How Long Does Amazon Take To Respond To Job Applications? (+ Other Faqs)

Amazon created more than 20,000 jobs in the US but this increase is still very, very small when it comes to how many retail jobs are being created in the country. Amazon’s new headquarters, which is set to take place in the Seattle area, will create only about 3,000 new jobs.

If you are wondering if you will get an answer within a certain time frame, the answer is yes. Amazon takes it’s time deciding on someone, so please be patient!

How Long Does Amazon Take to Respond to Job Applications In 2022?

If the applicant asks for any necessary information or clarifications regarding the offer, you will receive an email response in 2 business days. The location may not be able to start hiring quickly, depending on the urgency of the hiring or the company’s hiring timeline.

The hiring process at Amazon is a lot faster than many other companies, so let’s see how that process works. We will not only look at what Amazon gets out of this, but also how they find out if you were hired.

How Long Is the Amazon Application Process?

The entire hiring process for a single position is usually somewhere between a week and a few months.

To fill a job quickly, the hiring team needs to have a clear vision of what they’re looking for, and a timeline when they need the position filled.

When applying for a job, you create an account at and can use that account to monitor your progress in the application process.

You can check your status by using the Check Application Status command from the Manage the application status.

Mentor Cruise also notes that, in the hiring process, applications are initially submitted. The applicant pool is reviewed, and those deemed not to be a fit are eliminated from consideration. The remaining applicants undergo a more intensive review, which allows a smaller pool to be narrowed down. After the final phases of the review, the number of applicants is reduced.

Even though your application has been rejected, you do have the ability to edit your application to improve it and re-submit it. To do so, click on the link to your application, choose Edit next to the position you applied for, and make the changes you must. You can also do this at any time until May 23.

In general, applicants that have a status of Under consideration, have not been immediately rejected. This is good because it means that the company is evaluating your application materials more closely.

If you write a nice, complimentary comment on their site, they’ll either return the favor or let you know who they are.

You could also receive a job offer from an Amazon recruiter before you even get a chance to go to the site.

If you hear from a hiring manager it’s because they are trying to recruit you.

You’ll then choose what shift you want to work and consent to them running a background check on you (more on that further down).
They’ll send you an email to let you know you’re cleared.

It is important that you schedule this appointment to make sure that you have your doctor’s approval. You may also want to make sure you have enough money on hand to pay for your testing.

If everything goes well, you’ll be working with Amazon.

Does Amazon Respond to All Job Applicants?

When an employer has a huge workload, they may not always have enough time to respond to every application they receive, as such, they might not always get back to the applicant.

When Amazon starts hiring, only people who are applying will hear from the hiring team, usually in an email.

The application will be monitored to see if it meets the minimum requirements and if the person is still eligible to apply.

This is a process that has three stages: Application submitted, Under consideration, and No longer under consideration.

Instead of receiving a call or email, if your application has been rejected, your application status will change to No longer under consideration.

The company said it was adding information about hourly workers to its website to make it easier for those looking to work there to find out what it’s like to work at the company.

This writer at Medium was told to come in with documents, and then was brought into a warehouse in Washington D.C. and left there for a week.

Is It Hard to Get Hired at Amazon?

It takes a lot of work to be hired at Amazon. But you have to really want to be there.

An example of the application process is a written exam.

Or, they may ask some of the people you’re working with to critique your work.

Some people may have to reapply for a visa, but others may not, depending on the circumstances.

Does Amazon Do Background Checks?

Amazon does extensive background checks on every single one of their prospective employees, back to seven years previous to hire date.

This is called an identity verification check. It is required by nearly every merchant who wants to accept credit cards from you. In this form, you give your consent for the company to search public records to find out if you have a record of fraud.

However, if you have an arrest record or a misdemeanor conviction on your record, it’s best to hide your prior arrests or misdemeanors. There are a lot of job applications that will check the state of your background and you don’t want them to find out about any of your misdemeanors, arrests, or felony convictions.

What? Are you kidding? If the company knows you have a felony conviction, you will be fired or the company will be taken to court by the Department of Justice.

When quoting directly from the Amazon policy, we suggest you paraphrase the relevant sections for clarity.

Does Amazon Drug Test?

It is best to apply for a position and assume you will drug test, versus not applying and not expecting to drug test.
I think most of the time, the employer won’t drug test you. So, it is reasonable to assume that even if you are not hired, they probably won’t drug test you.

However, the company is still working on developing a new blood test for cannabis use (not necessarily marijuana use), which will be available to all federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to detect THC impairment in commercial drivers.

The drug testing actually takes place after an offer of employment has been made, and if you fail, well, you can count on your offer vanishing

When a business is hiring it is not uncommon for them to have a question about your criminal record. If your criminal history is clean, it might be a good idea to prepare a letter in advance, explaining what has happened and why you’re not worried about getting a criminal record (see the letter below).

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Amazon is more likely to tell hiring managers why you weren’t hired and why within 5 business days of when you applied.

Applicants should write back to us within five days after the decision is made if they find out they were under consideration or if they find out the application was rejected.

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