Doordash Pickup (Complete Guide To Order & Use It Easily)

Platforms such as Uber Eats and DoorDash have added a feature called “order pickup” to meet the growing demand for food delivery services.

Many ventures, from local restaurants to national chains have teamed up to offer pickup options to their customers through DoorDash.

What is DoorDash Pickup? Continue reading to find out more about the feature, its benefits and what it costs.

DoorDash Pickup

DoorDash Pickup, DoorDash’s latest product, allows customers to place orders ahead of time, skip the line, and pick up their order quickly with no additional fees. Pickup allows you to order from any of the many DoorDash restaurants across the country without paying extra delivery fees.

This new feature can be relied upon to satisfy your cravings for a quick snack, a latte before you leave work, or dinner.

How do I pick up my order on DoorDash

It’s easy to place an order for DoorDash Pickup via the app, just like placing an order online for delivery. DoorDash will notify you when it’s time to visit the restaurant and pick up your food by notifying you.

Check to see if the restaurant offers pickup service before you place your order. Some merchants on DoorDash do not allow pickup orders.

These instructions will guide you through placing a pickup order using the DoorDash app.

  • Download the DoorDash App on Google Play or App Store
  • Navigate to your account in the app
  • Click the “pickup” button at the top of your screen to browse the list of local restaurants.
  • For your to-go order, please contact us
  • Look out for notifications from the app by activating the customer tracking feature
  • The app will notify you when your food is nearly ready so that you can start going to the restaurant.

DoorDash allows customers to share their location with restaurants even while the app’s running. Restaurants are notified when customers arrive and their orders are ready for pick-up. Pickup allows you to avoid long lines while the restaurant prepares your takeout order.

Why does DoorDash have Pickup?

DoorDash developed Pickup with their customers in mind. DoorDash wanted to offer a way for customers to pick up food at a convenience store rather than having it delivered to their homes.

Pickup allows customers to avoid waiting in long lines while restaurants prepare their orders.

They also save money because they don’t have to tip or pay Dasher.

You can also avoid having to have a driver deliver your order.

Traffic jams, Dashers leaving your house, Dashers misplacing some restaurant items, and food handling are just a few examples of these inconveniences.

DoorDash charges for pick-up

DoorDash pickups are free. Customers can save delivery fees by ordering to-go via the app. DashPass subscribers enjoy zero delivery fees and significantly lower service fees for qualifying orders.

This subscription allows you to order DoorDash Pickup at your favorite restaurants, without paying any fees.

Monthly DashPass subscriptions cost $9.99 This subscription is a smart move if you order takeout or delivery regularly. Start by signing up for a free trial and see if DashPass can help you save money.

Pickup can help you avoid delivery fees for orders below $12. You’ll also be exempt from additional fees during peak times.

You will see the total cost of your order on the checkout screen. This includes the subtotal, taxes, fees and tip.

DoorDash Pickup: When should you use it?

Customers use DoorDash Pickup to order from nearby restaurants or when they are out. You can save money by looking for discount codes that are usually sent via email.

Apply the discount codes to your order and you’ll enjoy huge discounts on prices as well as significant savings on shipping fees.

Subscribing for DashPass is another way to save on takeout orders DashPass subscribers get exclusive member discounts, promo codes, and other benefits.

You can also get discounts on pickup orders, and up to 15% off your order. Pickup is great for ordering breakfast at your local restaurant or grabbing a quick bite to eat outdoors.

DoorDash charges restaurants for pick-up

DoorDash does charge registered eateries for pickup. Although the service does not disclose its restaurant commission rates it charges anywhere from 10% to 25% of the order’s total. Pickup orders are exempt from delivery and therefore attract lower commission rates.

DoorDash’s website states that it is committed to helping local communities and local businesses. Although the company charges a commission, small businesses can use its resources and tools to help them decide if working with DoorDash makes sense.

Can You Tip DoorDash Pickup?

DoorDash Pickup allows you to tip the restaurant when you place an order. Although tipping is not a requirement, it is a great way to support local businesses and show gratitude for their services.

You can tip at the checkout if you wish. You can also edit your tip in the app after you have placed your order. After that, you can rate the food, the service and the experience at the restaurant.

DoorDash typically deducts the tip from your debit or credit card that was used to pay for your items.

All tips left by customers online go to the restaurant. You can also tip cash if you’re not able to.

Learn more about DoorDash These articles will help you find out when DoorDash opens and if DoorDash delivers to hotels.


Customers can now pick up their order faster thanks to DoorDash Pickup. This feature is easy to use and will save you time waiting in long lines at restaurants and paying delivery fees.

You get even more! It’s completely free! The restaurant will let you know when your order is nearly ready so you can come in and pick it up if you share your address with them.

To show appreciation, you can tip online or in cash.

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