Walmart Order Never Arrived (What To Do, Making A Claim + More)

As Walmart continues to grow, it’s continuing to invest in their ecommerce platform, so that they can offer easy delivery or in-store pickup to save customers time while shopping for everyday products.

What happens if your Walmart order doesn’t arrive? And what steps do you take to file a claim? If you’d like to know everything I’ve learned, keep reading.

Walmart Order Never Arrived In 2022

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If you would like to learn more about the shipping services Walmart uses, where to cancel an order, and more, keep on reading.

What If Your Walmart Order Never Arrived?

Walmart is asking any customer who has been unable to receive their package to call to find out if they have been delivered by a local delivery service.

Click on the ‘Create a missing order’ button by the cart page
Fill out the details in the form provided by Walmart.

Click on the ‘Next’ button to continue.

Before sending you a Missing package report, Walmart will wait two full days, omitting Sundays and holidays, for a package to arrive.

It is recommended that you check with your surrounding neighbors to see if the parcel was unintentionally delivered there.

Walmart wants you to report an order missing that they have not yet returned.

Can You Track Your Walmart Order?

If you are concerned about how your gift was shipped or where it is located, you can always track your return on the same website.

You can log in and view your Walmart order via the ordering page or by visiting

 When we order something from Walmart, we receive a tracking link for the package after it leaves the warehouse, allowing us to view the delivery at every stage.

1. Select the store from the dropdown list;
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Track Your Order”;
3. Click continue from the following page and then select the order from the list.

The Walmart mobile app allows you to track your orders and make purchases on the go.

What If There Are Walmart Delivery Delays?

if you are having any trouble with any of your packages, you can file a missing package report in your account.

Click on the “Contact Us” button and let them know about your experience.

1-800-925-6278 to talk to a customer service representative about the charges you are due on the card.

Walmart request that you wait an hour after your delivery window has passed before reaching out to customer service.

Walmart stores the product in a warehouse and then ships it to you through one of these third-party vendors.

In these websites, you can check if there are any delays in shipping of your package due to various reasons.

What Companies Does Walmart Use to Ship Orders?

Walmart delivers all types of products ranging from grocery to electronics online.

Additionally, Walmart has its own fleet of delivery drivers and trucks that transport orders across the country.
However, in many cases, the retail giant uses third-party contractors to fill its orders. And its use of third-party contractors isn’t always in its favor.

Instacart and Spark Drivers are the companies that drive grocery deliveries.

How Do You Track FedEx Packages?

Walmart will let you know that FedEx is shipping your order; you can always track the package.

I can see that you placed an order and I sent you a shipping confirmation email. Please look in your email for a tracking link.

I think it’s very smart and necessary to track the shipment.

If you use Fed Ex’s website, make sure you have a tracking number ready to enter into the system.

Afterward, you can view the status of your Walmart order.
You can check this link to see whether your Walmart order has been shipped.

Can You Cancel Walmart Orders?

Orders you placed will be cancelled if you realize you no longer want them.

This is a requirement Walmart added to the order as an extra step. You don’t need to do this step.

Walmart will send you a confirmation email after your order has been cancelled, to ensure that the order is cancelled properly.

Go to Account & Billing & Billing Preferences.
In the Billing Preference section, click Edit.
Click the Billing Method drop-down menu and choose “Manual”
Click the button next to Ship to a physical address.
Type the delivery ZIP code(s) for the shipping address.

And when you cannot see your order in your account page, you can go to [email protected] and order again.

If you’re not satisfied with your order, then you can return it for a full refund. Walmart’s return policy is really easy to use.

To get to know more, you can simply read our post here on what is a Walmart order, and how can a Walmart order be canceled.


If you ordered from Walmart, don’t contact them for a replacement or refund until two days have passed.

You can also order online. If you’re shopping at, click “Customer Care” at the bottom of your screen. Click “Contact Us.” If you’re shopping at Walmart stores call 1-800-925-6278, 7 days a week, midnight to 8 p.m. Eastern.

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