How To Switch From Verizon To Xfinity Mobile? (step-by-step + Other Faqs)

I think I want to switch from Verizon to Xfinity Mobile because I want to save money and to get something that fits with my needs so that I can save money.

Well, if you were already signed up with Verizon or if you were a Verizon customer, switching to Xfinity Mobile will be very easy because you will not have to do anything new. In fact, you may keep using your phone, tablet, or modem without having to do anything at all.

How To Switch From Verizon To Xfinity Mobile In 2022?

It is the same process of switching from Verizon to Xfinity Mobile for Xfinity Internet. If you would like to use your own devices you need to make sure that you are compatible with Xfinity Mobile. Also you will need to make sure your device can be used on Xfinity Mobile.

Would you like to know more about switching from Verizon to Xfinity Mobile or are you just looking for a price comparison? If so, keep reading below for more information.

The best way to get online is to call Comcast for an appointment and get your modem installation. We’ll help you set up your network. If you use a phone connection, you can use a device like a dial-up modem or a DSL modem to get online.

You will first need to sign up for a Comcast Internet subscription and then switch over to Comcast Xfinity Mobile. This is because Comcast Xfinity Mobile is only available for Xfinity and Comcast cable customers.

additionally, xfinity mobile is an mvno, which means it doesnt have it’s own network and relies on the verizon network to use unless you’re on a comcast hotspot.

It is important that you know that your devices are eligible for this app.

To use a device with Xfinity Mobile, you must use the Device Compatibility Checker Tool so that you can ensure your device will work with Xfinity.

iphones are not unlocked by default, so make sure you follow their instructions in the link for unlocking your iphone.

To use your phone on another network, your phone will need to be unlocked it happens automatically on the 60th day. You also need to pay your bill.

In order to check whether your phone is unlocked, call Verizon and ask them to check. If your phone is indeed unlocked, then great. If you find out that your phone isn’t unlocked, then you should contact Verizon immediately to make sure that your phone is unlocked.

The best time to run a billing cycle is when the most billing is happening. This is when your team is using the most money, the least amount of money is going to your bills. This is when you are the most likely to get a return on your billing.

When your team is working on new modules, your billable hours will be higher. At the same time, your billable hours may be lower when your team is actively working on bug fixes or adding new features.

The best time to switch is right after the last day of your billing cycle. If you switch any earlier, you’ll pay a fee.

You can pay to get out of your contract early, but the company can raise that fee to recoup the money it lost on the fee itself.

You also want to check to see if you’ll have to pay an Early Termination fee with Verizon, which would happen if you’re under a contract because then you’ll probably need to wait to get a new phone.

The fees are pretty high at $350, no matter how much you pay at the time you sign the contract.

Use your computer as a router by changing these settings appropriately.

You can also choose which data plan to use, and whether you want to get text or data only.
The rest of the options are pretty self-explanatory.

The SIM card activation process is pretty easy, just take it out of the box, slide in the SIM card, and turn it on by pressing the green button.

Select the plan that best fits your needs.

If you select the free unlimited talk and text plan it will be cheaper than other options.

If you choose to start with phone service, you can just look at the phone plans that come with your package and not have to worry about paying additional fees on top of that.

After you’re done with the setup, you can activate your SIM card. Make sure you activate the SIM card you’re using. Activate the SIM card in Settings > SIM/SD card > Activate SIM/SD card. You can use the following guide to activate your SIM card.

All you need to do is activate your SIM card and get your phone in working order. It should take about 10 minutes to setup your phone.

  If you’re keeping your number and keeping the same porting provider, just make sure to keep all of your information handy, including your phone number.

Is It Worth Switching From Verizon to Xfinity Mobile?

If you’re looking to see if it’s worth switching to Xfinity Mobile, it depends on if you’re looking for savings, and if you already have Comcast Internet.

What Comcast has been doing with Xfinity is if you take out traditional landline service it becomes easier to add Xfinity Mobile or internet service.

If you haven’t already got any of your Comcast services set up, then you’re going to be paying yet more money to set up everything you need.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Xfinity Mobile?

All plans include unlimited talk, text and data
Wi-Fi calling and hotspot

There are many great value plans available, so I suggest taking a look and maybe signing up.

Limited data per month.
Limited minutes per month.
Limited number of devices that can be used.
Limited number of SIMs per device.

If you need help switching your service from one company to another, you can use our tools to determine which company your current phone number is registered with and how to transfer your number to the new carrier.


Xfinity Mobile is an exclusive plan for Comcast Internet subscribers, so you’ll have to sign up for Comcast before switching from Verizon.

You will need to purchase a SIM card separately and will have to set up your service. It’s a hassle, but it’s doable.

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