23+ Costco Statistics, Facts & Trends 

Costco’s stores are in the form of warehouses. They contain a diverse collection of items, so not everyone will be able to find the item they are looking for.

Because Costco is so popular in the US, it had to create a separate website for US shoppers alone. This new website (www.costco.com) is now the main website, but it uses the same search functionality as the main site.

Costco, the largest wholesale warehouse club retailer in the world, traces its roots back to 1979, when a group of friends from Seattle, Washington, pooled their money to start a company.

5 Key Costco Statistics & Facts In 2022

23 Costco Statistics, Facts & Trends In 2022

Costco History Facts

Costco is much-loved by shoppers across the world. This is how it got to where it is. A couple of years ago, the company started a new strategy to take off its operations in the United States. For a start, they wanted to diversify into new areas of shopping. It is also one of the most popular shopping destinations for all of America. And this helps the company to reach out to new customers.

While the first two Costco stores were small storefronts, the one that made it big was the one you shop at today. The original Seattle store was huge, with more than a million square feet.

Amazon had a different business plan and focused on improving service in its marketplace, which has allowed it to be profitable with a lower operating expense base.

After four years of operating as PriceCostco, it was decided that the original name was too difficult to say. It was felt that the family behind PriceCostco was a better representative for the company, so the name was changed to Costco Wholesale Corporation.

Costco was originally designed as a warehouse for selling large quantities of products to members. As time went on, they began to sell their products to the non-member public at affordable prices.

In the third quarter of 2020, the company saw membership sales increase by 5.5 percent to $3.45 billion.

Costco’s food court is a long-time favorite, and for good reason. Not only are the hotdogs tasty and convenient for customers, they’ve also been priced at $1.50 since 1985. This is just one example of Costco following its tried-and-true early business model.

Costco Popularity And Market Share Statistics

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We sell a lot of what we sell because our customers are loyal and come back to us time and time again.

Costco runs its stores in North America and in the UK. The company says that it makes up around 4% of the total retail sales in the US and around 1% in the UK.
The company’s stores are a big success, and it gets up to ten million visitors every week.

Costco’s revenue was higher than Amazon’s when Walmart decided to cut off Costco’s access to Walmart’s brick and mortar stores.

In order to be able to supply the majority of the products that are bought at Costco by its customer base, Costco also has several distribution outlets located around the country.

If we are to believe the latest research, Costco members are more likely to buy expensive items instead of the cheap ones that the other consumers prefer.

The low price model of Costco makes its product range very attractive for customers. In fact, the prices of Costco’s products were found to be lower than competitor Amazon’s on almost 80% of all products.

And, since Costco makes the majority of its profits from membership fees, the store can afford to keep prices low by buying in bulk and discounting.

Costco also has competitive edge because customers can get many services at Costco. Costco gives many services for free, including auto repair services, and they can save a lot of money if they use these services.

By shopping your Costco membership, you can save about 11% on your auto and home insurance policies purchased through Costco.

You always see Costco in the middle of town, and you have to walk on the sidewalk to get to it.

The chickens that dominate the shelves are those grown by Perdue Farms and sold under the brand name Country Fried, which, for the average consumer, have all but eclipsed the popularity of a name brand chicken.

Costco Logistics Statistics

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Coincidentally, the Innovel Solutions acquisition also brought with it the same kind of innovation that helped Costco build its logistics division in the first place. The acquisition allowed Costco to focus on the one place where they could really make a difference: at the final mile.

Costco’s transportation team will pick up the items that they have been delivering to warehouses when they drive back from their deliveries.

Consumers buy items they want and pay for them in the store. Reverse logistics helps companies reduce the amount of inventory stored in warehouses.

Stock-keeping units (SKUs) are unique identifiers assigned to individual items. When the customer purchases items from Costco, they are grouped in lots. The groups are called “baskets” and contain different items, or “families”, under one label.

There are also advantages for the customer. It saves him a trip to the store for more bulky items such as books and furniture.

Costco employees have been commuting in vans for over twenty years, and they’re always encouraging each other to ride together on their vans, in order to make it less disruptive to their lives.

Around that time the company added a commuter rail line and added a second parking lot, which led to increasing ridership.

Costco’s Worldwide Reach

Costco has revolutionized grocery retail and now has stores in multiple countries and is expanding its range of products, all made in the USA.

Puerto Rico is the largest single market for the Costco, with 636 stores and warehouses. New York, Illinois, and Connecticut are close runners up.

The Canadian warehouse is right next to the Mexico border and is a popular choice for Canadians travelling abroad.

Average sales usually go up every year. During the past 10 years, the only exceptions were 2015 and 2016, which saw dips of $2 million and $3 million respectively.

However, that is up from 9.5% in the preceding year. In other words, the revenue growth has been more consistent since then.

The new warehouse locations will be in the Canadian cities of Calgary, Ottawa, and Toronto, and the US cities of Reno, New Albany, Ohio, and Cincinnati.

Costco Employee Statistics

Costco has given us the opportunity to grow and expand and learn.

It has never been the biggest private employer in the US. It is still smaller than Walmart.

Of these 180,000 people [which are] 90% of them are hourly workers, and a majority of them work full time.

According to Costco, the average full-time Costco employee earns $36,000 per year, a hefty sum that includes Costco’s higher earnings for part-time workers.

The Costco in Elgin and Burr Ridge both recently raised their starting wage to $16 an hour, boosting pay for all their workers – including cashiers and store managers.

A living wage is the minimum that a person needs to make in order to survive and work. Costco was rated the top company for compensation and benefits by employees in 2018.

Costco’s Challenges

Costco has faced many challenges when it comes to the grocery business, but has always survived and done the best they could.

– People who buy in bulk save a lot of money, as they would be paying more if they bought items individually.
– The low price that Costco offers is usually at the expense of quality.
– People who shop at Costco will be offered a limited selection of quality products at low prices.

After Costco declined to merge with Walmart in 1993, Costco turned its attention to Sam’s Club, which had been the Walmart’s biggest competitor.

The chain with more stores, Sam’s Club, was worth $58.80 billion as of the end of 2020, while Costco earned $163.82 billion in net sales in the same period.

As a brick and mortar store, Costco is more sustainable over the long-term than Amazon because of higher customer traffic and lower transportation costs. Also, Costco has more loyal customers than Amazon. With both businesses growing at a high rate, we see an opportunity in the space.

Costco Emerging Market Statistics, Facts And Trends

One of the best things about Costco is the fact that the business model has stayed the same for so long. With that in mind, here are the ways that the company has expanded its offerings in recent years.

With the growing popularity of online grocery shopping, Costco has announced its first-ever two-day and one-day grocery delivery service.

Not only did this e-commerce venture help Costco survive, but it has been found to have been a huge success for Costco, with a 50% increased in its online sales in the fiscal year 2020.

To learn more about the Costco Coupon Policy, you can read about how, where, and how many times they may price match, their couponing policy, and their help to Veterans.


Costco is the largest consumer dollar sales club in the United States. A Costco customer can buy groceries and household products in bulk at low prices. Costco stores are frequently open 24/7 and they provide a shopping service that is unmatched.

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