Does Amazon Check Serial Numbers On Returns? (all You Need To Know)

Amazon quickly established themselves as the seller of everything, connecting all the different corners of the world in one place. They then made everything on them free to return, and were among the first to do so.

Amazon examines the serial numbers on returned items for the purpose of identifying and locating any items that do not match the serial number of the item that was originally sold.

Does Amazon Check Serial Numbers On Returns In [cureentyear]?

Here is everything you need to know about Amazon returns, like, what return is, whether or not you have to return the item, how to return items, how to return items, what to do if you return the wrong item, what to do if your returned item is rejected, how often you’re allowed to return items, and everything else you need to know!

Does Amazon Know if You Return the Wrong Item?

According to Amazon, the company knows if an item was returned to the wrong address, as they use this information to improve the speed of the returns process.
However, it’s unclear what happens in a situation where the buyer doesn’t give Amazon their right address, and if Amazon makes mistakes or sends it to the wrong address.

The AWS service charges are very low for computing resources that are used up for a certain amount of time.

Amazon knew that if they sent out a million products they might lose a few, but if they sent out a million products and half of them did not sell, they would lose an awful lot of money.

We have to be careful with all the mistakes since they might get by.

As I understand it, both Apple and Google have already blocked this from happening, so they will be able to recover data long before it’s gone.

You won’t get away with initiating a return, sending back a used item, and keeping the new one, a few times, but don’t count on keeping it a habit.

It’s a good idea to keep your old items in sealed storage units until you’re sure you’re done with them all. They’re not worth the risk of them getting ruined by a flood or fire.

In an interesting case, a Redditor mentioned how Amazon let a guy rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulent returns.

After he was ordered to pay $75,000,000 to the IRS, he has to give up his house and live in a halfway house for 2 years.

If you get away with this once, I would caution you against becoming emboldened and taking it to the next step.

It’s amazing, it has the ability to detect patterns of behavior.

Does Amazon Actually Check Returned Items?

Amazon did not check returned items in normal circumstances, so even if you do have a returned item, Amazon’s review system typically prevents from displaying the item.

If an item goes missing, Amazon will not know if it has been returned to the seller before it was taken.

Amazon doesn’t necessarily confirm all of the contents are included in new condition, but rather what condition the packaging is in.

This rings true; my pallet has been in the back of our warehouse for the past 5 months (stored on pallets as it is a huge pallet), but I haven’t seen anything in it yet.

The best one I got, they said, was a piece of metal with an iPhone screen glued to it.
“We were working so we weren’t watching, but the thing was so beautiful,” they went on, “we were glued to it for a long time.”
This example is taken from the New Yorker.

An enterprising and determined trickster got an iPhone 7 and returned only a piece of metal and a screen.

People would go to a knife store and buy knives for them and their kids.

And of course, they would do this for a while.
Until the new knives are so much better that no sense in buying the old ones and people stop buying the knives.

Will Amazon Reject A Return?

If you are returning a product that is shipped by the seller or returned by a customer then this is a reason to accept the return, regardless of the reason you provided for the transaction.

Amazon can automatically re-send the item to your home address, if it was already put through to your home, and not sent back to you yet.

Instead, you have up to 60 days to return it to Amazon for a refund or exchange.

If you have forgotten a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) code, you will need to contact Customer Service as soon as you are able to.

There also are some items not able to be returned, such as Amazon gift cards, prepaid cards, plants and flowers, and even some electronics.

Can You Get Banned From Amazon For Returning Too Much?

If Amazon closes your account there are ways to get it back, but they could be expensive or difficult. Also, the service could be compromised, so you should be sure you do not put any sensitive data on it. It is a matter of judgment and risk tolerance.

After the news broke, Amazon issued a statement saying that they never intended the service to be a way for users to get around the ban. They also stated that anyone who does abuse the service will be banned.

We take action when we can to protect the user experience for everyone on the internet.

Tough Nickel says that the ban could be anything, even returns, but the customer can still make purchases.

Why Does Amazon Refund Without Return?

I have been initiated with Amazon, only to be returned and told not to worry about the return.

Amazon is good at sending new items, and they don’t care if it takes up their warehouse space.

The most important thing is that you have the opportunity to buy your items in stores and online, but shipping costs are expensive.

to learn more, you can also read our post on Amazon return policies, how to buy Amazon returns, and Amazon return policy after 30 days.


Amazon never checks for patterns of behavior. If you have a history of returning broken items, then you will be banned. If you don’t, then you will be allowed to continue to return items as you always have.

If you’re concerned that the number of returned transactions might be growing, consider making a special effort to return all receipts.

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