How To Tell If She Is A Cop? – Distinctive Characteristics Of Cops

Regardless of your reasons, this is just corny. Today, the states have launched wars against drugs, gambling, and sex. prostitution is the one menace that creates issues in many states. 

It has led to increased crimes: such as murders and many more. To reduce such, cops do conduct prostitution rings. 

They do pose as prostitutes. I know it’s quite hard to tell if the prostitute you’re patronizing is not an undercover cop.  

You may want to date one but are unsure of her job status. Dating a policewoman is quite hard, and many are not in for it. 

It takes a very secure and strong man to date a female cop and run around and brag about it. Here are some tips that’ll help you know if she’s a cop. 

How to tell if she is a cop?

The best way is to check the stereotype of the lady. However, it may not be as effective since stereotypes are created from fantasy and not reality. 

People are different with different fashion and style. Many believe that women cops tend to be manly, short-haired, and commanding, with gruff voices. 

Ways To Tell She’s A Cop: Dating

If you’re thinking of dating a policewoman, you should be considerate of her job challenges. They do walk into relationships with lots of emotional and physical issues. 

If you’re not an understanding person, the issues may make the relationship difficult for both parties. Here are some of the things that can help you identify a woman cop.

1. Authoritative 

Generally, cops are used to receiving and receiving orders. In addition to orders, the officers do not deal with non-compliance. 

Cops are used to telling people, “come over here,” “put your hands up and stuff.  They do carry this trait to their after-work life. 

If you hang out with her and notice this trait, do some background checks on her. However, be smart; cops are well trained and might find out what you are trying to do. 

2. Naturally Suspicious

We all have this trait. The cops are always overly suspicious and hyper-aware. However, please don’t blame them; it’s the nature of their jobs that makes them so.

Being overly suspicious works to their advantage. It’s what brings them home safe. This trait makes one a great officer.

The cops tend to carry the trait to everyday life. You will notice that she doesn’t trust everything you say. 

At the time, she may not be that comfortable with surprises. During training, police officers are told the world is a cruel and violent place.   

3. Strong Personality

The cops’ world is quite tricky; all those involved tend to pick up a strong personality. It’s the only option, to be a great one you must have a great personality too. 

Women make around 10% of law enforcement in the United States. Means men at work surround them. They are a minority at work and therefore tend to push for equality. 

The women officers try as hard to prove themselves as equals to their male counterparts. In the process, they develop strong personalities. 

4. They Are Fit

The female cops are always in great shape. They are so flexible and swift. To be a good cop, one has to be fit to stay in a fight in any case. Through training, they are trained on endurance and are encouraged to push themselves. 

5. She Has an Unpredictable Mood

This is because of the nature of their job, such as demanding bosses to criminals. The cops have mastered the art of playing along with any situation. 

You cannot tell whether they are happy or sad. Therefore many female cops are unpredictable and have better senses than most people. 

In addition, they do face a lot of pressure from the agencies. They are expected to deliver, and if they fail, the state pushes them. 

Men do not keep grudges; therefore easily handle the pressure and abuses from the state. However, the females do take things at heart and maybe moody after work for quite some time.

6. Tend to be informed

They keep up with what is going on currently. They know the newest technologies, police news, and case laws. Always be keen on this when conversing. 

They also know about new changes in society and study crime. The good thing about cops is they enjoy sharing such information with others.

Ways To Tell She’s A Cop: Prostitution And Crime

Life is great with fun. With increased poverty, prostitution has increased. The bad thing is most females who do prostitution in the United States do it unwillingly. 

Some are illegal migrants who have been forced into prostitution by their bosses. The gangs do control prostitution too, and many involved in prostitution are gang members. 

In a bid to reduce prostitution, the states, in collaboration with cops, are trying to kill this vice. In many instances, people end up in jail unknowingly. 

They pick up cops who have painted themselves as prostitutes. In just a few, they find themselves behind bars. Here are some clues that your would-be prostitute is a police officer. 

1. Looks too good

It’s a great thing that men love good and attractive-looking women. To attract as many men as possible, the officers dress to kill. For real, using the unattractive decoy won’t work as effectively. 

2. She’s in a rush

The working girls are after money. They will be patient and converse with you as long as they can. That’s if they know it’ll give them extra bucks. 

They think and bargain for better prices. However, the decoys do act quite differently. Their target is to arrest as many people as possible that night. Therefore, they find it hard to maintain a conversation for more than one minute.

3. Rejects Drugs

Most prostitutes indulge in drugs offered by clients. However, if the person you’re trying to woe out doesn’t accept whatever mild drug you are offering, be wary.

There is a huge chance she might be a cop. The bad thing is you will have just showed drugs to a police officer. You may not be able to talk yourself out of that.

4. Doesn’t Get Naked 

If a prostitute knows it’ll lead to a sale, she won’t hesitate. That’s part of their job. If you meet one that can strip or take nude pictures, be warned. They value ethics and are not after money. It’s you they want to trap.

How To Spot An Undercover Cop

Identifying an undercover cop is not difficult. However, there are certain pieces of stuff you should note. 

Undercover cops tend to have defined characteristics. They are mostly short, with neatly groomed military hairstyles. 

They tend to wear baggy trousers with a lot of pockets. The undercover cops are friendly at the first meet-up. It’s because they want to win your trust and get information to complete their cases.

1. Identify Unmarked Police Car

The Unmarked police cars are always fitted with the special municipal number plate. The number plates are not similar to the normal ones. 

The municipal ones have short strings of numbers. This makes them unique and easily recognizable at first glance. 

In some states, the plates have “MU” letters at the end. Others have names of the local police department. 

Precisely check out the roof of the car for any extra fitted antennas.  A normal car has one to two antennas. 

The police cars tend to have five or more antennas. You know they have to be in constant communication with the police headquarters.  

Most police cars have bumpers regardless of their size and model. It makes it easier for them to push other vehicles out of the road in times of arrest. 

Generally, most civilian cars with push bumper tend to be larger models such as pickup trucks, jeep, etc.

2. Check out their clothing

The officers tend to be so clean and neat. They have predictable hairstyles: the military-style with clean side parts. 

Most departments do insist that their officers be clean and adhere to grooming standards. However, the undercover officers keep facial hair to hide their identities. 

They tend to wear oversized jackets. They hide their tools and pieces of equipment without attracting much attention. Look for anyone wearing cargo pocket pants. 

The pockets act as police wardrobes; they carry tasers, guns, torches, and many more. When it comes to shoes, they mostly wear hiking style or military boots. They love quality, durable and heavy types because of the time they spend on foot.


The article gives some of the factors to be considered when identifying a cop. The reasons behind such identifications are quite personal and different.

Hoping yours is a good one, and don’t get yourself into any troubles. However, the ideas given in the article are all-around. You can use them in identifying both male and female cops. 

The cops tend to have unique styles of dressing and characters. Take note of certain characteristics and do deeper background checks. It’ll help you confirm your claims. 

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