Five Ways to Style a Kimono

When we think about the most ideal piece of clothing, we probably first think of it being comfortable. Nobody enjoys feeling miserable in what they are wearing. Over the years, the fashion industry has taken initiative to make cute and trendy clothes comfortable to wear instead of making clothing and garments that make you feel like you can’t breathe. When you think of the most ideal piece of clothing, you might also think about it being versatile. It’s nice to buy something that you will wear again, and even better if you can wear it many times over instead of wearing it once and letting it go stale in your closet.

If you are looking for something that is comfortable and versatile, then a kimono is the perfect option for you. A Kimono is a lightweight article of clothing that is open in the front and ideal for layering. Originally designed by the Japanese, it was made with the intention to not be worn as a fitted piece of clothing, but to have oversize sleeves and fit loosely.

This idea has made its way to western culture where kimonos have taken the fashion industry by storm for being the ideal piece of clothing. The lightweight and loose fitting material matched with its versatility has made wearing a kimono with style a piece of cake. There are several ways you can style your kimono and wear it year round.

Jeans and Tank Top

What’s easier than jeans and a tank top? This outfit can be an easy choice for the warmer months of the year. However, sometimes you just need something to spice it up. Adding a kimono to your jeans and tank top duo is the perfect way to take a basic look to the next level. You can match this outfit with a pair of sandals to complete the summer look you were going for.

Bathing Suit

There’s nothing more perfect than a relaxing day at the beach. Sunshine and sand in between your toes is just a little glimpse of paradise. A kimono is a great option as a coverup for those days at the beach or at the pool where you want to just easily throw something on.

Wearing shorts and tshirt can be annoying, especially if you are covered in sunscreen and sand. A kimono is lightweight and fits loosely, making it simple to take on and off as you go to and from the beach.

With A Belt

Wearing a belt with a kimono might not have been your first thought, but it is a way to change up the look. Maybe you typically wear your kimono with jeans and a top and just let it hang open in the front. You can change the look of your kimono by just adding a belt.

By adding a belt, you can change the structure of the kimono to make it more fitted around the waist while still looking flowy around the arms and legs. This can make it look like a completely different top, giving you more ways to wear your kimono without overdoing it. You can finish the look with some heels and jeans or leather pants. 

Linen Pants

Sometimes you just want to get out of those jeans. You don’t have to wear a kimono with just jeans or jean shorts. Sometimes, you just want to go comfy through and through. For the laid back look, you can rock a kimono with some linen pants or even leggings for a casual night with friends or around the fire.

Since kimonos are so versatile, you can dress them up for a night out, or you can dress down for a night in watching a movie or relaxing around the house. Since they are made with soft fabric that is loose fitting, you can feel free while also looking your best, even for a night in.

Shorts And A Tshirt

Even on the hottest days, you can still layer with a kimono. A kimono works perfectly with your favorite pair of shorts and a cute blouse or crop top. It adds texture and layers while still giving you room to breathe on those hot summer days. You can add some summer heels or sandals for a cute, casual summer day.

Level Up With a Kimono

A kimono can take your most basic look and elevate it to the next level. You can get a kimono in one color or a kimono with many bold colors and funky patterns to show some of your wild side. Depending on what you are wearing, you can get long or short kimonos to spice up your outfit. You can rock a kimono with jeans or shorts and bring your most basic look back to life. You can also use a kimono as a cute coverup for your beach days.

The lightweight material will keep you cool while also keeping you covered. You can switch up the look of your kimono by changing the shape of it with a belt. This is a great look for dinner out or a cookout at your friend’s house. With all of the styles you can rock with a kimono, you can’t go wrong with having one in your wardrobe.

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