Does Kohl’s Allow Dogs? (pet Policy Explained)

 Pet owners often go with their animal to wherever they’re going because most stores will accommodate an animal owner’s needs.

Kohl’s is very strict on allowing dogs in their stores, but they do not allow them on their private property. They also have a pet policy if you are not currently pet-owning.

Does Kohl’s Allow Dogs In 2022?

According to recent data by the Washington Post, dog owners in the United States are increasing buying clothing for their pups. A small percentage of customers were observed to bring their dogs into the store during their shopping, while other customers were more likely to purchase the clothing for their dogs in another location.

If you’d like to find out how you can get a pet into Kohl’s, and what you need to do to get your service animal permit, read on!

Why Doesn’t Every Kohl’s Store Allow Dogs?

The reason we are only able to offer you a refund of your payment for a pet is because we do not allow the purchase of a pet when purchasing a gift card because the gift card can only be redeemed for purchases.
We understand that it may seem like the gift card purchase is not refundable, but we are unfortunately unable to provide this option.

As you can see, Kohl’s is just like any other retailer. It has its own employees and policies.

Because some retailers don’t allow pets inside their stores, many pet-loving customers still make it to Kohl’s stores with their companions. The store managers at any particular Kohl’s location, however, are the individuals ultimately responsible for making the decision whether or not to allow pets to enter the store.

However, at our specific store, in one department, it is not clear if they will allow or not.

*The following responses (or lack thereof) were provided by a Kohl’s employee in the area in question. The comments are in the exact words of the employee as presented by the OP.

How Can I Find Out If My Local Kohl’s Allows Dogs In The Store?

Kohl’s is working with their customers and giving them the chance to get the policy in writing before the pet is lost.

If you have a question, call the Kohl’s customer service number below, or see a Kohl’s associate directly.

I would like to speak to a Kohl’s customer service agent.

Does Kohl’s Allow Service Animals?

While most stores will allow service animals, it is best to check with the store yourself before you purchase the item, to ensure that you will be able to use it in your home.

While not every store permits this, some will be willing to make an exception to the rule.

We cannot refuse you service for your service animal. If we are unsure whether or not your service animal is needed, then it will be determined if your service animal is a necessity.

If you are traveling with a service animal or emotional support animal, you may bring it with you.

Can Kohl’s Ask If Your Pet Is A Service Animal?

Kohl’s is restricted when asking about a service animal, but they are not allowed to ask if a pet is a service animal, such as documentation.

Although the decision for a store employee to determine if a person with a disability can enter a store and shop with a service animal is up the individual, the ADA does require that Kohl’s has a process for asking customers about their service animal.

Can Kohl’s Refuse To Serve Me If I Require A Service Animal?

The act prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in public accommodations, which include retail stores, hotels, and restaurants.

If a manager or Kohl’s employee is unable to stop you from entering and/or shoplifting, they can call the police to come to the store.

How Can I Shop At Kohl’s If I Need My Dog With Me?

This year, Kohl’s will be offering a 15 percent discount for every size, fit, and color of dog tag that is being surrendered at all of their stores, during all holidays and special occasions (through the end of the year).

You can buy from Kohl’s online and can go to the store to pickup. The process is very easy.

You can learn more about shopping at Kohl’s by reading this post on whether or not Kohl’s allows dogs. You can learn more about shopping at Walgreens by reading our post on whether or not Walgreens allows dogs. You can learn more about shopping at CVS by reading our post on whether or not CVS allows dogs.


Some stores say they will accept as long as the animal stays outside the store and does not become a nuisance. Other stores will not accept dogs at all.

According to Kohl’s customer service, you can call your local Kohl’s to find out what the store policy is. You can also email your local Kohl’s for the same answer.

If you have a disability, you could have more leeway because a service animal may assist you in a few situations.

While not every Kohl’s allows service animals to enter the store, they may allow it if they believe it is required by your disability.

The ADA may protect people with disabilities from discrimination. If they were to refuse service to a customer with a service animal for any reason, then they would be violating the ADA.

However, if you have to keep your dog with you and can only order online, you can sign into your Kohls account and select the option “Skip the line with a Drive Up Order”. Then, you and your dog can drive to the store, order your items and leave.

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