5 Great Benefits for Permanent Residency in Cyprus

There is an incredibly picturesque country where millions of people want to go. There is a vibrant and thriving immigrant community. Endless miles of insanely beautiful clean beaches, gorgeous mountain ranges, unique cultural traditions, and luxurious people’s standard of living can all be found in Cyprus.

When it comes to moving abroad, expats worldwide believe that Cyprus is one of the best places to move. Moreover, there are well-established communities of those who have already moved to the country. It makes a living on the island more comfortable.

Today, it is realistic to get a Cyprus PR by investment, which is relevant for non-European citizens. The conditions for obtaining it are simple. The most important requirement is to buy Cypriot real estate, whose value is not less than 300 thousand euros. This document has a lot of pros, which must be aware of all those going there.

Access to Education

The quality of education in this country is excellent. Several international schools are located there. Of course, it is necessary to consider the cost of education because they are primarily private educational institutions. If talking about education for children, residents can be sure that children will grow up in an international cultural environment. It is one of the main Cyprus PR benefits, which for most families, becomes decisive when deciding to move. The education people receive in the country allows them to continue their studies at higher educational institutions in the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Healthcare Benefits

The level of medical services there is also excellent. Residents have access to basic health care through the national healthcare system. Urgent medical care usually costs 10 euros per appointment in the emergency department of any public hospital.

It should be emphasized that the level of medical services remains one of the highest in Europe. People even often go there for treatment and surgery. Moreover, the predominant part of the employees in the private healthcare sector speaks fluent English.

Ease of Travel

Another significant advantage in favor of having legal status is the rich opportunities for travel. A person with a residence permit has the right to travel anywhere in the country visa-free. Moreover, after five years of living on the island, it is realistic to become a holder of citizenship and travel without needing a visa to more than 170 countries, including the European Union and the United Kingdom.

Travel with Ease and Affordability with Car Hire in Cyprus

Another benefit of having permanent residency in Cyprus is the ease of travelling around the island and beyond. Cyprus has a well-developed road network and many scenic routes to explore. You can hire a car from one of the many car hire companies in Cyprus and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of driving at your own pace. Whether you need a small car for a city break or a large car for a family vacation, you can find the best deals on car hire in Cyprus with enjoytravel.com. You can also choose from a variety of car models, such as the Ford Fiesta, an economy car with automatic transmission and room for five people. By renting a car in Cyprus, you can discover the island’s rich history, culture, and natural beauty at your own leisure. You can also easily travel to other countries in the region, such as Greece, Turkey, or Israel, with your Cyprus permanent residency.

Employment Opportunities

The list of crucial advantages also included employment opportunities. It is especially true for business owners. Those who have a permanent residence permit in Cyprus have the following options:

  • buy a stake in a local business;
  • start their own companies;
  • transfer existing firms to the jurisdiction of the island.

The advantages of Cyprus PR should also include the optimization of taxation. For example, there are no taxes on foreign income and inheritance and no low property and income tax rates.

Eligibility for Citizenship

According to the research results by Imin Malta specialist Martin Van Der Westuyse, five years of residency with a permanent residence permit provides the right to obtain citizenship. At the end of this period, it is possible to apply and become a full citizen of the European Union. This document also gives such rights:

  • to stay in the country without restrictions;
  • to be in the territory without an expiration date;
  • there is no need for an entry visa.

The investor is offered to choose one of several investment options. For example, one can invest in residential or commercial real estate. For this purpose, shares of local companies and units of local investment funds are also available.


As you can see, this status offers excellent opportunities for building a happy future. By looking at Cyprus’ permanent residency benefits, you can see if this is what you need. If so, you will need to know how to do everything correctly to have a document that allows you to enter and stay in the country freely. With the help of professionals, preparing it will not be difficult.

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