Big Lots Interview Questions (list Of 21 Questions + Answers)

Big Lots is a place to go when you need all kinds of useful items and bargains. This company has more than 1,400 stores in the US.

Are you a potential Big Lots employee? If so, besides researching the company and the products they sell, you can also look at some Big Lots interview questions to gain confidence for your pending interview.

Big Lots Interview Questions In 2022

One of the questions that will be asked of you during this job interview will be asked about the work you do in your current store. You will be asked how you deal with difficult customers and the hours of operations at the store. Some questions will require you to be available during all work hours.

Big Lots is looking for a candidate that is willing to provide a minimum of one year of retail experience, preferably of general merchandise in a retail environment……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

What Are Some Big Lots Interview Questions?

When it comes to Big Lots, interviewers will ask you about your experience as a shift manager, customer service skills and scheduling.

You will have some problem-solving experience. You will be required to use your skills and judgement in this role.

The interview process usually ends with a handshake. In most cases, the interviewers were very impressed by my work experience, and also by how well I prepared myself for the interview.

Here are some basic, easy to ask questions that can make you look like a great candidate.

I am looking to get a job in this area. I am a good team player with strong communication skills.
I also have the ability to multitask and work in a fast paced environment.

I want to work for a company where I can progress with my career.

I hope that you will consider me for the job in Big Lots.

Thank you.

1. Tell Me About Yourself
I am doing this in a small group of people. The project can be about anything, as long as you can
connect it to your idea of what people want to know about their users. Just be honest and it will
come out in your story. It’s your story, so you know what you want people to know about you.

If I was to introduce myself, I would discuss the fact that I am from Canada and that I work for one of the biggest IT companies in Montreal. Also I would mention that I am an avid soccer fan.

You work in a team, so you bring your team-building skills. You’ve
dealt with a variety of people from different cultures and
backgrounds, so you can help build a team that can make it through
the process. Perhaps you’ll bring a different perspective based on
how you were brought up, or how your life has shaped who you are.

Well, my parents didn’t give me anything. I worked for everything that I’ve got. So, I guess that makes us the best people for the job.

Your answer should consist of a few sentences that demonstrate how your work experience, willingness to learn, and commitment to helping people will help you in this position.

As a retail manager, you will be responsible for the operations on the floor.

I want to work at a retail company because it provides me with a lot of career experience, a wide range of career opportunities and it’s a place where I can easily change careers.

If you are looking to work in retail, doing your time at Big Lots will give you the experience and knowledge that you can build on to improve your career in the future.

If you are a Big Lots customer, you can also mention your positive experience shopping there.

-Big Lots has a new president and CEO, and that’s very important.
-We are working on a major expansion, but details are still to come.
-They offer a very large variety of products, and we will probably be adding to it.
-We are hoping to have the expansion done by next spring, but that’s just a guess.
-We are very pleased with the results so far.

A discount store that sells all kinds of merchandise, including food, bedding, furniture, clothing and other home items.

You might also research the products Big Lots sells compared to other retailers and see if the prices are actually lower than other retail stores.

We are looking for people who have the ability to analyze, design, and create data-driven solutions. We are looking for people with the ability to research and understand technology and learn new things.

As someone is in charge of managing the store, you may also describe how you demonstrate these qualities by your personal style of acting.

I am motivated by the fact that I like to learn stuff. I want to learn new stuff and I also want to learn from other people. I also like to learn from people who are very knowledgeable. I am motivated by a love for learning new stuff which is why I love this site.

Motivations are important in my life. I try to be humble, and not think of myself as better than others. I don’t like to think I’m better or worse than others.

These will be used to communicate with others, learn about retail, and how these new skills will help you perform better.

What are your goals? What you doing? And what you want to do? And how can you get there? What if you don’t get there? Then you find new goals.

Your answer should be written on a piece of paper and put in an envelope. You will need to have a job interview at The Big Lots in the next few days.

There’s so many different career paths you could go into that are actually even more lucrative than owning your own business like this. Not to mention, you get to do it from the comfort of your own home.

I am an experienced programmer. I can work with the team.

When you first apply to a job, you should think about your strengths and what you do well. Maybe you are a problem-solver? Maybe you do a good job with customers? Whatever you do well, try to highlight this in your application, resume and interview.

I’d prioritize the time between the demands of checking out and checking in so as to free up my day from shopping.

Your problem-solving skills will be put to the test in this question.

– Customer service is the most important thing in the retail setting.
– Customer service is the most important thing in the retail setting.

According to a survey, it was shown that the longer the checkout line lasted, the more irritated the customers got. In addition, they were also more likely to be influenced negatively by other customers on the line.

Customer Service should keep your customers waiting at the counter until they are ready to leave.

You will always prioritize the checkout line before any other customer in line. If there is an exceptionally busy day, you should also ask for more staff at the cash register.

Customer service is defined in many ways. By customers it can mean you to the company. The product or service is sold, and the company expects the customer to be satisfied with the product or service. This is also known as client service or customer relations. Also, the company may be willing to help the customer or even improve the product or service.
This is also known as the company’s attitude towards the customers.

Companies need to focus on customer service to promote a strong brand.

Our software helps you make the right purchase. So if you have a problem with any of our products, we’ll resolve it for you.

We have had some challenges with upset customers. The reason, I think, is that we don’t make a good product for most of our customers. I have some customers who get upset and they want to leave but we don’t make a good product for them.

When you need to deal with a customer who is angry about something, it’s best to let them vent, and then find a way to solve their problem.

If the process is not working, you can ask someone who can help.

I can recall that I turned a bad user experience with Microsoft product into a good user experience with Microsoft product.

There are two options for this. A) You can be a good retail employee and learn how to make the job work for you instead of you fighting it, B) you can start your own business, learn how to make something work and be the boss.

The latter option appeals to me much more than the former.

You could pick a situation where you had to do a job where you didn’t really care for what you were doing.

It was possible that the customer helped the cashier locate a difficult item in the store, and also opened an additional register when the line to pay was too long.

I am slow at recognizing and responding to opportunities.

The interview should be no longer than 30 minutes.
You have to prepare beforehand.

The ideal way to mention a weakness would be to talk about something that can be changed so it doesn’t come back and bite you later.

There is a saying: “Finish the one you are working on before you start the next one.” When you finish a project, don’t begin the next one. You can only do one thing at a time.

To begin with, I wasn’t the type to work at a job that offered health insurance, because I felt I should be able to provide insurance for myself, and I didn’t want to be forced to go to a job that would deny me coverage if I got sick. I didn’t want to be forced to keep working if I got sick.

If your previous job is not available, you may take a new job.

Avoid saying anything negative or critical of your previous job, supervisors, or colleagues. Do not be critical of your previous employer.

I worked in an environment where I learned a lot of good habits and that I had to go back to the same old place in order to change my work, which was not the best for my mental health.

It is your responsibility to make your availability and availability is your job.
A job is something that you are responsible for.
What can we do to make this job better?
What are some things that we could improve on?
This is an opportunity to work with
people who have many skills and many talents.

Big Lots knows that it takes time to find qualified employees, so it has an excellent training program that provides all new hires with relevant training.

If you have a more flexible schedule then you’ll be able to do a better job for a company.
3. The more experience you have the better.

No matter how much we train or work, some people get stuck in the middle.
They feel that they are not able to start work and they are not able to finish well.
If you feel like this, then look at the situations where you have been stuck for a long time.

It is never too early to start to build on the basics. So, if you start too early, you’ll have to deal with technical debt.

If you need to give notice at your previous job, or cannot start right away for some other reasons, explain the situation clearly and specify the earliest date you can start work. If you can start right away, just tell them.

Hey there, I am here for your job search help and I will be talking to
you about work-life balance, the changing nature of work and how to find
your career balance between work, school and life.

You can answer by telling me about what you are already doing in the way of work or in the way of earning a living. You will most likely want to think of a specific job that you are doing right now.

I feel like I can pull an all-nighter or just go home at 5pm. This can make for an interesting problem depending on location and the time of day.

Your answer is going to be determined by your own situation and preferences.

If you are considering taking a few months off, think about what skills you have that you could apply to another job in a related field.

*Note that if you can’t lift 50 pounds, you’ll have to do a few reps of it until you can. It may take a couple of reps to get your core and back ready to handle the weight. Don’t worry though, you’ll get stronger as you get fitter.

You can lift things that weigh 50 pounds, but you should be prepared to hurt yourself too.

If you have a medical condition like asthma or a heart condition, or some other reason that you cannot lift heavy weights, then you can explain that. It’s not a problem if you’re applying for a stockist position.
If you were to use the following structure in your sentences, I think that most people would understand how you meant them.

I am willing to make the sacrifices needed to make a difference.

The store your applying to has a roster of cleaning duties, including bathroom cleaning.

Unless you have some sort of health problem that prevents you from doing the tasks required for the position, your answer should simply be that you’re willing to do the tasks required for the position.

It’s a question they ask to see if I have any regrets or am looking forward to the future. They know this is an important conversation to have with someone I’ve been with for a long time.

Ask a question about the job, the store, the company and their company policies and benefits.

I am looking for a company with a culture of working hard and succeeding, but a culture of being passionate about the products they are developing. As a programmer, they should also be passionate about solving complex algorithms to create something that is a true evolution of what has been done before.

If you want more information on Big Lots, we also have a post on the hours of business. To find out if you can work at Big Lots, you must go through the hiring process.


Even though the interviews are friendly, you will want to make sure that you can adequately answer the questions the interviewer poses to you. Therefore, you should prepare for the interview questions before your final interview. The questions will be standard, and you can ask your friends or family for help if necessary.

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