Does Aldi Take Ebt? (eligible Items + Other Faqs)

A study showed that an estimated 38 million Americans use the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, previously called food stamps.

This food credit helps families put meals on the table. It also helps keep needy people fed. Some of those families use the electronic benefit transfer system to receive benefits.

 Supermarket Aldi stores take and process Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards, making it an option for low-income families to buy groceries with their government benefits. Learn how to use your EBT card in Aldi grocery stores.

Does Aldi take EBT In 2022?

Aldi has made available over 2,000 stores at this time in 36 states throughout the country with the capability of accepting Electronic Benefits Transfer Cards with the delivery and pick-up of products.

If you want to find out where you can and can’t buy things at Aldi with SNAP, how to use SNAP benefits online, plus more!

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What Can You Buy At Aldi With EBT?

Aldi foods satisfy our strict criteria in three areas: quality, price, and acceptance by the government. They must be food products made for humans.

When we’re in a pinch, we often turn to Aldi to find the kind of value that keeps us going.

There are several types of food in the aisles. The foods on the shelf are either whole food or food in jars or bags, and there is usually a large variety of different types of food.

SNAP benefits help with seeds and seedlings that can be used in the garden.

A few times a year, Aldi gets a new product as part of their Finds series.

What Can’t You Buy At Aldi With EBT?

Some items remain ineligible for EBT even though you can buy them at Aldi.

It is against Federal law to provide alcohol to EBT users.
That is why the alcohol industry has been lobbying for the legislation, to make EBT cards worthless.

 Not sure if you’re saying that these are not good enough for dogs or cats, or that they’re not suitable for pets.

All household items like paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, and soap are not eligible. Neither are any of their personal hygiene products, medicine, or vitamins.

However, it is not mandatory to have SNAP benefits to buy a baby formula.

How Do You Use EBT At Aldi?

If you already have an EBT card through a SNAP program (such as your own food stamp card) you can use your EBT card at Aldi with your PIN number.

If you have an account, you’ve received an activation email with your user name and the instructions to get your own personal card.

There’s no real way to prevent this from happening. If you are using credit card and your own bank account, you can’t really stop the card from being charged.

Let the cashier know you’re using SNAP and they will enter the amount paid by your debit card (or the amount you paid if you don’t carry a debit card). You’ll either pay less or pay nothing at all.

If you don’t have a credit card or enough cash on you to pay the full price of the item, you have to pay it entirely with cash or another card.

Please hold on to your receipt. It will show you your new SNAP balance.

Can You Use EBT To Shop At Aldi On Instacart?

Instacart and Aldi made it possible for shoppers with EBT to pay for their groceries with a debit card.

You can now buy everything online or pick up or get a delivery and also pay for your groceries with SNAP.

EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) payment has begun at Aldi stores in a limited number of states. It is available in 90 percent of the stores in the United States.

And here’s the most recent list of states that require proof of citizenship to vote, as of this writing.

How Do You Add The EBT Payment Option To Shop At Aldi Online?

For your EBT account to work on Instacart, you need to have an active SNAP account and an active Instacart account.

You will find the “settings” link in the menu on the upper left-hand corner. Click “account settings” from the drop-down menu.

On the tab “Payment methods”, you can add a payment method.

The next screen should show any credit cards you have applied to your account, and the option to add an EBT card.

 You need to fill in your number in the box and tap “Save” to have your number added to your account.

But you know what? The first $4 is on you, and the rest is FREE! The government is not trying to rip you off, it wants to make sure that those who really need the food benefits are able to access them.

Does Aldi Take WIC?

Although Aldi may not be taking WIC, they do take the WIC card, as well as other items from the WIC package.

WIC provides nutritious foods for women, infants and children. It also makes sure that only nutritious food options are available for children.

It applies to items such as milk and fresh fruit and vegetables. It also covers formula food.

Aldi maintains that the federal guidelines allow for only branded merchandise to be charged, and that Aldi does not sell their own goods.

An investigation found that some private label foods sold at Aldi are in fact WIC-acceptable in different states, and that it’s the “regulatory hoops” necessary in each state that are the real reason Aldi does not accept WIC.

If you are a new customer, make sure to check if Aldi takes credit/debit cards, checks, and coupons.


 Aldi can get the best prices. At stores, they can stock their shelves with produce, meat, dairy and other food at great prices and deliver it to customers’ doors, or they can sell a lot of food for less. Their products and the fact that the company is very transparent, shows that they want their shoppers to succeed.

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