How Much Does Dollar General Pay? (full Guide)

The company stores a wide range of products and sells them at low prices to its customers.

While their pay is comparatively low, Dollar General is the largest employer in the United States. About a third of these workers are hourly employees, and the average wage per employee is $8.98 per hour. The pay is a bargain compared to the average of other industries, which is above the national average and about 5 percent higher than it was ten years ago.

I checked and found that the average pay at Dollar General is roughly $12,000 annually.

How Much Does Dollar General Pay In 2022?

Dollar General employees earn $10.20 to $17.25 an hour for cashiers and $9.40 to $15.88 for general laborers. A few cashiers are paid as well as assistant store managers, while general laborers earn more than warehouse workers, earning $16.59 to $20.48 per hour. Warehouse workers can earn as much as $74,758 a year.

You can always find out how much different Dollar General employees make.

How Much Does Dollar General Pay An Hour? 

The average income of a Dollar General employee is about $9.92 per hour, lower than the median income for all workers in the US, which is usually around $11.40 or higher.

Some of the lowest paid jobs include sales clerk at $8.29 and cashiers at $7.19. While the highest paid jobs are Forklift Operators at $17.62.

How Much Does Dollar General Pay Stockers? 

Dollar General pays its stockers an average hourly wage of $9.03. Stockers’ wages vary, and you can find stockers making as little as $8.75 an hour. At the other end of the spectrum, stockers can make as much as $10.00 an hour.

How Much Does Dollar General Pay Assistant Managers?  

Dollar General pays their assistant managers an average of $25,177 per year. They usually pay between $23,000 and 28,000 a year.

For comparison, the average salary for assistant managers across the US is $27,662 per year. If you want to learn more about salary at Apple, check out Apple’s salary page.

How Much Do Dollar General Managers Make? 

Store managers at Dollar General are paid under $34,000 per year – they are 22% below the national average for a store manager.

Regional managers make $50,112 on an average and district managers make $74,502. On an average, district managers get paid higher than regional managers.

How Much Do Dollar General Cashiers Make?  

The basic wage for a Dollar General cashier is $8.20 – 25% below the national average wage for cashiers. However, employees become more valuable as they become more experienced and make more money, as some cashiers earn as much as $8.79 per hour.

Based on an hourly wage, cashiers at Dollar General will make around $17,056 per year.

How Much Do Keyholders Make At Dollar General? 

The hourly rate is $9.11. That works out to be an average yearly salary of $18,948 based on a 40-hour workweek.

Keyholders with 10 years of experience or more have reported an earnings of $9.88 per hour. It is expected that experienced keyholders will make slightly more, as keyholders with 10 years of experience or more have reported earnings of $9.88 per hour.

Are Dollar General Employees Paid Bonuses?  

Yes, if employees earn sales commissions from the stores, they receive bonuses, depending on how much money was made in their department.

The company does give bonuses, but it’s based on many different factors. The employee’s base pay, how long they’ve been with the company and how the company does the year.

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How Often Are Dollar General Employees Paid? 

Most Dollar General employees are compensated on a weekly basis. Some employees, however, are paid biweekly. Dollar General’s CEO is paid quarterly, and senior executives are compensated on a semi-annual basis.

Do Dollar General Employees Get A Discount?

Dollar General offers a weekly coupon that offers 20-30% savings at their own brand. Once a week, employees receive a unique code that can be used once per week.

Do Dollar General Employees Get Holiday Pay? 

Yes, they can get paid time off for their birthday, which they are allowed up to a certain amount of vacation days, and they are also given a number of paid holidays, and the time off is paid.

However, this benefit could not apply to part-time employees.

Does Dollar General Provide Other Benefits To Employees? 

Does Dollar General Pay Into Employees’ Pensions? 

Dollar General offers a 401(k) Savings and Retirement Plan, where employees can contribute up to 25% of their pre-tax earnings. The company also offers a number of investment options for its employees’ pension plans.

Dollar General employees can learn more about bereavement leave from the company’s employee handbook, how to dress for the job, and company employee discounts.


The typical hourly wage at Dollar General depends mainly on the position a person holds, but all employees can expect to be paid per hour. In addition, some employees are able to cash out in the form of pay bonuses while others are eligible for holiday pay. And regardless of the position, all workers have the opportunity to apply for health insurance coverage.

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