How Much Does Autozone Pay? (your Full Guide)

AutoZone International is a leading retailing company and distributor of automotive accessories and replacement parts. The company operates in more than 6,000 AutoZone stores in the Americas, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Africa.

AutoZone pays its employees fairly well! It currently offers a variety of job paths, from full-time hourly paid positions to salaried management positions.

How Much Does AutoZone Pay In 2022?

The most common jobs for entry-level employees at AutoZone are cashiers, who earn an average of $9.63 an hour. But many retail workers are trained to apply a spray paint or stain-removing product on parts, while many AutoZone mechanics work on cars or trucks.

To know more about how much different AutoZone employees earn depending on their positions and locations, check out this article.

How Much Does AutoZone Pay Per Hour?

We are located in a community that is known for low cost of living. Most of our employees live close to work, and we offer a variety of benefits including medical, dental, vision, discounts on gas, groceries, and prescription drugs, paid time off for holidays and sick leave and a 401(k) retirement plan with company matching and profit sharing.

It takes about five weeks to a month to train a cashier, and it takes about a week to three weeks to train a front-end associate. A store manager can typically hire four to five front-end associates. The average store has about 200-400 delivery drivers.

How Much Does AutoZone Pay Parts Managers?

An employee working at AutoZone is typically paid $9.00 an hour but might be paid more in some states.

Additionally, the experienced jobs can earn up to $16 which is implemented depending on the level of experience.

How Much Does AutoZone Pay Delivery Drivers?

Drivers with the highest titles make the most money. They make a ton of money.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also includes the average hourly wage of a delivery driver at $7.72 in its report.

Finally, you must ensure that you are paying a fair wage. Paying your employees an adequate salary ensures that they have the minimum amount of money to live on, pay their rent, or make their mortgage payments.

How Much Does AutoZone Pay Management Trainees?

The average hourly wage is $17.73 after one year as a management trainee and an additional 9.1 percent if you are a manager in training. If you want to progress quickly in the automotive industry, a management trainee is the best career choice. You’ll receive a great salary, and you can work anywhere in the world.

The salary increases depending on the role you have, once you become a manager.

How Much Does AutoZone Pay Assistant Managers?

Workers at this store make an average of $13.73 an hour which is low compared to other AutoZoners. Associates at the store make $11.67 an hour while retail managers make $16.90 and a commercial manager makes $15.59.

The salary of a shift manager is approximately $13.59 per hour. However, this number might vary greatly depending on your location and experience level.

How Much Does AutoZone Pay Cashiers?

They get paid the minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, and it’s unlikely that they’ll ever get a raise.

AutoZone’s wages are lower than other industries that employ cashiers. Compared to what cashiers make per hour, those with a little experience can earn up to $13.38 per hour. Cashiers with more than 10 years’ experience, on average earn $11.51 per hour.

How Much Does AutoZone Pay Commercial Sales Managers?

AutoZone also pays commercial sales managers the lowest percentage of the sales commission for their work.

I am in charge of the AutoZone sales staff in the South Zone. I deal with the store managers to ensure that our staff are doing their best to sell products.

I work with the local AutoZone manager, the local store manager, and the regional manager in my area to ensure our sales goals are met. It is very important that I interact with all of them.

How Much Does AutoZone Pay in Different States?

AutoZone pays employees in different states different wages based on their cost of living and their respective locations.

I also heard that California’s Silicon Valley is the richest part of the United States because this is where a lot of wealthy entrepreneurs and millionaires are found.

In addition, AutoZone’s employees in New York, Washington, Texas, and Massachusetts make on average of $30,000 to $40,000 annually.

Which Departments Earn More at AutoZone?

I was just wondering, if you compare different departments, sales and retail makes more money than the parts and store departments.

As the supervisor, a director will usually make more money at an AutoZone. Some managers and directors might get paid more or less money depending on their experience and location.

Are AutoZone Employees Paid Bonuses?

AutoZone pays an average of $5,280 in annual bonuses. Based on reports by employees who have received bonuses from the company, the range for bonuses is from $1,250 to $5,855.

We need to make sure we are able to distinguish between the different ways of saying the same thing. But we have run into another issue now.

A store manager has the worst year for work performance.
A store manager has the best work performance.

How Often Are AutoZone Employees Paid?

The employer is not obligated to pay wages to employees who work more than the standard eight-hour work week, unless the contract specifically states otherwise. But they are obligated to pay wages to workers who work more than forty hours in a week.

You must be careful, as there is a difference between minimum wage and the legal wages.

Do AutoZone Employees Get Discounts?

You can purchase merchandise at AutoZone at a 20% discount if you work there. And, if you work at AutoZone, you’re provided with access to discount programs from different retailers.

When you become an AutoZoner, you’ll enjoy discounts from companies such as Apple, Dell, Ford Motor Company, Hewlett Packard (HP), Verizon Wireless,…

Do AutoZone Employees Get Paid Holidays?

AutoZone gives paid time off to associates only when associates work at least 1,000 hours in a year, which is equivalent to approximately 25 hours per week.

Employees may not be entitled to paid holidays if their hours do not qualify them, if the job is part-time, or if they work in a special service class that does not earn any holidays.

Does AutoZone Provide Extra Benefits to Employees?

AutoZone also has different benefits for their employees, they have medical and financial wellness benefits, and they also have a profit sharing plan.

With a Health Savings account, you can use your health savings account to cover medical expenses, as well as save for future medical costs such as college tuition.

According to the contract, management is allowed to “reduce or withhold compensation in any and all circumstances.” “Reduce” or “withhold” includes withholding pay or benefits or terminating employment without pay for up to five days.

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In addition, workers are paid a base wage plus commission, which can be a lot more than minimum wage for those with experience. The base salary varies depending on the employee’s experience level, location, and responsibilities. Cashiers and retail associates earn the lowest pay, and management trainees and store directors earn the highest pay.

A: On one hand, they earn more than $16 an hour.
B: But they also earn more than the $119,375 mentioned in the second sentence.

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