Does Lululemon Hem For Free? (What To Know!)

The inseam of your Wunder Under leggings you bought at a Black Friday Sale is too long. What now?

Lululemon offers complimentary hemming for all of its products before you jump on the regret train and rush to ask for a refund.

Does Lululemon Hem for Free?

Yes, Lululemon offers free hemming for new and used items. Also, you don’t have to submit tags or receipts. You can simply bring the item to the Educator and have them pin it. It will be ready for pick up in 3-7 days.

How does the process work?

No matter the purchase date, size or stock availability, you can hem any Lululemon authentic item. There are certain things you shouldn’t hem. We will discuss these as we continue to read this article.

How long does it take to hem Lululemon leggings?

Lululemon typically finishes hemming in 3 days, depending on how many items you have and what hours the shop is open. It can take up 7 days if you bring your clothes to a seasonal shop or showroom because of the nature of their business.

Lululemon’s seasonal and pop-up stores serve many purposes. These stores are often temporarily opened to promote holiday sales or test new markets.

Lulu’s showrooms are smaller versions of her usual shops. Ann Arbor News reports that they are open between 3-4 times per week and their focus is on building relationships within the community.

We recommend that you check with your local Lululemon shop to determine when you can collect your garments. The official online store locator may give you the number of your local Lulu shop.

Is there a Lululemon store that offers hemming services?

COVID-19 means that not all stores will offer hemming services. You should check with your Lululemon to confirm before you visit them.

What is the maximum number of items?

You can hem as many items as you like, but it all depends on where you are located. Some stores limit you to hem 3 items at a given time. Others allow you to hem 10 pieces of clothing.

What will Lululemon not Hem?

Many stores will gladly alter leggings to make them shorter. If you need more precise alterations, however, you can always contact your local shop.

Lululemon Hems with Matching Thread Colors

Lululemon stores have a reputation for hemming with matching thread colors. There are rare occasions when the local seamstress in-store or the tailor they outsource to was not up to standard. One user posted on Lululemon Reddit that her Feather Pink aligns returned with two pen stains.

Hemming Locations: Recommended Lululemon Sites

This Reddit thread is the closest user-reviewed listing. It features Lululemon customers sharing their hemming experiences with their location.

We recommend that you only visit locations with in-house tailoring stations, as most places reported excellent tailoring experiences. Lululemon trains and hires them, and has a higher quality control than outsourcing to local tailors.

Other Lululemon Hemming Tips

Lululemon’s hemming process is very simple. For a smooth experience, wash your clothes and dry them completely before you begin hemming. Your shoes can be brought along so that they match your length.

Don’t forget to tell anyone who might be interested in selling them the items if they have been altered.


Lululemon offers complementary hemming services at most of its stores. Some stores have pulled the service because of COVID-19 hygiene concerns. It is best to check with your local store.

They will hem your garments for no charge and they will be available for pick up within seven days.

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