2013, Starbucks started selling Slurpees. The drink was named after a word meaning “clear but undistilled water.” The drink is iced and has a vanilla or strawberry flavor. There are two sizes: a small Slurpee and a large Slurpee.

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