Does Walmart Rent Carpet Cleaners? What You Should Know About Walmart

Carpet cleaners rely on the use of a combination of clean solutions with powerful scrubbing brushes and vacuum suction. The carpet cleaners work by injecting a mix of clean solution and clean water deep into your carpet fibers.

The scrubbing brushes will agitate, scrub and then loosen the dirt and stain before the powerful vacuum suction lift the water and dirt away. This deep-cleaning method is highly effective and dependable, and that is why people use it quite often. Fortunately, it is possible to rent carpet cleaners today.

Does Walmart Rent Carpet Cleaners?

Yes, Walmart provides rug doctor carpet cleaner rental kiosks at designated places. 

What You Should Know About Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental Services

The following are essential information on renting Walmart carpet cleaners;

1. How Much Does it Cost to Rent Carpet Cleaners at Walmart?

Rental prices on carpet cleaners at Walmart can vary from $25 and $35 a day. Keep in mind that you may have to pay for additional cleaning accessories that may cost between $5 and $25 per accessory.

The price of carpet cleaner for a rental will also depend on the brand model and the rental period.

2. What Types of Carpet Cleaners Does Walmart Offers?

Walmart offers a wide range of carpet cleaners for rental, primarily through its numerous self-service kiosks. Many carpet cleaners are offered; these include; Mighty Pro, Wide Track, X3, pro deep, and lots of portable carpets cleaning machines. The type of carpet cleaner available for rental will depend on your location.

Keep in mind that Walmart does not rent steam cleaners for carpet cleaning. They don’t rent out cleaning tools designed for hard floors; you have to search for the hard floor cleaning tools elsewhere. You may want to get a quote from the customer representatives or the kiosks nearest to your location for more details.

The 24-hour rental cost for a Mighty pro carpet cleaner is approximately $30; the average cost of renting a Pro deep cleaner for the same period is $35. The Pro portable carpet cleaner is one of the cheapest to rent, costing around $25 a day. The Wide Track carpet cleaner will cost up to $30 per day, while the X3 carpet cleaner brand will cost up to $30 to rent a day.

3. The Terms for Rental

There are zero late fees for renting carpet cleaners at Walmart, but kiosk operators may charge an additional day rental fee if you fail to return the carpet cleaner by the due date and time.

The extra fee levied will continue per day until you return the carpet cleaner. If, for instance, you rented a Mighty Pro carpet cleaning machine and you didn’t return it after two days, you will pay $90 rental fees, which are broken down into $30 for the first day and $60 for the two days delayed return.

4. What About the Cleaning Solutions?

Carpet cleaners will require the use of cleaning solutions, and these will add to your total rental cost. There are branded cleaning solutions recommended for each carpet cleaner, and these may vary from $10 to $25 at Walmart. These cleaning solutions may include specialized needs like pet stains and pre-treatments.

While it is possible to use a cleaning solution from a different brand for a carpet cleaner, you may also create one for yourself. To achieve the best results, you should consider using only the solution recommended for a carpet cleaner.

Just like cleaning solutions, the available accessories for carpet cleaners will vary by location. Accessories may include an attachment for particular uses, such as upholstery cleaning and dry fans. The prices for accessory rental may range from $5 to $15, which is paid separately from the cleaning solution and the carpet cleaner rental.

Renting And Returning Carpet Cleaner, And Accessories

Renting and returning carpet cleaners at Walmart follows specific procedures that you must keep in mind, these include the following;

1. How to Rent a Carpet Cleaner at Walmart

The self-service kiosks for renting carpet cleaners, accessories, and cleaning solutions are available in different countries. Some are set right in front of Walmart and near the customer service desk. Keep in mind that no rental store is general at Walmart stores. You can use an online Walmart rental locator to search for the nearest kiosk.

The rental kiosk typically comes with a touch-screen feature where you can select the machine that you want. Once the device is selected, you will need to put your name, address ad phone number before swiping your credit or debit card to make payments. The Walmart MoneyCard can also be used in the payment for the carpet cleaner rental.

Swiping your card is the only way to unlock a kiosk and remove a carpet cleaning machine. It is also possible to reserve a carpet cleaner online if your local store allows such. All you need to do is enter your zip code into the rental locator and choose your desired store. If there is an online reservation feature available, you will see the “Reserve Now” button at the bottom of the store’s address.

The online reservation method will allow you to add a machine, solution, and accessory to your order and pay online when you need such orders. You can only reserve one machine plus solutions and accessories at a time. The system also disallows the reservation of a device on behalf of another person.

2. Returning a Carpet Cleaner

When returning a carpet cleaner, you need to input your information once again at the Touchscreen facility of the kiosk where you rented the machine. Before you return the carpet cleaner to Walmart, you must take some time to empty and clean the device and then let it dry out. Walmart does not impose penalties for returning a machine without cleaning it, but cleaning helps keep the carpet cleaner in good working conditions.

How Does The Carpet Cleaner Works?

The typical carpet cleaner from Walmart works with three essential components. Brush agitation, cleaning solution, and powerful suction. The do-it-yourself cleaning from Walmart carpet cleaning service is an affordable and accessible process for all budgets, households, and skill levels.

Whether you are constantly cleaning up spots and stains from the carpet or lifting heavy pet soils from the carpet, the use of a carpet cleaner is ten times more efficient than vacuuming your carpet alone.

1. What is the Deep-down Dirt or Ground-in Dirt?

Deep-down or ground-in dirt is not the dirt you see from your carpet when you vacuum; they include the almost invisible dirt such as dead skin cells, pollens, and food particles that are left behind after vacuuming the carpet.

It is believed that your carpet can hold up to 1 lb. of soil per square foot before it becomes noticeable to the naked eyes. Regular carpet washing will reduce wear by eliminating the fine debris and large particles that can scratch and dull your carpets. Without the removal of ground-in dirt, your carpet will suffer rapid wear and tear.

You can save money and time by doing this carpet cleaning yourself, and you will successfully protect that carpet investment in your home. Your carpets will keep looking newer and last longer when you remove the ground-in dirt.

2. 50% of Dirt of Non-visible Dirt are Left After Cleaning

On the carpet side, only the visible portion of stains are removed after vacuuming, and there are roughly 50% of stains left after the manual cleaning, with the top 50% of carpet fiber at the top looking cleaner. Deep-cleaning your carpets with a cleaning machine with a scrubbing brush and appropriate solution will remove the deep-down dirt and grit.

The deep-down cleaning will also eliminate microbial growth deep down your carpet fiber. Microbial spores are released into the air when items are dragged over your carpet and such can lead to certain respiratory illnesses and allergies. By regular deep-through cleaning with a carpet cleaner, the solution works deep down the carpet fiber to destroy microbial growth, thus eliminating the risks of respiratory infections.

You will notice your carpet looking brighter and more radiant after cleaning with a carpet cleaner. Your carpet will also last longer with regular deep cleaning as the fibers regain strength.


The Walmart carpet cleaner rental service is one of the numerous rental services offered by the retail store. There are several other items you can also rent at affordable price. If you can afford to purchase a carpet cleaner, it could be a better financial choice, especially when you maintain such cleaner very well to make it last longer. Some carpet cleaners can be very expensive and even much more if you add costs of accessories and cleaning solutions. This is the point where renting may make more sense, especially when you rarely use the carpet.

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