Big Lots Hiring Process (here Are The Ins & Outs + Faqs)

The Big Lots locations are in grocery stores, malls, and other places so it’s always easy to find. They have everything you need, and sometimes it’s even cheaper than buying it at the grocery store.

While most people would be ecstatic to get a job at Big Lots, not everyone gets to work in the retail world. If you are a hard worker with a positive attitude, then you can get a job in this field.

What Is Big Lots’ Hiring Process In 2022?

Big Lots mainly looks for applicants with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Big Lots also prefers to hire college graduates over high school graduates because of the high turnover rate of employees. Many employees at Big Lots work for the company for two years before they receive a promotion. Big Lots employees that move up a level in the company get a promotion for having good leadership qualities.

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What Is the Big Lots Hiring Process Like?

The application and interview process can be broken down into 3 main steps. The first step is the online application process, the second is the in-person interview, and the last step is the hiring decision.

The first phase is where you’ll be building trust and rapport. You can expect to build rapport by having conversations with the patient, doing what you’re told, and offering support. The second phase is where you’ll be demonstrating the core of your practice and working through any problems that come up. Finally, in the third and final phase, you’ll be demonstrating your ability to make decisions, act on your own, and solve the problems you encounter.

There are many online job applications.

When you’re applying for a job at Big Lots, you’ll be able to access the online application via their Career web site.

You can filter for specific keywords and locations available. This is helpful when you’re actively searching for work.

Apply your job search skills to search for a job that’s a good match for you. You can also narrow your search by job category, location, or additional keywords.

If you don’t sign in using an existing account, you will be sent back to the login page.

Your account registration is not complete, please try again

You might try updating your account details on your registration page.

As I’m interviewing applicants for the position of web developer, my job is to select candidates that will be a perfect fit for me, as well as my client. The application process includes a cover letter and the application form, from which I collect the details of the applicant. I interview the candidates and then present the job offer to the client.

A hiring manager usually wants to talk to you within a week after your application has been submitted.

One of the reasons Big Lots’ interviewers prefer to conduct an in-person interview is that they get to see the candidates’ personalities first-hand. Some interviewers even find that they can spot potential problems or deficiencies in candidates before they even get to the phone interview.

During the interview, the hiring manager will ask you questions to get to know you better, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask them questions as well.

At the entry-level, one can expect a single interview process and you don’t have to be prepared for a second or third round because it’s only one. However at the managerial level, you should be prepared for a second or third round of interviews.

A hiring decision is a critical moment in any company’s life.

So I called Big Lots’ HR department to see what was up, and I was told that I had to make an appointment with a supervisor if I wanted to talk about job opportunities.

As a rule of thumb, you should wait 2-3 weeks before writing your thank you email. If the recruiter hasn’t come back to you, feel free to send an email to ask whether they’ve found a replacement.

How Long Does It Take to Get Hired at Big Lots?

Depending on the size of your store, the length of time you might look for potential hires can vary. It could be a couple of days, or it could be a couple of weeks.

What Happens at a Big Lots Interview?

The interview felt more like a casual conversation and that it was more about what they could do for the company than an actual interview. After the first round, some applicants felt like they had done well and others did not.

In most cases, Big Lots does 1:1 interviews with applicants and hiring managers. They usually last about 30 minutes.

Is It Easy to Get Hired at Big Lots?

Yes, it seems like it is easy to get hired at big lots.

Retail is a very competitive environment and this store is especially competitive because of it’s location just outside of a major metro area. This gives the store a huge advantage over other stores in its area.

It’s important to put your best foot forward during an interview, but it’s also important to put your best foot forward in your resume.

I think it’s important to be flexible, to be organized, and to have a good attitude when it comes to work. I also think it’s important to be honest, to be respectful toward your manager and coworkers.

Does Big Lots Drug Test?

I don’t think drug tests are mandatory. But many of my coworkers say that they have been asked to submit to a drug test during their interview process. In other words, they are required to pass a drug test before they are hired.

Now that you know your risk factors, you can determine that the chances of you getting tested are greatly influenced by where you live as well as the position you’re applying for.

Does Big Lots Do Background Checks?

You’ll most likely have to submit a background check to the employer before getting the job. The check will let them know if you have any issues or criminal history from the past.

Yes, you can still apply at Big Lots if you have a prior conviction. You will be asked whether the conviction has been expunged or served, depending on the circumstances.

To learn more, you can also read our posts that cover the Big Lots jobs, the Big Lots corporate office, and the Big Lots dress code.


Just like any other business, Big Lots needs to know if their workers can do the job and are qualified. It doesn’t matter if you have a clean record, Big Lots wants to make sure that you are capable of being a good Big Lots associate.

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