Costco Order Tracking (how It Works, How Long It Takes + More)

Costco has a very high-quality website than most other stores.

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To track the progress of your package, go to Costco’s website, and click the “My Account” option in the top right corner. Next, click the “View Order History” option to the right of the order you want to track.

What Is Costco Order Tracking In 2022?

Costco allows you to track your shipments. In order to do this, you are given a tracking number, which you’ll use to check on the status of your transaction with the shipping courier. As of right now, Costco only deals with FedEx, but they are starting to work with other carriers.

Look for the order status and tracking number in your Costco email. If you don’t see a status update, call the customer service line at 800-426-1556 (open Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time) to find out the status of your order on your phone.

Costco Order Tracking in Canada

You can track a package you ordered from via its website by following these steps:

Go to[order number]/tracking
Enter your [order number] and
Enter your address (if you have requested a tracking email)
Click “Track package”

If you haven’t ordered from, click here to get started.

Costco Wholesale Order Tracking

Costco UK Order Tracking

You can also track your order on Costco Ireland by checking the status of your order.

If you need to track your order by email,
You can also check your order status via email.

Log in to your Costco US/Costco UK account.
Navigate to the orders page.
Click the “My Orders” link to go to the order detail page.
Follow the instructions there.

When item is in a queue, it might take at least several hours to be available for tracking. You can try to search for it by “shopping” it to see if it has any errors or tracking, but it might take at least several hours for the tracking to get activated.

How Do I Track My Costco Order?

1. To ensure that your order was placed, please go to the website and check your order online.
2. Print your receipt.
3. Call 1-800-999-9374 or 1-800-999-9374.
4. Go to the Customer Service desk in the store – this is the fastest way to receive a confirmation of your order.

If you were not signed in to your account, or you are not sure how to sign in, you can call the help desk at 1-800-737-2721.

However, you would visit the “My Account” section first to log in, then click on “My Orders” before moving on to step 4.

The courier’s website should update the tracking information usually within 24 to 48 hours.

To the left, you can see the courier tracking information.

This tracking is only accurate as the courier has it set up, and not all courier have it set up in the same way, but I know you can enter the order tracking on the courier’s website.

If you have multiple items, then each item will have a separate tracking number and you’ll receive a separate tracking email too.

You will be charged an additional shipping and handling fee and the order will not ship until you receive confirmation that the order has been canceled.

What Courier Does Costco Use?

Costco usually ships orders using USPS or FedEx. If you choose standard delivery, Costco ships orders using either USPS or FedEx.

If you schedule a pre-scheduled appointment, Costco will hand-deliver your package, and will come to your door to do so.

This also lets you avoid the annoying requirement of having to schedule a prior appointment to pick up your order as well.

To be selected and chosen for delivery, the package must be picked up from the local post office.

– You have a package for me?
– My wife is a little pissed off with me, send her this as a peace offering.

Costco has a team of logistics experts that help ensure a smooth delivery and avoid any sort of delay for their customers.

How Long Does Costco Take to Ship Orders?

If you want a cheaper version of whatever you’re looking for, choose the cheaper versions of the item.

Of course I can’t guarantee your package will arrive on time, but it should.

Grocery shopping has hit an unexpected bump. There have been delays in packing and shipping groceries because of unforeseen problems. Your delivery may have taken longer than expected.

You can see the estimated date of delivery of each order that you have placed.

Also, if you find that you have made any kind of mistake or entered any wrong information, you can still cancel your order at any time before the estimated delivery date. If you do cancel your order, you will not be charged for it.

 The product will be shipped in separate packages so they may arrive at different times.

You should be aware that the lower the shipping cost, the more items you can ship in one package.

The more cargo you carry, the more you will have to pay.

It’s like ordering something online, but since it’s a physical location, your order will have to be packed and put into a temperature-controlled environment.

To learn more about how Costco delivers and delivers to certain locations, check out our post on whether Costco delivers to Zip Codes and to Cities, and to specific types of locations, click here.


Costco lets you track your order on their website. After signing in you can navigate around to find the tracking number and use it to check on your package from the courier’s website.

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