Does Ace Hardware Allow Dogs? (pet Policy Explained)

Known for their range of consumer electronics, and other hardware products, Ace Hardware offer products to both professional and consumer markets. The business sells these products in store, and also through their online website.

 Ace Hardware does not allow dogs to enter their stores. Their reason for this in their business policy is because of the health of ‘small and medium-sized animals.’ However, I spoke to a customer service representative and they do allow dogs if they are kept in a cage or under control.

Does Ace Hardware Allow Dogs In 2022?

While it is not advertised on their website, Ace Hardware does not require an appointment or pre-approval for an appointment. Ace Hardware is a chain of hardware/home improvement stores and requires, on a leash, that your dogs be well behaved. Service dogs and other certified service animals are permitted entry into Ace Hardware.

To learn more about what Ace Hardware does for pet lovers, which Ace Hardware stores are pet-friendly, and what you need to do in order to bring your four-legged companion to Ace Hardware, then keep reading!

What is the Ace Hardware Pet Policy?

It is stated on their website that pets are only allowed in the pet friendly stores, not the Ace Hardware franchisees.

The following section states the guidelines for all Ace Hardware stores and how they differ from the Pet Policy.

Online shoppers have stated that Ace Hardware will allow people with dogs, as long as they are well behaved.

It may be helpful to call before you visit a local Ace Hardware store to confirm if pets are permitted.

Do All Ace Hardware Stores Allow Dogs?

While you do not have to be a member of the Ace Hardware brand to take advantage of this policy, you do have to be a member of their store brand in order to use the discount.

People with small dogs that can be pulled by a leash should not have any problems.
If you have a large dog that cannot be carried to the store, you will need to go to a different Ace Hardware store.

When you show your dog to an Ace Hardware employee, they may think that you’re bringing your dog to show them; and so they may not allow your dog to enter the store.

You can bring your dog with you to Ace Hardware, but it is recommended you contact Ace Hardware before you visit as they might not allow large dogs.

What Dog Breeds Can I Take to Ace Hardware?

Although many Ace Hardware stores do allow dogs into their establishments, you will not be able to bring a specific dog breed into the store or even a specific breed of dog.

If you are looking for a small home or a place to store your belongings, you will enjoy finding a storage unit. If you are more interested in the amount of storage space, then you want to be sure that it is large.

Ace Hardware stores may restrict the type of dog you can bring into the store. You may need to clarify with your local Ace Hardware store the specific rules about the type of dog you can bring. This is especially important if you are taking your dog with you during a sales or maintenance job. See the store’s policies for more details.

You would be able to get your dog inside the Ace Hardware store. It won’t be allowed inside the store, but they wouldn’t try and stop you from bringing it in.

Can I Take My Service Animal to Ace Hardware?

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that anyone operating a business must allow service animals, including service dogs, into their store.

If you have a service animal that is trained to do something like a guide dog, then we will accept it when you come to the store, but we will not train the animal. If you bring the animal into our store, we reserve the right to not let the dog into our store as it may pose a health or safety threat to our staff and our customers.

Service Animals are not allowed in Ace Hardware stores. Their policy is to refuse service to a person with a Service Animal, and to refer that person to an appropriately accessible store.

What Do I Need to Take My Dog to Ace Hardware?

You need to have your dog on a leash or carry the dog inside Ace Hardware. Your dog needs to be well trained and able to listen and respond to commands to not disturb any other customers.

When your animal makes a mess or relieves itself in Ace Hardware, it is required that you clean up the mess.

You’re going to have to leave the Ace Hardware if your dog starts barking, barking at other customers, or running loose.

What Should I Do Before Taking My Dog to Ace Hardware?

Before deciding to bring your dog along, you should do your research and find out what type of care and safety precautions are in place.

It is vital that your dog is well trained and leashed while in the Ace Hardware store to keep them and other customers safe while inside.

It is recommended that you take your dog to Ace Hardware before you go, so he will not be hungry and will not be tempted to misbehave. It is a good idea to keep a few of your dog’s favourite treats on your person so he can be rewarded.

It is advised that you take them to a small walk so that they can relieve themselves, and then you lock them in for a while.

The most important thing is that you are able to clean the area. You can even use a bucket or cleaning cloth to collect the faeces. Then, wipe it with soapy water that has been sprayed inside the bucket or cleaning cloth.

Finally, clean up your toys by washing them or disinfecting them.

If you want to make sure, you can also read our posts on whether or not Petsmart, Walmart, Target, and Walgreens allow dogs.

Conclusion: Does Ace Hardware Allow Dogs?

Some Ace Hardware stores allow dogs in their store, but others do not. If you need to know if your Ace Hardware store allows dogs, you can check the Ace Hardware policy page.

– [Original]: When you are at your Ace Hardware, make sure you ask your local store if dogs are allowed.

Even the best behaved dogs sometimes cause a scene. This is especially true when you are trying to install a new faucet in your toilet. Ace Hardware has a special training program for customer service.

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