Does Lululemon Fix Holes In Leggings? (Tips, Approved Swaps, Pilling)

Lululemon pants can be a great investment. These pants are as comfortable as they can be, but they’re not cheap.

These leggings should not develop holes at this price. Unfortunately, no amount can make pants invincible. What do you do when your Fast and Frees pants have a hole in them? You can’t throw them away.

Lululemon Leggings: Does it Fix the Holes?

Lululemon will replace or repair the seam at no cost. Lulu’s Quality Promise obligates them to fix any product problems caused by manufacturing defects or material failure. The Quality Promise does not cover damage caused by improper washing or wear and tear.

Continue reading to learn more about Lululemon’s Quality Promise and Lululemon.

What is Lululemon’s Quality Promise and how does it work?

Lululemon’s Quality Promise policy is used by educators to determine if gear is eligible for repairs or exchanges. This policy covers everything related to product performance and manufacturing defects.

The Quality Promise guideline is more a general philosophy than a strict checklist. Most educators will gladly exchange or refund a torn legging, as the athleisure brand is known for its excellent customer service.

Lululemon became more stringent after customers started to abuse the company’s generous exchange policy. People would request a full refund for Aligns 5 years old purchased from Poshmark.

Lululemon fixes clothes based on some general principles.

– The defect must be caused by problems with the material

– The item must be purchased within a reasonable amount of time (usually one year).

– Wear and tear must not cause the hole

The Quality Promise is still upheld, however, on a case by case basis. Some educators might make exceptions based on the facts and to fulfill their goal of “surprise, delight” customers. To try your luck, just be truthful and bring your torn leggings to any Lululemon shop.

Check out the Approved Repairs & Exchanges

Lululemon’s Quality Promise states that it will replace items with flaws in fabric or other materials if they are not used within their practical lifetime. Lulu has not defined “practical lifetime”, but this generally means that the garment should have been purchased no later than one year ago. However, it all depends on your particular situation.

These are just a few examples of situations where teachers will allow a refund or swap.

– Holes at seams

– Broken zippers

– Broken belt loops

– Pocket holes

– See-through pants

– Aligns leggings that are pilling in the inner thigh

– Any other quality problems resulting from manufacturing

– Wash leggings in cold water and dry them.

Garment was purchased within a reasonable amount of time (usually 1-year).

List of unapproved repairs and swaps

Lululemon’s official site states that the Quality Promise does NOT cover usage beyond its practical life. Each educator will determine what constitutes a product’s practical life expectancy, but generally it is one year.

These are the situations where teachers will not approve of an exchange

– Leggings that have been improperly cleaned and dried can cause a pillaring problem

Holes are resistant to regular wear and tear

– Brand new, with no defects

– Holes that are caused by sharp claws or other external objects

Thrift stores have extremely worn clothes

Clothes in the “Just New” section

– Fake Lululemon products

– Leggings can be washed regularly with fabric softener

– Preventing abrasive clothing from destroying your garments

How to Request an Exchange

All you have to do to meet the criteria is to bring your gear to your local Lululemon shop and tell them about your situation. Although you don’t need to have a receipt, it will make the exchange process easier.

The educator will ask these questions during the course of the lesson:

– How did the hole form?

How do you wash the leggings?

– Do your clothes get tumble dried or air dried?

– How many years have they been with you?

Answer all questions honestly and the educator will let you know if your item qualifies for an exchange.

Does Lululemon Replace Pilling Leggings

Lululemon will replace Align leggings with pilling in the inner thigh, rather than leggings with all-over pilling. Align leggings are made from soft, breathable fabric which gives them their weightless sensation.

When worn for their intended purpose, light yoga, pilates and stretching, they will naturally begin to pill at the inner thigh.

Lululemon used to swap items that were pilling for free, but customers started asking for ridiculous exchange requests.

Don’t worry, just bring your clothes to an educator. They will take care of the rest. Lululemon is well-known for its dedication to its customers, even if it means forgoing the Quality Promise guidelines.

How to Care For Your Lululemon Leggings

Lululemon Wunder Unders can be expensive. You don’t want your pants ripping. Lululemon clothing can be taken care of properly to avoid embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.

You should machine wash pants made from similar fabrics together. Avoid using abrasive fabrics as it can cause tears. Visit Lulu’s care instructions page for more details.

The pants should be worn for the intended purpose. Align leggings can be worn for gentle yoga, while Wunder Unders can be used for intense exercises.


Lululemon will repair any holes that are found along seams. These tears are an indication that the garment’s fabric has been damaged and will be covered by Lululemon’s Quality Promise. Most educators won’t patch large holes made by sharp, external sources.

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