Does Autozone Do Oil Changes? (try This Instead)

This means it is mandatory to do it every other year and should be done with a reputable mechanic.

Automobile repair service experts can help you with any issues you might have with your car’s engine and other mechanical parts. There are various mechanics and repair service specialists who are able to provide complete car repair service.

Does AutoZone Provide Oil Changes In 2022?

Unfortunately, AutoZone does not offer oil change service in 2022. However, if you contact the AutoZone customer care staff and provide them with details about your location, they will direct you to a nearby service center. They provide a list of trusted oil change facilities to help you change the oil yourself.

If you want to know whether AutoZone provides oil changes for their customers, then keep on reading for useful information and tips.

Why Doesn’t AutoZone Provide Oil Changes?

1. The auto-lube market is highly competitive. At the present time, a retail auto-lube market is not feasible for AutoZone to enter.

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You need to wait for oil to be poured into your engine so it turns into thin liquid that fills the motor. This liquid gets sucked into the engine through the oil filter, which is then removed.

The oil drain plugs are located under the engine cap and will require a special tool to remove.

This is because you live in a rural area where there are more repair shops than big name stores, and their staff tend to know people who can complete the job.

AutoZone provides resources to help their customers and also provides resources to help them in their daily lives.

Staff have a variety of jobs and responsibilities. There is a team of
designated individuals who are responsible for different areas.

AutoZone is an auto parts company that provides different automotive services, the staff can refer you to a lube shop specializing in oil changes.

Because you’re getting a service from a specialized service center, your oil change will be fast and efficient.

What Oil Changing Resources Does AutoZone Provide?

If you want to know how to change oil in your cars, you can consult AutoZone’s list of experts that have specific training for your needs.

This is a place to help the users to quickly learn the basics of the software. Examples are provided in the form of tutorial videos and documentation.

You can learn AutoZone’s tips on how to change your oil and the recommended time to change it. You can check these information packs, which include the tools and supplies to use when changing the oil.

You will also get instructions on how to service your car. Additionally, the website includes a detailed repair help section with further information.

High-quality oils will make your salad dressing last longer.

Apart from car-oil maintenance, AutoZone also offers car-oil change deals. These oil change deals are designed to help car owners change car-oil at home and save money.

Most of these oils are sold at a discount so that car owners can afford them. According to
most of the oils in the regular category are not available in all its stores, and the
specials vary depending on
the market.

I’m very happy with customer service. They’re great in the Philippines, and now they’re great here too.

If you want to know how an oil change works, you can ask for a staff member to explain how you can have the best oil change at a store.

The agents will tell you where to go to get your oil changed by using a formula that involves multiplying the number of miles you are from the nearest service center by the price you’ll pay at that center.

Which Other Stores Can You Get Your Oil Changed?

You should also check your tires on a regular basis. You should take your car to your mechanic and get it inspected for any small problems that you can repair with a DIYer.

If you want to have your oil changed, here are some stores that you can go to after you buy it from AutoZone.

AMCO will help you with all auto services including changing oil, fluids, and filters.

Additionally, you’ll receive an oil filter change, up to five quarts of engine oil, and a comprehensive vehicle check.

The Jiffy Lube is where we get oil changes, and it also has a “bronze medal” award for the best oil changes.

Jiffy Lube offers oil change service which includes 5 quarts of engine oil and an oil filter.

You can save at Jiffy Lube by bringing your oil there. In addition it also gives a discount on oil changes.

Goodyear is a tire manufacturer, and it is located in
the United States.

If you want to get your car or truck serviced, you can go see Goodyear auto service. They will tell you what oil to use for your car or truck.

The staff at Goodyear takes the oil, oil filter, and all other fluids from the car.

The four-man team of experts was chosen by their peers in the field.

You can also get your car’s oil changed in just 10 minutes at Express Oil Change Tire Engineers.

All my friends who have the same job as me tell me the service is fast and friendly. It also includes a safety and mechanical examination of your car.

Can You Change the Oil in a Car Yourself?

If you have a lot of technical skills, you can change the oil by yourself by following the tips and video tutorials provided by AutoZone on their website. You can buy the oils and tools from the AutoZone store and get them at less expensive prices.

In order to keep your engine, transmission, and other parts of your vehicle running safely, it is important to have your oil changed at a reputable dealership. The dealerships are the most popular place for car owners to have their vehicles serviced and they generally have the parts for the repairs.

If you are not comfortable enough, just visit a nearby garage that offers professional oil change services.

How Long Does It Take to Change Your Oil?

Oil changes are time-consuming since they require you to remove the engine’s hood, drain the oil and filter, clean and replace the oil cap, and replace the oil filter.

At the service station it doesn’t take more than 30 minutes, depending on the workload, the location of your oil filters and drain plugs, and the kind of car you own.

How Much Does an Oil Change Cost?

It is recommended to change the oil filter at least once a month, and if you are still using a conventional oil, the time interval should be once a year.

One of the biggest problems is that the prices vary depending on the car and the service you get.

For this item (the oil filter), you will need to budget extra, to allow for the oil change to be performed. The Oil Change service includes the oil, oil filter (1 quart), and a new filter (1 quart).

To find more information about how AutoZone installs batteries and what the difference is between AutoZone and Goodyear, you’ll have to read our post on batteries.


AutoZone website provides you with a plethora of tips and tricks on how you can change oil yourself. You can also check out these tips and tricks on the website by AutoZone staff.

If you don’t have time in your busy schedule or not skilled enough to perform oil change, why not hire a professional to perform this service for you? There are oil change centers that provide this service and they usually offer their services at affordable prices.

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