How Can I Lower My Verizon Bill? (12 Ways To Save)

If you’re trying to lower your mobile phone bill, while ensuring you can still keep in touch with your friends, family and co-workers, you may need to take a look at some of the tips on how to lower your Verizon bill.

It’s true, this post will help you save money on your Verizon bill if you follow the tips that were outlined in this article.

How Can I Lower My Verizon Bill In 2022?

Verizons wireless service costs are not cheap. The company is not as cheap as most wireless carriers as it is well known for being a large company. Many people have the misconception that Verizon is a small company, and they are wrong. They are the third largest wireless carrier, which is behind both AT&T and T-Mobile.

Are you ready to pay less for your phone bill? Continue reading to see the top ways your phone bill can be lowered today!

1. Go Through Verizon for Insurance

So it would be cheaper to go through Verizon for the insurance for your mobile phone, but it would just be a big pain to do that.

Verizon offers the same amount of coverage but it can be cheaper than the insurance that Asurion provides so it is a good deal if you are looking for a cheap premium.

2. Ask for Bundled Insurance Coverage

Insurance for cell phones is expensive: if you have multiple phones and ask if you’d qualify for any bundled insurance coverage, the bill will lower.

If you pay $40 per month for insurance on each phone for a total of $160 for 4 lines, then ask Verizon customer service about the “4 line discount” or “4 line bundle discount” or “4 line bundle deal”.

3. Ask Verizon About Discounts for Your Job or Employer

There are many different ways to lower your cell phone bill, and one easy way is to ask your Verizon representative about the discounts they offer on a specific account.

You also have to be a member of the company’s employee discounts program but you should check to see if there’s a discount program for that.

You should call your Verizon phone company to see if they have any specials going on with your phone contract, and if you want, you can ask that they decrease your phone company monthly bill with their phone company’s discount!

4. Sign up for Automatic Payments

A quick tip: If you want to use autopay, you will need to give some information regarding your account, such as your password and payment method. You can get more info at My Verizon.

5. Downgrade Your Plan

Lowering your plan is also a way you to cut your monthly bill. It’s common for people to downgrade their plan but be careful with it. Keep your plan and pay for it as usual because if you change your plan too frequently it could mess with your bill.

You should also know about the rates and other factors, such as currency exchange.

While these calls are free with Unlimited Plans, they could cost you a monthly subscription fee.

6. Call Verizon to Ask About Special Promotions

If you’ve been with Verizon for awhile, you’ve probably ran through most of their current promotions.

You should definitely consider lowering your rate plan if you are not satisfied with it. In the end, the best way to lower your bill is by switching to the best plan.

You are a new subscriber with no previous experience. Start out with a plan that will give you all the minutes and data you need. You can always upgrade to a better plan later.

7. Don’t Upgrade as Often

Typically, when you upgrade your phone, you’ll still have to pay monthly on the new phone. Unless you buy it outright, then you won’t have to.

There are a few charges to be made if you want to upgrade, but it’s not exactly free.

No matter how much you have liked some of your recent phone choices, we don’t want to get stuck with a phone that you can’t get a replacement for when you have to upgrade. Plus, you could possibly score an even better deal if you wait.

8. Visit an Authorized Retailer Instead of Calling Customer Service

You could lower your Verizon bill by not calling the customer service department. Instead, you could go to an authorized retail location and talk about your account and how to lower your bill.

If you do not qualify for a particular credit card, you will often be given the option for another that better fits your needs. A good customer service representative will be able to assist you in finding the right card. They also won’t try to sell you an additional product.

The store locator will tell you where the nearest authorized retailer is. You can call to talk to a rep that will be able to give you more information. It’s worth the effort so you can speak to them about prices.

9. Cancel Unused or Unneeded Verizon Services

You signed up for the Verizon Smart Family service when you got the original Droid smartphone. Since then it hasn’t really been used so this is a good time to cancel it.

And a lot of people are getting new phones, because their contract is ending.

Even if it is only $5 or $10, there is still a great deal of overhead and management involved when you are running multiple services like this, and it can easily add up.

Therefore, if you have Smart Family, Home Protect, Verizon Cloud, Tech Coach, or other add-ons on your account, then get them off your account.

10. Look for Errors on Your Bill

One example is a payment gateway service that doesn’t have any control over the user’s credit card.

 However, these errors can have a significant impact on your Verizon bill.

In the real world for example, charging errors might be:

Accidental duplications
Canceled service requests
Services not provided

So be wary of them, but you can generally use them like any other error.

Checking your bill can be a regular process, so you need to check your bill monthly to ensure that you are not being charged for items that were not used or for items that were not delivered.

11. Switch to a Family Plan

Verizion will be able to lower your bill by the fact that you are in a family plan, but you will get better perks which are not that many.

12. Downgrade Hotspot Plan

If you have a cell phone plan that gives you more data on your Hotspot than you use, you probably don’t get it. I have a $70/month “Hotspot-only” plan and I use it about 30 minutes per day. If I got charged $150/month for the same plan, I could see myself using it a lot more.

However, if you use your Hotspot as your main access point throughout the day, think about upgrading the plan to get better value from your Hotspot.

Although Verizon doesn’t prorate the final bill, Verizon does offer prepaid plans and also offers cable TV to its customers.


In order to reduce your Verizon bill you can check to see if you’re being wrongfully billed, this will happen the most if you’ve recently canceled a service.

Instead of calling the number back, you can talk to an authorized representative by clicking “Talk to a Customer Service Representative.” This will help you speak to a representative quickly and efficiently without spending more money.

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