Amazon Price Mistake Policy (do They Honor Them, Reporting Incorrect Prices + More)

In the last five years Amazon has had problems with pricing their product. They have had issues with their prices being too high, inaccurate, and sometimes the wrong prices were put up.

Amazon’s policy states that Amazon will honor an advertised price as long as the Amazon price is listed higher than the third-party price. In other words, if you find an item listed on Amazon for $99.99, but the third-party company that produced the product has a price of $59.99, then Amazon will honor the $99.99 price.

Amazon Price Mistake Policy In 2022

If you want to know about Amazon’s policies, you should continue reading and learn about how and when they charge for low prices, why and how they charge higher prices, how to report a price error, and more!

What is Amazon’s Policy for Price Mistakes?

Amazon will often correct a price mistake. Some instances, they will charge an actual price and ask that the customer pay that amount.

If the price of an item changes and you have already purchased the item at the previous price before the price change, Amazon may not charge you the higher asking price. So, if the price of an item has already been checked before its change, if its purchase price is less than the current price, Amazon will not ask you to upgrade the purchase price. This behavior is observed from the last few days as Amazon is also displaying the old price of the item when there is a price change.

There’s not much we can do to prevent this. We can’t be sneaky with prices because our pricing is not the same as Amazon’s pricing.

Does Amazon Honor Incorrect Prices?

When dealing with Amazon you have to understand that the people working at the various customer service pages have no power to give in and change an incorrect price. If an incorrect price has been rung up on a given product, the customer will not be able to get the person they spoke to to change it.

However, if customers call Amazon’s customer service and request that the price be honored, there is often more success due to those employees having the authority to grant such changes.

Amazon will usually honor a mistake on a sale if the customer is charged for the lower price. They might not if you were charged for a higher price on a holiday sale for example.

What is Amazon’s Price Mistake Policy for Double Payment?

Another common price mistake is a customer accidentally getting charged double for a product that they bought. This price error could be caused by a system glitch, hackers, or other accidental means.

When customers check their account and notice that they were billed for an item that was not delivered, they can call Amazon’s customer service number, and Amazon will usually resolve the problem within 24 hours.

If a product is originally advertised at a higher price, and the payment hasn’t been processed on an order before the price is changed, the new lower price will be applied.

Customers that were unaware of the price change will still only pay the lower advertised price. However, they might be charged a higher price if they do not check the price of the item after it has been removed.

How Do I Report an Incorrect Price on Amazon?

Customers can report the error to Amazon by visiting the My Amazon page or by emailing

Do Third-Party Sellers on Amazon Honor Incorrect Prices?

If Amazon mis-prices the item, it is the customer’s responsibility to take action, but Amazon cannot be held responsible or accountable for the consequences of an honest price error.

The seller may have some of the items in stock (or have them in the process of being made) and is hoping to sell them at the lowest possible price.
The seller is not a stockist or does not have the product.
They are attempting to unload some of a small amount of high-demand product they previously purchased.
The seller is not trustworthy and should be avoided.
Because the product is sold out, the seller can’t refund your money.

Can I Get Away With Buying an Amazon Product for the Incorrect Price?

While Amazon generally corrects their price mistakes in a timely manner, as an Amazon customer, you can enjoy free price updates.

This has occurred during Black Friday where a system glitch lowered prices for expensive items. The higher price appears to have never been charged.

The company is able to take care of the customers easily if they get their complaint and make sure there is no confusion on the original order.

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Amazon will not honor price mistakes the seller does not know about.

Amazon may honor the price on a case-by-case basis, such as during holidays or if the customer has already ordered the merchandise and the current price is the lowest available.

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