Does Walmart Rent Floor Scrubbers? (full Guide)

While floor sanders are great for cleaning the floors in the home, it is actually a mistake to use them on hardwood flooring.
To remove stains from your wood flooring, you can use a solution of a few cups of water and dishwashing detergent.

Walmart rents out commercial grade and portable floor scrubbers. These scrubbers can be rented for a day, week, half month, quarter month, or full month. Rentals are done on a first come, first served basis. Rentals can be booked through the Walmart website or over the phone.

Does Walmart Rent Floor Scrubbers In 2022? 

Floor scrubbers are a great way to clean your floor in a few minutes, without the use of water. If you rent a floor scrubber, make sure it is safe for surfaces like carpets and tiled floors at the same time.

If you’ve always had an interest in the automotive industry, you can take a few months in college or an automotive hobbyist school to get a certification and get started in that career.

Alternative Places To Rent Floor Scrubbers? 

In case you’re thinking of cleaning a floor and you’re not willing to make a full purchase, you can rent a floor scrubber at Home Depot for around $3 a day.

Kwipped and Tennant and Karcher both offer steel brushes for hire. They can be rented from Menards for $10 for the first 4 hours, $50 for 8 hours, and $100 for 24 hours.

Herc Rentals is an alternative to the above floor cleaning tools that are sold in stores. They can be hired for cleaning floors or any other surface.

Does Walmart Sell Floor Scrubbers?

Additionally, many in-store floor scrubbers can be purchased with free replacement batteries. In-store shopping carts, trolleys, and portable vacuum cleaners also can be purchased with free replacement batteries. Rechargeable floor cleaners are popular in Walmart stores for their long battery life between charges.

The industry standard floor scrubber costs about three thousand dollars. However, most consumers can expect to pay less than $300 for a third party floor scrubber.

Walmart’s cleaning equipment is ideal for tackling the dirtiest and messiest floors, from cinder block to concrete to linoleum and from carpet to ceramic tile.

Are Floor Scrubbers From Walmart Good?

The Ewbank Ep170 All-In-One Floor Scrubber is a great purchase for a quick and effective cleaning solution. It’s easy to install, and removes dust, dirt, and debris from your floors. It contains a powerful, rotary brush that’s great for scrubbing, and a non-slip pad for easy cleaning around your furniture.

If you’re really looking for the best floor cleaning, this unit is your perfect partner. It’s small, light-weight and easy to use. Thanks to the powerful brush attachment, this is the perfect solution for cleaning all the surfaces of your home.

Why Doesn’t Walmart Rent Floor Scrubbers? 

For best results, use a floor scrubber before and after each application of a cleaning product. Keep in mind that the best time to scrub is before you make your first sweep, and the most important area to use the scrubber is on the floor itself.

Although some Walmart stores don’t rent a carpet cleaner, customers can still rent one from most of their stores nationwide.

You can ask yourself whether or not a carpet cleaner can be rented by these stores or if you will have to rent the carpet cleaner yourself.


One of the reasons for the ban is because Walmart can make more profit if the customers have to purchase their floor scrubbers from multiple stores. Another reason is that Walmart is trying to reduce its labor costs where floor scrubbers are concerned.

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