Best Places to Go, Itineraries, and More for Summer 2024

A question remains unanswered in the air as the sun gets ready to paint the earth in golden hues: Where will your summer vacation take you in 2024? As summer 2024 approaches, the globe is prepared to greet daring visitors looking for once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Our carefully chosen collection of locations guarantees a summer escape unlike any other, whether your attraction is the wild beauty of African safaris, the sun-kissed beaches of the Mediterranean, or the cultural mosaic of Europe.

Italy: A Symphony of Sights, Sounds, and Savor

Italy is where La Dolce Vita comes to life, bringing with it an enticing fusion of art, history, and gastronomy. Picture yourself visiting the historic ruins of Rome, enjoying real pizza in Naples, and meandering along the charming canals of Venice.

Take advantage of our “Iconic Italy” tour, a brisk journey from Venice to Italy that includes museum visits, gondola excursions, and the alluring Amalfi Coast. Don’t pass up these undiscovered treasures for a really Italian experience.

Croatia: Mediterranean Magic Unveiled

With its glittering Adriatic Sea, ancient cities, and rich cultural diversity, Croatia entices visitors. Imagine kayaking through secret caverns, scaling the historic walls of Dubrovnik, and enjoying authentic Croatian food.

An 11-day journey through vibrant lakes, family-run vineyards, and the alluring charm of Croatia’s islands is what our “Tailor-Made Croatia Highlights Exploration” promises.

Greece: Islands, Mythology, and More

Discover the delights of Greece, a country rich in ancient history and embellished with magnificent islands. Imagine exploring the historic sites of Athens, learning about the secrets of the Minoans in Crete, and relaxing on Santorini’s sun-kissed beaches.

A 12-day tour of Athens, Rhodes, Crete, and Santorini is what our “Expansive Greece Itinerary” offers, providing the ideal balance of the known and the unknown.

Spain: Sun, Flamenco, and Endless Exploration

Explore the charms of Greece, a nation adorned with stunning islets and rich in age. Imagine discovering the mystifications of the Minoans in Crete, traveling the ancient spots of Athens, and mellowing on the sun-kissed strands of Santorini.

With a 12-day diary that strikes the perfect blend between the well-known and the unknown, our” extensive Greece Diary” includes stops in Athens, Rhodes, Crete, and Santorini.

Dominican Republic: Caribbean Paradise Oasis

The Dominican Republic, nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, is a paradise oasis that captivates visitors with its stunning natural beauty and vibrant culture. From its sun-kissed beaches and lush tropical landscapes to its lively music and flavorful cuisine, the Dominican Republic offers a rich tapestry of experiences for travelers seeking relaxation, adventure, and cultural immersion. Whether you’re exploring the historic streets of Santo Domingo, diving into crystal-clear waters, driving jet ski rental Punta Cana near the beaches or simply unwinding on a palm-fringed beach, this Caribbean gem promises an unforgettable journey filled with warmth, hospitality, and endless delights. Private catamaran Punta Cana tours are tailored according to your needs, whether you’re looking for a romantic trip or a party on a boat, so it’s impossible not to have fun in this paradise scenery

Portugal: Seaside Retreats and Culinary Delights

Portugal, with its sun-kissed beaches and fairytale castles, offers the perfect summer retreat. Imagine kayaking through hidden caves, sampling Lisbon’s flavors, and exploring Sinatra’s enchanting Pena Palace.

Our “Lively Adventures of Portugal Tour” promises an island getaway to cultural hallmarks, blending natural beauty with cultural splendor. Let Portugal’s charm unfold on this personalized tour.

France: Romance, Vineyards, and Artistry

The zenith of luxury and grace, France welcomes you to discover its antique municipalities, graphic stations, and internationally honored galleries. Imagine taking a tardy perambulation along the Seine River in Paris, treating yourself to a private culinary assignment, and delighting in the rich history of Bordeaux’s wine product.

We guarantee a 14-day absorption into the heart of French history, culture, and civic charm on our” Highlights of France” stint. Take a trip to the country and enjoy fine French wine for a classic summertime flight.

Iceland: Nature’s Grand Spectacle

Iceland, a country with untamed and alluring landscapes, welcomes you to explore its treasures at midnight. Imagine ascending rugged slopes with breathtaking views of valleys, diving in crystal-clear rifts, and venturing down into a volcano’s molten chamber.

We offer an eight-day trip into the hidden wonders of this Nordic wonderland with our “Adventurer’s Tour of Iceland’s Volcanic and Glacial Landscape”. Discover Iceland’s unspoiled splendor, where history, customs, and unadulterated nature captivate people for ages.

Tanzania: Safari and Seascapes

Tanzania, the zenith of safari luxury, extends an assignment for you to witness the tranquility of Zanzibar and the nobility of the Serengeti. Imagine going on night big cat hunts, snorkeling over vibrant reefs, and relaxing on immaculate white beach strands.

Our nine-day “Safari and Seascape” adventure promises to take you deep into the African backcountry and into the laid-back vibe of Zanzibar. Take in all that the safari season has to offer.

Kenya: Landscapes, Wildlife, and Cultural Marvels

Kenya presents an amazing summertime travel experience with its breathtaking scenery and abundant wildlife. Imagine visiting the Masai Mara, getting to know the Masai people, and seeing how vast the wilderness is.

A 12-day celebration of nature and customs, embodying the spirit of Africa’s ultimate safari experience, is what our “Best of Kenya Safari” promises to deliver. Set out on an adventure across the wildlife and scenic regions of Kenya.

Botswana: Wilderness Grandeur and Exclusive Escapes

An African safari is best enjoyed against the backdrop of Botswana, which has a dry winter season. Imagine snorkeling over the coral reefs of Seychelles and taking in the amazing animals that call the Okavango Delta home while on a dawn safari.

With an 11-day exploration of Botswana and the Seychelles, our luxury tour “Okavango Delta and White-Sand Beaches” aims to capture the essence of the environment in unparalleled comfort.

South Africa: Majestic Wilderness Awaits

Take in South Africa’s untamed beauty in the dead of winter in the Southern Hemisphere. The options are as varied as the landscapes, whether you’re thinking of booking flights to see the historical charm of the Eastern Cape or going on a safari to see the Big Five in the largest national park in Sub-Saharan Africa via safari.

Costa Rica: Nature’s Tranquil Playground

Come and visit Costa Rica in the magical “little dry season.” Discover vibrant fauna under the canopy of the rainforest and uncrowded, immaculate Pacific beaches.

Costa Rica provides action in a tranquil environment, from exhilarating zip-lining to seeing squirrel monkeys and making your way over class IV rapids. Let a travel expert customize your tropical getaway as you discover environmentally friendly coffee plantations or just relax on the tranquil shores.

Conclusion: Craft Your Summer Saga

These locations and specially designed itineraries provide a symphony of experiences, from wild excursions to cultural immersions, as the summer of 2024 draws near. Now is the perfect moment to create your summer saga, whether you find yourself drawn to the wild wonders of Africa, the enticement of Europe, or the magic of Iceland.

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