Does Family Dollar Take Ebt? (all You Need To Know)

The United States Department of Agriculture is helping millions of families across the United States buy healthy and nutritious food every month.

If you’re looking to shop at Family Dollar for food and groceries, then you may be wondering if those stores support EBT cards. Well, I did a little research and found out everything about the Family Dollar EBT program.

Does Family Dollar Take EBT In 2022?

Family Dollar stores in Ohio are among the first in the state to offer a cashless option for customers who qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). They have a range of food and drinks as well as snacks that are SNAP-eligible. The stores will accept EBT cards. Customers can buy the items with either debit cards or EBT cards at the checkout.

This article will give you all the information you need to know if you want to use your Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards at any of the thousands of Family Dollar stores in the United States.

Can I Use An EBT Card At Family Dollar?

You can use your EBT card to purchase food items with SNAP benefits at Family Dollar stores.

Well, they are accepting SNAP benefits, as well as SSI cash and other public assistance, but many people have trouble with using these.

SNAP benefits are not reduced when you spend $4 or more.

For example, $40 can buy 2 cans of soup, a pound of hamburger and bacon.
$40 of SNAP benefits doesn’t mean you can only buy one can of soup.
You still have money left over for other things you may want later.

* Alcohol
* Prescription medications
* Nondietary foods
* Tobacco products

The program provides some guidelines for what can and cannot be purchased with an EBT card. These restrictions exist because the program exists to help provide supplemental nutrition for needy people.

What Can I Buy With EBT At Family Dollar?

Discount stores, like Family Dollar, now carry grocery products including refrigerated, frozen and packaged foods along with household and gift items, making it possible to do most of your shopping under one roof.

The food and drink items at Family Dollar can be SNAP-eligible.

The majority of grocery items with Nutrition Facts or Nutrition Information labels are eligible for SNAP.

SNAP is not meant for buying groceries. It helps low-income families access the foods and funds they need to feed their families. You’ll find plenty of nutritious, affordable choices at Family Dollar stores.

However, items classified as supplements, which will have a Supplemental Facts label, do not qualify for SNAP and cannot be paid for with an EBT card. Supplemental Facts labels are also used for other items besides supplements.

What Can’t You Buy With EBT At Family Dollar?

It is important to keep in mind that EBT cards can only be used to buy foods and drinks that are approved by the USDA. However, some food and drink items are specifically excluded from the list of eligible items.

This includes lottery tickets, prepaid cards, as well as fuel at the self-serve pumps.

Prepared food can be quite an expensive item so sometimes people are confused about what can and cannot be used with their SNAP cards. Also, some of the prepared food are actually healthy.

The cafeteria at the library also has several different types of vegetarian and vegan options.

It can seem confusing; but it is set by the Department of Agriculture, not by the retailers. So you should remember that your local food shelves are there to help us eat more healthy food and live healthier lives, not the other way around.

How Do I Pay With EBT At Family Dollar?

If you are on the SNAP List, and you get food stamps, your benefits will be added automatically to your electronic card, and you will receive them in the same way as with paper benefits.

New users will have to download an app, verify a picture of their ID and set a PIN.

You can start by scanning the barcode with your phone and then using the EBT card as if it were a normal debit card.

The EBT card is like a debit or credit card. You can use it for anything you buy at the store.

When you want to checkout, you’ll also want to make sure all your purchase types are checked out. If you have something in your cart that is not eligible for checkout, you’ll have to checkout separately and use a different payment method.

Can I Use AN EBT Card To Shop Online At Family Dollar?

One important thing to keep in mind is that you cannot use your EBT card to purchase online at Family Dollar.

So that means you can only get a gift card at Family Dollar for online purchases if you don’t have a card that is linked to your Family Dollar account, for example.

To learn more about this, you can also see our posts about if Family Dollar accepts WIC and also if Family Dollar accepts coupons.


EBT card can be used for any food item not limited to food item that USDA is allowed to distribute to the general public.

You can also use a Food Stamp card at Family Dollar stores to buy anything except alcohol and tobacco products.

To add your family’s groceries to your EBT card, you would just need to put the card in the checkout and select your family’s amount.

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