Does Usps Lose Packages? (you’ll Be Surprised)

No, in fact many people think the US Post Office is more likely to misplace a package than an employee of the state. The reason for this is because there are an average of 4.2 people per post office, this number being higher in rural areas. The US Post Office is under the Department of Transportation.

Some people might be wondering how the post office can lose a package. When you send an email or a package, the post office stores it. If they run out of space, they have to move the package to a bigger, more secure facility. But that doesn’t mean the package was lost; it’s just stored elsewhere.

Does USPS Lose Packages In 2022?

The U.S. Postal Service is losing mail at alarming rates. It expects to lose a total of three percent of the total mail it’s handling by 2022. Most of that loss is caused by shipping labels, which are often not removed from packages within the seven-day time frame.

The Postal Service commonly loses packages because they fail to receive them. Read on to find out if your package was ever lost, if USPS can help recover your package, and more!


If your package has not arrived on time or at all, the Postal Service can help!

Why Does USPS Lose Packages?

According to the United States Postal Service, they lose a lot of packages due to label malfunction.

It’s not the actual delivery person’s zip code. It’s the zip code of the office where the parcel is processed.

However, please keep in mind that the barcode portion of the label has a very low weighting compared to the written numerical zip code.

As you suspected, the ink on the labels can run, making the text illegible.

The labels may also be cut off in the process as the system may not be able to read them.

The USPS will make sure that if the package you send to someone is returning to you that it will arrive to you eventually. This is why it is important to have a legible return address. There is a chance that if your return address doesn’t match the address for your package, it gets returned to the last address listed.

If your letter does not arrive at its full destination or at the correct address, it can be returned to the sender.

What Percentage Of USPS Packages Are Lost?

According to the ‘Statistic Report on Postal Service Mail,’ there are about three percent of all the mailpieces that are lost.

But says that there’s a lot of mail, and it adds that the amount of mail that is sent is estimated by almost 146 billion pieces a year.

While 3% may not sound like a whole lot, that’s actually 4.388 billion lost mailpieces every year.

It is possible that the three percent number could be contested, as the measuring rubric for lost packages is far from perfect.

What Happens If USPS Loses Your Package?

If you think your US Postal Service package has been lost, then you should contact the postal service and ask them if they have received the mail.

It’s true.
The only way to confirm that you have lost all of your packages is to do as is usually done, and just run a complete repair – that’s to re-install ubuntu.

If you are ordering a gift card for someone else, it is important to note that you can only send gift cards from You cannot send gift cards from the shop.

No, Priority Mail Express is not guaranteed. The guarantee of delivery is not part of the pricing.

If your package doesn’t arrive by the time specified, your sender can immediately file for a refund and your recipient can file for a missing package.

You now have to fight through the bureaucracy of the postal service, the customs police, and maybe even the army.

I’m assuming that you went to the official USPS website to file your claim, and you were informed that they do not do that. I am going to assume that you are using the web link I provided earlier.

Additional options include requesting package forwarding, which will allow the carrier to forward the package to your new address, or requesting a local pickup at your new address.

As a matter of fact, any information could help! Make sure to include the exact date and time the mail piece was sent, the mail piece’s return address, what kind of mail piece it is and, if possible, a photo of the mail piece.

– The address of the intended recipient
– Any additional instructions that may be necessary to deliver the package
– If the address is in a “restricted delivery area”, please include a map showing the location
– Also note that if the package is deemed an “international priority”, you will need to submit a foreign mailing address affidavit with the postage.

If you’re the recipient of this information, you might ask the sender for more information.

Who Pays If USPS Loses Package?

The seller may not be the one ultimately at fault, but the seller’s responsibilities lie with the USPS, not the buyer.

However, if the shipment was shipped via a carrier that has access to a private network where a network key is stored, such as the USPS, the carrier will have the ability to perform an inspection of the parcel and potentially change the delivery address.

In the case of the $100-worth, the shipment includes an automatic $50, and the $50 is included in the $100.

However, if you are the insured, there is no cost to you.

How Do You Know If USPS Loses Package?

You can start thinking that your package has probably not arrived within seven days of mailing if it has not shown up in the mail for First Class services, or on your doorstep if you have a tracking number.

You can think about it as lost after 14 days when you try to send it through retail ground, parcel select, or media mail.

The first set of services should be delivered within one to five days from mailing, but the rest are expected to take no longer than eight days to reach its destination.

On another note, I’ve found that when a shipment updates under tracking as “Package is Lost or Delayed” it often updates this on shipments sent out via USPS.

If you want to know more about the USPS, you can also read our how to do a complete refund on USPS (and other shipping services) and how to do a mail forwarding.


The USPS isn’t very good at delivering mail to certain locations, and they aren’t great at delivering mail to certain addresses.

Despite the fact that they still have a good service rate, they have established methods for locating lost packages (such as the internet site) to keep incidences at a minimum.

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