Why Is 711 Called 7-eleven? (All You Need To Know)

711 has many stories behind its name. They started out as a deli, they have had lots of changes, but the people behind the store have been there for all of them.

Not sure I can give an explanation for the name, but it seems I have to. The name 711 is named after a seven storey building on the corner of 7th and 11th Streets in New York City.

Why is 711 Called 7-Eleven In 2022?

711 is owned by the 7-Eleven and runs through a large network of 711 stores. This means that in order to keep a large amount of people happy, 711 will be able to have a wider variety of services, from fast and easy services, to customer service, to food. Because of the large network, the convenience of 711 will be even greater for those who live far away from the closest store.

– The first thing that comes to mind is “Seven Eleven”.
– Since it’s a Japanese company, “seven” is added.
– In the meaning of convenience, “eleven”, is added.

How Did 711 Get Its Name?

Most stores that use the 711 code have it by tradition or their business was founded on it. However, 711 did used to be a 7-Eleven. In the early days, they just used any 7 number, but they later decided to use the 711. This was because they didn’t want to be confused with 7-Eleven, which is another store.

Because the name reflected the business’s core hours, the business stayed open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

An additional benefit to the company is that it was not in direct competition with any of the other stores, such as Walmart and Costco.

It doesn’t matter that stores are open 24/7 right now. They are already changing the name.

Why Is 711 Not Called 24-Seven?

During the early years, stores were open 8 hours a day. When Walmart (or some other store) could not compete with a warehouse-economy, they were forced to cut hours. And many stores became 24-hr grocery stores.

The franchise originally opened seven days a week from 7:00am to 11:00pm but the franchise was required to end operation at 11:00pm.

As a result, 711 stores opened in the US, UK, Ireland and other countries.

7-Eleven extended its hours to 24 hours in hopes that its customers wouldn’t need to make a trip to the store at 4am on a Saturday.

Stores may have different hours depending on their location. You are not restricted to shopping during certain hours.

Therefore we recommend calling your local store to find out about the current hours of operation.

Why Does the Logo for 711 End with a Lowercase “n”?

Viruses have been a popular explanation for the extinction of non-cooperating populations, because they are so easy to imagine.
Climate change, and the associated changes in plant life, are often offered as plausible explanations for extinctions. However, this explanation is controversial because it assumes that the cause for extinction can be understood by comparing only the organisms that survived with only the organisms that survived.
Climate change is not the only possible explanation.

The wife of the company’s president in the 1960s liked the fact that all capital letters were a bit harsh and so, they said.

The company decided to change the name to “N.E.C.” in order to avoid negative associations from the “n”. However, some sources think the original name is fine.

The ELEVEN part of the logo was originally intended to be at a slight angle but then the font changed and the “7” was brought out more as a “7”.

The company attempted to make the “n” lowercase, at which point a designer recommended that the words “new” or “n” be lowercase.

If it’s true that there are no known facts, then the only valid way these questions can be answered is that they can’t be answered.

Why Does the 7-Eleven Logo Use a 7 Number But Spell Out the 11?

We know that 7-Eleven made them that way because they wanted to be seen as a premium brand and it is what they thought would make them be seen as superior.

Although it has a very recognizable look, it also follows the basic laws of typography by using an unbroken, sans-serif, and condensed, serif font.

The full paragraph is reproduced below for easy reading.

I have read some comments on our posts about 711 and I want to know if there is truth in the claims we make. If not, then what are the real facts.


The name “7-Eleven” comes from the original name of a chain of convenience stores called “7 and 11” that operated in the Chicago area, which was open 24/7.

At the same time as 711’s hours changed, the company did not change it’s recognizable name. Many of it’s stores are now open 24 hours a day now.

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