Does Costco Hire Felons? (must Read Before Applying)

The big box store looks for people for all kinds of jobs. Those eager to work at Costco should make their way to the nearest Costco to apply for a position.

Some people have been asking why Costco would hire people with criminal records. When I was thinking about this question I couldn’t find any good answers. I came across an article that helped me understand why Costco hires people with criminal records and it’s because of their low-paid jobs. A low paying job is a good way to get a job.

​​Does Costco Hire Felons In 2022?

If you apply for a job and mention a felony on your record, it’s best to be honest and explain your situation. You can also mention any other jobs that you might be able to work for or find that will not cause any issues with other employers.

To learn more about how to increase your chances of getting hired at Costco, what jobs you should apply for, and much more, keep reading! I have looked into everything you need to know.

If You Have a Felony, Will Costco Hire You?

Costco will hire you even if you have a history of domestic violence.

However, this doesn’t mean Costco employs people with convictions for crimes like drunk driving. They have a written policy and they screen each individual before employment.

Costco’s number one priority is to make sure that none of its employees are injured, and that its customers are safe.

However, if the employer has to conduct an investigation in this context, you have little choice but to make yourself available for police questioning, which may reveal your history.
But, even your felony convictions may be of less importance than your honesty and integrity.

What Costco Jobs Allow You to Have a Felony?

People who have been in jail or in probation, parole, or rehab should use a conviction for a minor crime or drug possession as proof of their character, or they will not be hired.

A felony conviction will make it difficult to get a security clearance, get a position, or get a promotion at a company.

In most countries, the employees are not responsible for the prices of the products. However, a manager has the authority to set the prices and also control the employees, who are his/her subordinates.

In terms of the kind of position you can get, though, Costco will more often than not go for someone with a higher level of education. For example, a degree from an Ivy League school can get you the kind of jobs that pay between $70,000 and $80,000 a year at Costco, and the company is eager to hire smart, educated workers.

How Can You Increase Your Chances of Being Hired at Costco?

Be organized and maintain a neat and tidy appearance.
Make sure your resume and cover letters are tailored to the job.
Learn about how the store runs and how the employees interact with customers.

Do You Have to Tell Costco About Your Felony?

Yes, you do have to tell a potential employer how you got the felony. The employer has a right to know this even if you think they won’t really care.

Since the incident, I realized that we are all born in a certain place and situation and we have to take whatever we have as it comes.

In addition, your conviction will be the best proof you can provide to prove that you’re stable and that you’ve done the best you can.

As a prospective new Costco employee, remember to be honest throughout the entire process, especially at the start. This will give you a head start on the job and help you to stand apart from the rest of the pack.

In addition, when you submit your resume on our careers page, you can include a link to your resume on LinkedIn.
Don’t forget to include a link to your LinkedIn profile in your resume.

There’s a ton of work out there that’s not really work but just people with money. You don’t want to just take random people on as clients, if you can help it.

Does Costco Drug Test?

I also want to mention that there are many cases where a person gets convicted of a felony, but that conviction is then expunged.

Also, you should expect to take a drug test prior to accepting a job offer, so don’t take a risk at Costco, just don’t accept their job offer.

Does Costco Conduct Background Checks?  

Costco conducts background checks on every person that applies for a position.
We don’t know what the results of the background check are.
They use a third party to conduct background checks.

Costco’s background checks take atleast 3 days and not always a week. This is not only for a person, but also for businesses and landlords. Costco is looking for good quality employees not just a bunch of minimum wage workers.

You need to be honest with your real estate agent and it’s best to be honest about your previous arrest.

What Do Costco Background Checks Review?

Costco has extensive background checks for not only those applying to be an employee but anyone who shops in the physical location.

___________ (your name), if you have a criminal history, it will not only affect your immigration status, but it will also affect your criminal history.

Does Costco Promote From Within?

Costco regularly promotes employees from within the company, as well as outside employees. They offer rewards including cash, company stock, discounts, and other incentives in order to motivate and reward workers and improve their service.

Costco offers many opportunities for employees to learn within the company and to grow. A good percentage of its workers start at the entry level and become higher-ranking employees in the company.

This means you can get a job at Costco and get promoted to a job where you can make more money.

Do People Like Working at Costco?

Costco has become a well-known store with a good reputation. In addition, it seems like workers have a good relationship with customers. However, Costco is a big company with a lot of employees, so this can affect the relationship between employees and customers.

And Costco employees work an average of nine years. That shows they have been loyal and satisfied.

Also, don’t forget to read our in-depth costco reviews and learn more about Costco and its different membership options.


If you have been convicted of a felony, you can still apply to work at Costco. Entry-level positions like cashier, deli assistant, and stocker are the best roles to apply for.

But, you should be prepared to work as a janitor, but also as a marketing director, an assistant to the CEO, and as a dog nanny.

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