5 Most Desirable Countries in Europe You May Consider for Living

When You are on a quest to search for a place on this planet that suits you, you cannot eliminate any region without consideration. One has to look into multiple factors before one decides to move. Once you make up your mind that you need to change your direction and live in a better or more exciting place, the world is your oyster. 

You may choose any of the seven continents as your residence, but you must look at the financial and social factors that agree with you. Europe is one of the most desired places one may choose to live. Multiple countries in Europe are thriving and will accept your work visas. Moving to Europe is not as arduous as you think. To transfer your belongings, you may hire professional movers. You will not need to buy new stuff for your residence. 

Here are some European countries you may like to consider for permanent residence. 


Switzerland is a welfare state, which means more than 270,000 residents of Switzerland receive social assistance. The economy of Switzerland is thriving, and its political matters are also in order; therefore, it may suit many people who want a work-related visa. 

One can move to Switzerland for the views and locations alone. But it has many more things you cannot help but find desirable. Their healthcare and education system is top-notch, and their per capita income will encourage you to work.


Germany is the second safest country in the world. It provides its resident’s structure because it has a solid rules base. You may find Germany desirable if you want to work and experience culture together. You may enjoy the nightlife of Germany and the professional environment during the day. Moving to Germany has become easier today. 

Germany is one of the most sweeping welfare states. Its people are entitled to unemployment benefits when they do not have other means to earn money. You may get work in any career or any field you like. A work visa allows you to stay in the country for six months and look for a job. 


Sweden is one of the most economically stable countries in Europe. It has a good salary and a somewhat high taxation rate. Sweden is a welfare state similar to multiple other European countries, and its economic state is much better. 

English is spoken widely in Sweden and can be an advantage for working people. You do not have to learn a second language to follow your career dreams in Sweden. But if you wish to make meaningful and friendly connections, it is better to learn Swedish. You will pick up the language if you live there long enough. 


The former part of the European Union, England has so much to offer to people. The people of England are polite and welcoming. The education systems and health care of England are also admirable. 

You may wish to live in a country where you understand the language and the culture. Due to its colonial past, the English culture is one of the most well-known cultures in the world. If you are well educated, you would know a few novels and writers of English origin. 

You may understand pop culture better and connect with the locals once you get used to it. Joining a university in England is the dream for many academics. You may pursue a new career or gain advanced degrees in England in your main subject. 


When looking for a new place and a new country to settle in, you want to choose a country with a reasonable gross salary. Austria has the highest minimum wage in Europe, but you will not get bonuses and overtime payments. 

One of the desirable features of a place is its geographic landscape. Choose a country where your family and friends would like to visit you on vacation. Austria has splendid architecture, natural landscapes, waterbodies, and historical buildings you must see with friends. 

The air quality, natural views, economic growth, and its people make it the eleventh happiest country in the world. Employers in Austria support their workers and help them create a healthy work-life balance. You can also start a business in Austria as its economy sustains new enterprises. 

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