Amazon Chargebacks (what Are They, How To Deal With Them, Getting Banned + More)

When you start selling on Amazon, you have to be prepared to deal with some challenges. Problems with shipping, disappointed customers and charge errors are all common issues for sellers.

However, some sellers are worried about their inability to handle a chargeback from a customer. If you’re wondering what a chargeback is and how to handle a chargeback, read on to learn this!

What Are Amazon Chargebacks In 2022?

When a customer contacts about a charge or dispute on a purchase made they get told to contact their bank or credit card company. This may be due to a customer not recognizing the charge, not having the product shipped to them, or something similar.

If you’d like to learn more about how to deal with a chargeback on Amazon, what to do if a chargeback is denied and how long you have to respond, keep reading for more helpful facts, tips and information!

How Do I Deal With Amazon Chargebacks?

When someone is trying to reverse a transaction, a seller is required to confirm the contents of the email before being able to proceed.

When a seller receives a message from a customer about the status of their package, it is important to ensure that the message is authentic. For example, if a customer sends a message saying “your package has been shipped,” it is possible that the package is on its way, but the customer hasn’t yet received confirmation.

After reviewing all of the information, you must decide whether or not to approve the chargeback. If the customer is in the right, the seller should approve the chargeback.

However, if the customer decides to dispute the charge, the seller has to follow the instructions on the email they received and this may result in the charge being settled.

Does Amazon Ban Sellers for Chargebacks?

 In regards to chargebacks, merchants should always take care of the transaction by following the necessary steps during payment. If a chargeback is received, there may be a refund or not.

This means that if an individual is banned from Amazon, they will not be able to sell on any Amazon platforms. This might be a major loss for the individual if they are reliant on the Amazon platform.

Therefore if a seller on Amazon has made a mistake during their fulfillment process and have received a chargeback, it’s recommended that they accept the chargeback instead of disputing it.

How Do I Respond to a Chargeback Claim on Amazon?

After a buyer or seller receives a charge back notification, either one can choose to dispute or accept the charge, or they could just refund the money.

A statement of responsibility. This can be an affidavit by the company’s president or an officer of the company.
A statement of how the product is materially different from other items in your catalog or website. For example, if you sell kitchen knives, mention that your knives are made of high-carbon stainless steel while those made by competitor may be made of cheap carbon steel.
A statement of how you are harmed by the misrepresentations of the competitor. If you buy a kitchen knife, it should be made of high-carbon steel. If you buy a toaster, it should be a toaster.

– If a person is not under age 21: the applicant’s date of birth
– The applicant’s address (Street Address, City, State, Zip Code)
– A brief background profile of the applicant (e.g., work experience, education, personal interests).

If a seller decides to accept request for the chargeback, seller must send a confirmation back to the buyer indicating that the request has been honored.

As a result of this change, sellers should make sure they have the right information to support the chargeback if it occurs.
– The Seller will be automatically charged by the payment processor if they do not respond within 11 days of a chargeback request.

Do I Have to Pay to Dispute a Chargeback on Amazon?

However, if sellers choose to dispute a charge on their account, they only pay $20 for representation.

According to Amazon Seller Central, if a customer’s issue is under the Payment Protection Policy, the seller will not be charged the dispute fee regardless of how many payments are in dispute.

If you don’t know the correct information, and you are asking for representation, you will be charged the dispute fee regardless of the outcome in your case.

How Long Do I Have to Respond to an Amazon Chargeback?

If sellers can not accept the chargeback fee, or dispute the charges, then those chargeback charges will fall back onto their credit card.

If a customer does not notify a chargeback request in a timely manner after purchase, the seller will be charged for the transaction and the request will be referred to the business’s credit card processor.

What Does an Amazon Chargeback Notification Look Like?

A buyer has reversed their original purchase. A buyer is entitled to reverse a transaction when they are not happy with the product and/or the service provided by the seller. To process a charge back, the buyer will need to contact the seller to reverse their purchase.

The following is a basic list of information that you provided to me regarding your credit card and that needs to be provided for you to be able to dispute the charges.

The email will also provide a link to a form the buyer has to fill out in order to dispute the charges.

To get complete information on this topic, you can easily visit our blog on credit card processing payment gateway.


When a customer receives a chargeback, the customer may not like the products that they received or they may have ordered the wrong items. The customer will decide whether to accept or dispute the chargeback.

If you don’t want to give Amazon your information, you will have to provide them with information about where you shipped the item, or if you have a working item, provide the order number that Amazon sold the item to. You can also use Amazon’s shipping tracking service to track your shipment.

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