What Is Walmart Pay? (your Mega Guide + Faqs)

Walmart is among the biggest retailers of grocery and home goods in the U.S., selling a wide array of products at cheap prices.

Walmart is offering a service called Walmart Pay to make it easier for you to purchase products in-store. This is good news for those that would rather use their own credit or debit card at Walmart, as you can now easily pay for things using your smartphone.

What Is Walmart Pay In 2022? 

As of 2022, Walmart will use this service to make contactless payments at Walmart stores. You can use this service to attach your debit, credit, or gift cards to Walmart Pay and use them to make payments at Walmart stores.

To learn about Walmart Pay, read on to find out how you can use the app to make purchases in-store and online, add your bank and credit cards to Walmart Cash, and earn rewards for shopping and dine-in!

How Does Walmart Pay Work? 

Because you can link your debit cards, credit cards, and your gift cards, you can use it to pay at Walmart stores.

Users can download Walmart Pay to their smartphone and use it upon checkout. Once the transaction is finished, the user receives an electronic receipt in the mobile application.

If you’ve got an Amazon Echo or a Google Home, you can now use your voice to order a pizza or other orders.

And also, Walmart Pay uses multiple levels of SSL for security updates so you don’t have to worry about your payment information being unsafe.

How Do You Set Up Walmart Pay? 

Walmart is a company that sells all kinds of stuff, including food, and they also make their own products. Their app allows you to pay for your stuff in the store for free.

The Walmart app makes it easy to make in-store purchases and has a payment method integrated into the app. It’s easy to set up and use.

1. Login using your Walmart.com username and password.
2. Make your first purchase with any eligible debit or credit card.
3. From the wallet, you’ll see a button labeled “Receive payments”
4. After you’ve placed any qualifying online or in-store merchandise order, you’ll see a Pay Now button
on the payment receipt.
5. Select Walmart Pay as the checkout option.

Walmart Pay allows you to pay for purchases at select brands without having to carry your wallet.

How Do You Add A Card To Walmart Pay? 

You can add a new card to your wallet with Walmart Pay by tapping the Wallet icon in the top left corner of the app or by tapping the “Add card” button in the top right corner.

If you want to see even more cards, you can add them to the app.

To add more cards, tap ‘Add Payment Method’ at the bottom of the app screen.

Next, tap the icon that looks like a plus sign.

How Do You Use Walmart Pay?

If you use Walmart Pay, your transactions are processed securely without your card ever leaving your smartphone. This way, you’ll never have to worry about someone stealing your payment information or having their device taken away from them by the cashier.
If you use Walmart Pay, you’ll get all of the benefits of shopping with Walmart, such as free shipping and in-store pick-up.

Scan the Walmart Pay QR code on the debit reader screen or kiosk display screen and you can go to Walmart.com to complete the transaction and get your digital receipt/history.

To use your fingerprint or other biometric lock, follow the instructions on your phone to setup a fingerprint or other security PIN, if you don’t know how to do this.

When the transaction is completed, you can expect a notification sound and get your electronic receipt through your Walmart app.

Is Walmart Pay Safe? 

Walmart has it’s own brand of phone cases, but they can also be used with other phones that don’t have the special cover included.

So, this website has a form where you can get a free subscription.

It’s a free trial but you have to manually cancel.

The user has to manually cancel the subscription after a period of time.

The payment will be processed on their bank.

For example, you’ll need your security passcode if you try to access or modify any of your payment methods inside Walmart Pay.

Also, data is encrypted automatically when you use the app so that no one can read it unless they have got the right key.

What Kinds Of Payment Methods Work For Walmart Pay? 

Walmart Pay is linked to either any major credit or debit card or a Walmart Gift Card, eGift Card, or any Walmart Prepaid Card. However, there is no direct way of linking your Walmart Pay to your checking account.

You can use all major credit cards.

Where Can You Use Walmart Pay? 

Walmart is adding a new service called Walmart Pay. Walmart Pay will allow you to shop at Walmart without a credit card. You will first need to go to a store and pick up a mobile wallet. Once you have your wallet, you can shop at any physical Walmart store or use your card at a self-checkout kiosk.

Can You Use Walmart Pay Online? 

You can’t use Walmart Pay on Walmart.com. You have to go to your Walmart app to add the card and use it to make purchases.

We think we can solve this issue by making it more convenient to send the Walmart Pay app or Walmart My Account app instead of going directly through the Walmart Pay portal.

What Can’t You Use Walmart Pay For? 

You cannot use Walmart Pay to purchase gas. In addition, you cannot purchase gas with Pay.

This is because Walmart, like many retailers, does not allow the use of its own payment system to cover these two types of purchases.

Can You Get Cash Back Using Walmart Pay? 

If you’d like to use Walmart Pay, you’ll need to use the Pay at the register option that is visible on the cashier’s screen.

Once you have linked your card to your Walmart Pay account, you’ll then need to add your card to your mobile order app.
Once you’ve added your card, simply choose Shop and Go from your mobile order app during checkout on Walmart.com to complete your transaction.
If you are purchasing something in Walmart.com, you will not be able to link your card if you are using your Amazon Payments account.

Can You Split Payment Methods With Walmart Pay? 

You can split your Walmart Pay payment between your linked Walmart Pay card and another payment method right at the checkout. To do this, you have the option to use Walmart Cash, SNAP/EBT, or a Walmart Gift Card.

Can You Return Purchases Made Using Walmart Pay? 

You can return purchases from Walmart stores and you can also return purchases from your Smartphone in the Walmart App.
However, returns will be excluded from your Walmart Pay balance, so you’ll need to pay for them before you can use the service.

If you have misplaced your receipt, then you can easily locate your item by scanning the transaction barcode listed with the purchase.

Can Walmart Associates Use Walmart Pay? 

Customers can use Walmart Pay to make purchases anywhere in the world and link the associate discount card to the mobile wallet to continue getting their discounts.

Walmart associates now have the ability to scan a special Walmart discount barcode within the Walmart app and shop more online by unlocking the savings! Walmart associates must also have a Walmart account in order to use this feature.

Can You Use Coupons With Walmart Pay? 

Since digital coupons won’t work with Walmart.com, you can only use the physical paper coupons, as suggested by the customer service agent.

Is There A Designated Checkout Lane For Walmart Pay? 

The Walmart Pay checkout process is the same as other retail payment methods. Customers should use their debit cards, credit cards or in-store Mobile Wallet accounts on Walmart.com and via an approved mobile app to checkout.

What Is The Difference Between Walmart Pay And The Walmart App?

They’re similar, but the former is built in to the main menu and the latter is a separate feature that you have to add to an existing shopping list.

That said, the two can play nicely together. When you use the Walmart app to pick up your groceries, you can use the same Walmart Pay mobile wallet to pay via your smartphone.

For Walmart, you can take your online shopping to the brick-and-mortar world. For payment, you can use Walmart Pay, which works within the confines of a physical store.

How Do You Make The Most Out Of Walmart Pay? 

To get more out of Walmart Pay, consider linking a credit card and activating it as default payment method, or by setting up a payment profile.

This way, when you are completing your Walmart
shopping trip, you can earn plenty of
rewards to redeem later on.

For instance, you can get cashback by linking Walmart’s new rewards cards–the Capital One Walmart Rewards MasterCard and the Walmart Rewards Card.

The first time you link your card, you’ll get 3 months of cashback on every purchase.
The first time you link your card, you’ll get 3 months of cashback on every purchase.

If you want to save money on your purchases, then why not check out Walmart Plus. Walmart Plus is exactly like the regular Walmart, but you can save money on your purchases by using your Walmart Plus membership.


Walmart is a free mobile wallet that is available on both iOS and Android. It has a handy feature of being able to perform secure and touchless payments.

When you pay with Walmart Pay, you can pay in person at a Walmart store or at any business that participates in Walmart Pay.

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